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  1. I agree whole hartedly. The game is infact BETA. Hell look at the options 360 has for MP what do we have? Nothing! and 1/4 the weapons taboot... Sad. Sooo in short, better get to work GRIN. But I gues switching off to PS3 would suit you more.. Ya know $$$ and all.
  2. I agree. If I ever made a game it would have a ton of MP maps. Maps make the game Case and point without argument.
  3. No i'd say it's more or less the MP in this game chewing up so much upload bandwidth you are simply losing packets to and from teamspeak. You get the same effect while trying to use teamspeak while uploading files.
  4. I'm already bored of it as well.. O wait, I don;t have the game yet becuase Best-Buy decided to hold my copy hostidge.....
  5. With a 128 card you pretty much have to use Low textures from what i'v hurd since medium textures eat up 256mb worth of video memory. You can get your quality back up using Antisotropic like dude above to get some image quality back up. The main thing to get your frames up besides in-game settings is using rivatuner of coolbits to set your Vsync always off, and Pre-render limit to 0.
  6. Nope, tiss true. Your reticle spread meens jack. But I have noticed the more tired you are from running the more your bullet's spread.
  7. Kinda sounds like a bad Video card to me. What are the 12v rail amps on your PSU.
  8. I don't like the sound of this.
  9. What's up with release dates and availability these days? I pre-ordered from BEstBuy and it seems I gotta wait till the fith... That meens I won;t have my game till next week due to shipping time.
  10. Yeah 1-2-3 respawns were the funnest. I can't belive thiers such a lack of MP options...
  11. Unless the full version magicly uses up more ram... Not sure on this subject. I would say if things are smooth and you don;t get random hicup's (Auto save does not count) one gig should be fine. And 1 gig has faster timings for better frames.
  12. . Anyone get a ship confirmation or does it still say 5th.
  13. Well alot of poeple are having this problem that I know. It apears that the demo installed some currupt installshield files. Try this. c:/program files/common files/install shield/profesional/runtime, in this folder delete the folders with numbers attached to them for example. 0701,09,10... Good luck.
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