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  1. HL2 does not look fake... Doom 3 looks fake O_O "plastic"
  2. Al gore on South Park ← http://www.5fingermagic.com/_images/images/fiveone.jpg
  3. >< I'm Cereal, (5 bucks to whoever knows where that came from) now I know why I don't want to even launch the game at times. I'm afraid of getting bored of the MP, which is why I try to play it the least I can
  4. AT 12x10 I can barely notice jaggies while I'm playing.. ooop off topic..
  5. Uh oh desmond is reading the forums >< Guys, I'm just trying to express the way I feel please don't flame me
  6. I agree with everything they said edit: Really guys, don't defend the game to what it really isn't... The SP is awesome fun which is the major reason I anticipated this title. But really, the uninspired MP and a good amount of bugs leaves a lot to be desired by the majority of us. I can understand what some of you are saying, but even on the highest ended hardware the framerate is still on the low side. Quote from the review "Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter finally makes its way over to the PC, and as far as the single-player game goes, this version of the game might be the most overall impressive of all."
  7. Competitively, the game isn't the best choice.. Until the patch fixes that
  8. I have to agree with you on some points sir. IMO, they should have done -- Join DEDICATED SERVER , Choose team/weapon, play CTF/Search and Destroy/LMS/Domination(least played type ) and no respawns with anywhere from 10-15 rounds of 3-5minute games... The gameplay of MP is great and it would have been the best if they put that in with more and smaller maps edit: Err.. I'm not really digging the Dom mode but I'll stick to it once the patch comes out. By then MP will be great hopefully.. if they add more maps
  9. sigh.. I haven't played too much but I can see myself getting bored with the MP. I'm trying to play the less I can and wait for that patch. I'm sure if we had 10+ maps we would be fine for a little longer.
  10. I think we should just choose our gun e.g. CoD
  11. I'm sorry but isn't that true for all MP games... cept a few edit: It's more run and walk...
  12. That's good stuff... What's your framerate like during SP, and what are your system specs/game settings? ← Frames during SP is a measly 15-35fps... Geforce 7800GS OC'd to 490/1.45 , gig of ram, 3.2Ghz P4. During the *spoilers* second half of the second mission you have to defend the garage against an attack and my fps went down to like... 8 *end spoilers* That was the lowest for me so far... I'm only on mission 5
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