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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fL-NoQirEb0 I can't stop laughing at this, lol! You have to watch this video!
  2. Well boys and girls they've announced it. The next total war game will be an update and redo of Medieval Total War. http://www.totalwar.com/community/medieval2.htm Images: http://media.pc.ign.com/media/800/800327/imgs_1.html I can't wait, the new features and screenshots are awesome!
  3. Wow, beautiful picture, Zebb!
  4. Yeah, Dec. Vic Mackey is a badass. I just finished the second season and I'm kinda sorta trying to watch the 5th. I'm iffy about doing it though, I don't anything runined, (IE I now know the female who got fired in season two came back at some point.)
  5. While not a veteran of the conflict, Over There has been blasted by just about everyone who was. The characters unbelievably cliched and to be expected in any war drama. They had little background or history, and what was with the nicknames. Am I made to believe that it's standard for everyone in a US Army infantry squad to be referred to as nicknames. 1. The veteran, disillusioned sergeant (Who's vocabulary seemed limited to the word "Shutup!") 2. College kid, who morally questions everything 3. Tough minority from poor upbringing, who is always concerned and trying to bond with the 'brothers' (Who even uses the term 'Honkie', last I checked, this went out with the sixties. 4. Religious guy. 5. The dumb, by the book officer. 6. Gung-ho patriotic kid who thinks war is the grand adventure, or as Stephen Crane called this character, "The Youth". (They should have just called him Henry Flemming and got it over with.) The situations they faced were unbelievable on so many levels. The firefights were pure hollywood. Look at the pilot, case in point. The season never ran in full, it was canceled by the network. I had high hopes for it, watching the progressing episodes was like watching a train wreck. In my opinion, this was a 'Tour of Duty' with an Iraq face-lift. It also doesn't take a veteran to state that Botchco knows military life like he knows the NYPD. Maybe I'm not being fair, I'm just used to the other programs on FX like Rescue Me and The Shield. It's too bad, it did have potential.
  6. You're joking, right? They took that piece of junk off the air for a reason. On topc, Munich was brilliant. In my opinion it was by far the best film of 2005. It's too bad it'll get cheated out of best picture at the oscars for something like Brokeback Mountain..bleh.
  7. You can indeed backpack to the bottom of the canyon. You can also river raft through it on the Colorado. I did a nine day trip doing that. If you think it's awe inspiring from the top, go the to the bottom and look up. If you aren't experienced at backpacking, there are other easier routes to go, including mule trips. It's roughly nine miles down as I recall, and the heat can be really bad. So hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
  8. Add Munich to that list too. It's amazing.
  9. The Shield: Season One New jacket, and a some shirts Book-Shadow Warriors: A history of the US Army Rangers Bed liner for my truck! Yay! DVD
  10. On top of SC's post, here is another good site for you X-Wing Alliance fans. I also just learned that there is a TIE Fighter Total Conversion for X-Wing Alliance. It has about half-of the battles (campaigns) converted at this point. Ah, the memories! Die rebels! http://www.darksaber.gaylenol.com/ http://www.darksaber.gaylenol.com/crafttftc.htm
  11. They should really do an update of TIE Fighter, using the graphics and gameplay advancements available today. Wow, what a great experience it was to fly for the Imperial Navy.
  12. I love the "Stay infront of me where it's safe" one.
  13. Sergeant Berry Sadler, a SF Medic during the Vietnam war originally wrote it as a poem. Later he composed it into a song and went on to have a singing career following being wounded in Vietnam. As I recall..
  14. This show is good for entertainment, pure and simple. Every Iraq veteran I've spoken with says this show is complete crap in reguards to an even remotely realisitc portrayal of the situation in Iraq. I think the actions of the SOF col highlight that pretty accurately. "You're humvee broke down, your Lt. will understand" after blasting it with a SAW... The relationships seem really out of whack, the characters or horribly cliched. It almost seems as if bochco tried to transport a Vietnam War cast of characters into an Iraq setting. I was expecting a lot more from this show. Then again it's only three episodes in, so I'll give it time. It is entertaining though.
  15. Don't have ghost recon installed anymore.
  16. If you enjoyed this book, you may enjoy the novels by his son. Gods and Generals, which is this prequel to the Killer Angels. The Last Full Measure, which is the sequel to it.
  17. I had serious doubts about this guy, no surprise here.
  18. The Fairfax Residence isn't the call-out with the crazed religious fanatics. It's the high-risk warrant/rescue on the serial-killers residence. It is indeed a dark, and disturbing level. Although it was without a doubt my favorite one for that very reason. The subject matter is arresting a serial-killer who has been praying on young women attending the local law school. Upon entering the home it has a very tense and disturbing atmosphere, right down to the moment when you hear the mother of the latest victim screaming in agony for her return on a turned on TV. I can understand why some people would be touchy on this, but in my opinion it added to the game. It gave it a gritty, real world feel were you feel you're dealing with the real sick, twisted individuals. Not the run of the mill terrorist who storms a building and takes hostages.
  19. Sounds pretty cool, especially the ability to switch between different crew stations on the chopper like door-gunner and co-pilot/gunner. However, I hope they don't limit this to flying on Gunships like the UH-1C and AH-1G/J. I'd like to be able to fly a UH-1B/D slick on troop insertions or medi-vac operations as well, that would be a rather hairy and exciting game-play experience, and give credit to the chopper pilots of Vietnam who have always really been taken for granted and never portrayed in any serious light. I'm on board with this one though.
  20. Laser recently released the beta of the new US Navy SEAL units he's working on. This beta contains modern versions of SEALs in woodland/desert land warfare gear. The final project I understand will contain VBSS and Direct Action/CQB units as well. These units are of the same extremely high quality of his recently released Rangers/Delta Operators. Screenies: Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5 [Edited: Please do not post large images directly as it blows out the forum formatting, please post as a URL instead]
  21. Sierra got it right with SWAT 4.
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