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  1. I came across this website recently. I didn't know U.S. police chatter is available to all, online! You Are Listening To Los Angeles I've found it both relaxing and intriguing. You can even choose a different city
  2. Did a search first, before posting this. If you've not seen the film John Wick, I'd recommend it for it's action, rather than it's story or acting. Here's a good example - House Shootout Anyway, there's a sequel out next year, and I suggest you check the boy's skills out. DS
  3. Ahhhh...this old topic? A feature I've wanted on all GR PC successors. So...once again...I'll say let's have this feature, and no, it's not 'unrealistic', Rocky. I've really enjoyed SP, and completed all levels with a full team, before ever venturing into MP. Long live GR. DS
  4. After looking around, and from what I can tell, this issue goes back at least six years and is affecting all OS's since Vista. There's all sort of fixes out there and reasons given, both hardware and software/driver related. One common reason is TDR (Time, Detection and Recovery). MS Community Windows 10 Forums GeForce Community I've followed the MS Support official fix for it, and chose the 'fix it myself' approach. It seems to have helped, which suggests that TDR is a cause. I've followed it through with a full driver uninstall/sweep followed by a driver install less GeForce Experience. DS
  5. Thanks for reeling the swearing in a bit. Your previous video sounds like you had Doug Stanhope do the narration. DS
  6. First thing I did, and I always do a clean install. DS
  7. Now and again I get this error message and there seems to be a large number of reasons for it. Any ideas? DS
  8. Thanks lads. I'll give the USB mouse and keyboard connections a swap over and see what happens. DS
  9. I've recently relocated my PC and gave it a dust and clean. Lately, I've been getting an error code on the EVGA motherboard; I've looked around a bit, and there doesn't seem to be any one solution. A few say check all connections. Anyone else come across this? It runs fine by the way. DS
  10. I might be going down the wrong road here, but is this the kind of thing you mean? DS
  11. Apparantly, it's about the man next to you or sumat. DS
  12. I would normally agree with with anyone making that statement, but we are talking about Ubi and GR post 2002 here. I wouldn't say misguided, but as I've said it's still early days for GR:W. Going off the trailer, and in contrast to the giddy and hopeful out there, I'd say Ubi aren't developing a better GR, nor are they developing a GR with a wig on. Instead, it looks like another move towards a multi-platform AA/AAA title that they hope will make them money, and I don't doubt many of us reluctantly accept that after more than a decade. If it's at least a 'good' game that happens to have GR in the name, then I'm ok with that. Whatever Ubi release though, I bet we won't be talking about it in ten years time, and to be fair, I'd say that applies to most games these days, no matter what platform they're on. Ghost Recon was a bench mark title for a niche audience. It was a game changer...literally, and it should have set the bar higher for games that have followed since. But it hasn't. DS
  13. Exactly, and I also think beard management and having the choice of protective eyewear, ie. Oakley or Revision, is essential. DS
  14. Ha, just takin' the Mick'. Remember, you know we've been here before, and unlike Ms Shrager's above quote about GR:FS, the only game a lot of GR fans have talked about and have continued to talk about for more than a decade, is GR and its two expansion packs, and nothing else. As I said, let's not get giddy about GR:W just yet, and instead wait to see what Ubi eventually releases. Like every other trailer since 2002, this trailer still looks as though the game won't be a better GR with better graphics. But if it's a game worth playing, then that's fine by me. DS
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