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  1. I know steve above and he bought his copy from play.com. So that rumor above is NOT true at all. I personally don't have any problems with the demo though, i've never had any disconnections before.
  2. This was the first game since the [GR] that has really interested me and my squad in getting back into playing the GR series. This has been due to the communication between the GR community and GRIN and may not have reached the expectations of GR fans and other audience otherwise. UBI doing this is a huge mistake!
  3. I'm not too bothered about reviews these days, I've disagreed with many from various websites and enjoyed the game myself. If I remember correctly the [Ghost Recon] never exactly received the best reviews. From what I've played I am really enjoying both single player and multi player. For me ghost recon was mostly about its online play and the community who played the game... Games felt intense and it just had a good tactical feel to it, something other games fail to do. The feeling I had with ghost recon was I had to be really careful playing, watching my every move, just peeping around a corner and I could be killed. In matches it got like that a lot! -- those clans around here also would probably agree with me. I haven't yet found this in ANY other first person shooter on the PC. GRAW2 for me delivers a similar experience. However, I would of liked variety in maps and to have seen more 'green' environments. The maps from 'island thunder' ghost recon exp pack had very nice environments.
  4. Hope there will be websites like clanbase hosting ladders for GRAW2 ! Hoping to get all my team together - DoW should be real fun like [GR] was. Something that made it a little easier to play matches in [GR] was the way the Lobby / game was set up. Playing the demo over the last few days its GOOD to see that a few of the old clans are about playing again!
  5. EXCELLENT! What a major improvement over the first GRAW. I'm very impressed, the graphics are far better than what the screen shots show, the lighting effects are nice. The game ran around 50 fps so it was smooth playing all throughout. The changes that have been made are really cool, I like the command map and its controls especially, the a.i seems to have undergone major improvement over the first Graw too. I just love how the game feels as well. Overall, you have done a superb job with both single player and multi player aspects of the game. I really enjoyed playing that single player mission, shame there was more... especially for that huge download. Can't wait for the game to arrive I like the first GRAW, but this looks to be better than [GR] and Graw1
  6. Seems to be fixed in the new Single player demo
  7. I have a power colour X1950 XT 512mb card and when GRAW does the system check it comes up with an Error on the driver. however the game itself runs fine. Around 40-90 fps!
  8. Playing for a few more hours and starting to really enjoy it! I so hope that this game will draw in new people and bring back all the old Clans that used to play [GR].
  9. Don't download from Gamespot as I just wasted over 4 hours and 2gb download on a corrupt file. Cab2 is corrupt :*(
  10. I'm really enjoying multi player, and can't wait for me and my old team to get back into GR! It feels like the old GR in a lot of ways, the look is more '[GR]' too! The game is paced similar to how [GR] was and I like it very much. Hopefully the games will become more intense when playing in matches and we see more strategic movements and combat from squads. The map was 'ok' in my opinion. One thing I both hated, and loved about GR was the fact that there were certain points of the map where you could win the advantage over the other player. I.e you cover a certain spot to prevent enemy movement while you the rest of the team flank them from another direction. There was no real strategic points in this map that I could see. I remember in GR that it was quite important that you 'won' the ground and it felt important. With this the map is a bit chaotic. However I really enjoyed it and the game certainly is good, and has potential to grow. Far better than GRAW1 ! Well done GRIN. Now its up to the community to embrace these game and realize its potential.\ Game runs smooth, no lagging. I'm really happy with it!
  11. Antec TruePower Trio 650W PSU ASUS M2R32-MVP Radeon Xpress 3200 CrossFire AM2: Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 2 GB (2x1gb) Ultra low latency GEIL RAM Power Colour ATI X1950XT 512mb GDDR3 PCI-Express Graphics card Creative Audigy 2 6.1 surround sound 160gb hdd 2x 250gb s/ata hdd Pioneer dvd writer The game in MP seems to run between 40-90 FPS. Stays quite high even during a full server! Res is on 1024x768 and all settings on high as they can go. Excellent !
  12. Its done when its done.... thats how it should be. First impressions are very important if you want to build a good online gaming community. If GRIN doesn't feel that the game is ready yet then so be it. Trying to recover with patches after the game is released is always much more of a challenge, rather than just coming out with a very stable and nice looking polished game. We all expect there to be 'patches' or updates to games these days, but they should be able to work on it as long as they feel they need to. Moaning about the game being pushed back is pointless.
  13. I'm happy to wait for this... don't see it as a bad thing, but its an oppurtunity for GRIN to improve and make little tweaks before the game is released. The demo is great, and I think GRAW2 will be better than the first, both in sp and mp. Everyone be patient! GRIN wants their game to be as good as it can be!
  14. Soon they'll have some cool Nano-Armor http://www.isracast.com/Articles/Article.aspx?ID=28
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