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  1. How much is GTA: San Andreas currently? I am under the impression that EB has a sale on.
  2. GooseBumps, not really a flash game. Check the site for a couple of images (on downloads page) and an audio introduction to co-founder Bradlee Dugdale (on broadcasts page).
  3. Updated. Thanks for the comments GooseBumps.
  4. Silver Bullet Production Group Check it out.
  5. First, here is the article: http://www.ghostrecon.com/us/newspost.php?id=12062 Cool, but you would think that they could put even a 64 player mode in? Cool. Hopefully it will be deactivatable. Co-Op, Team vs Team and One on One would be cool modes. Deathmatches would be good for a quick arcade fix. Nice, hope it will be realistic. Head shot - kill, body shot - depends on body part etc. Good Cool, but will 56k be good enough? Probably not. What are your guys thoughts? [Edit: Merged into existing thread - Please check forum before posting]
  6. 8/10 - Cool, effective border and the writing stands out.
  7. Which aircraft does the United States Navy use as support for there carriers and such. Also, what is the primary use of the Blackhawk?
  8. Nice selections, are you planning on using the floppy for anything in particular? Because otherwise I don't see the point in having one.
  9. The catagories I posted are the ones I can think of. Here are some more: Best Strategy Game: Can't decide. Best XBOX Game: HALO 2 Best PS2 Game: Gran Turismo 4 Best PC Game: Ghost Recon 1 Best next-gen (XBOX360,PS3) Game: The Godfather or GRAW
  10. 8.5/10 - nice. @ Dan, I clicked but there's no prize .
  11. What is your favourite game? Some Catagories and my answers: Most Anticipated Game: The Godfather Best Sports Game: Cricket 2005 Best Action Game: Farcry Best Adventure Game: Grand Theft Auto Series Best Game Ever: Ghost Recon 1 Worst Game Ever: The Original Sims
  12. For all the guys that will get a PSP, what games are you planning to get? For me it would be The Godfather and Burnout.
  13. Would you? I am planning on getting the PSP when it comes out in Australia.
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