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  1. ...and another player from long ago walks into the forum. Finally got into the 20th century and bought a high end laptop (for college because at 50 years old I figured it was about time). After a couple of days of classes I suddenly remembered that somewhere I had the 6 CD GR Expansion Set laying around (I had ordered it just a few months after it came out). Found it and have begun installation and plan on spending a lot of time this weekend replaying perhaps the best PC game ever created! Great to see there is still a very active modding community going on for this game. I also noticed there are plenty of new mods to DL Woo Hoo! John
  2. Welcome to the forum ziggle P@LaD!n is right, this is a great game that has grown over the years to still a great tactical shooter. You'll find tons of help and advice here. JoshuaOneSix
  3. 2nd Ranger - You are correct sir! Twelve Angry Men One of the best movies ever! I had heard that the main scene (that takes up 97% of the movie time) was filmed in one take The points are still up for grabs... but remember... NO GOOGLING!!!
  4. More hints will follow later today if there are no correct answers... JoshuaOneSix
  5. Sorry twcrash, but WhiteKnight77 beat you to the answer a few days ago (see page 15) Next movie is one of my favorites... Try to go without Googling the following hints... Filmed almost entirely on one set. Has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes Except for the final scene, no personal names are used An extra 1,000 bonus points to the poster who (without the aid of Google) can give the name of the actor pictured above. As an added bonus 1,000,000 points will be given if you can give the character's name in the movie! JoshuaOneSix PS - I just realized how much I look like that guy after I've played GR 4 hours straight!!!
  6. A great budget option is at Best Buy. they have a good Acer 23" monitor for $249 (40,000 to 1 ratio and 5 ms response time). Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars. Better Deal on the same monitor... Newegg has it Acer Monitor for $189. I've ordered a lot from them over the years and never been disappointed. I bought a slightly smaller (2o") Acer monitor and love it (had it about 3 monthes now). The one complaint I have against both these monitors is that the base is not adjustable, but otherwise it is perfect for GR and a great buy. JoshuaOneSix
  7. That what we need in GR4... Bunnies with attitude and sniper rifles JoshuaOneSix
  8. That's the best "short" description of what we want I've seen... "a NEWER OLDER GR JoshuaOneSix
  9. JoshuaOneSix

    Extreme Sports!

    Look - Nerdsmen and Herdsmen Sorry... That was B-A-A-A-A-A-A-D JoshuaOneSix
  10. We have four fuzzy family members (all rescue kitties) and losing one is always tough.
  11. Right you are Sir... I only have one picture as a prize left for you though as I used the other for a hint... Joshua: Shall we play a game? David Lightman: Oh! Jennifer: I think it missed him. David Lightman: Yeah. Weird isn't it? Love to. How about Global Thermonuclear War. Joshua: Wouldn't you prefer a nice game of chess? David Lightman: Later. Right now lets play Global Thermonuclear War. Joshua: Fine.
  12. No guesses yet... Let's try another hint
  13. I believe that is Stacy Keach in the middle...(only Magnum PI "Tom Selleck" has a more distinct mustache) in Gray Lady Down! Next movie up is below And as a special prize, I'll post two free bonus images with the first correct guess... and JoshuaOneSix
  14. That sound like a great "My First Tournament" for me... Thanks for all the hard work you have already put in! JoshuaOneSix
  15. Take the used disc you bought and insert it in the CD-ROM. The disk is required to physically be in the CD-ROM (or DVD/CD player) for the game to run. Welcome to the forum! JoshuaOneSix
  16. P@LaD!n, I never tried that one (something all you old-timers out there have probably been doing for years) but will very soon. That's another reason to keep up with the forum... you never know when a suggestion someone makes open up another type of gameplay. JoshuaOneSix
  17. Easy! This allows you to play while continually checking for new posts on the forum!
  18. Thanks for the input! Now it's time to get to work on this... JoshuaOneSix
  19. I am beginning to work on a compilation of the weapons used in game for GR (and mods). Which do you think will be more beneficial? 1. Straightforward Excel type file that lists weapons for each mod and stats as used by that mod in-game (with ingame photos or actual pics from the web). This is actually the easier of the two options to complete but would be informative, but dull. 2. Or, as someone (Apex) thoughtfully suggested to me, weapons listed with only their "real world" stats. Many modders modify the AI weapons' attributes to achieve the gameplay they desire for their particular mission and to give a slight edge to the human participants. I'd still include real world pics with this type also. The final product would be more in line with the ARMS button found at the top of GR.net 3. Some other option that I haven't even considered... After thinking about this for a few days, I believe option number 2 would be best but want a little more input before I jump into this project with both feet. Thanks In Advance, JoshuaOneSix
  20. Welcome to GR.net You did the right thing to order the DVD's. They are more than worth the money and will spare you countless hours DL'ing everything. GR on a 52" I remember how excited I got a few months ago when I finally got a 22" for my PC. Let's see, drive from Georgia to Washington just to play GR on a 52"... As for playing through the GR/DS/IT missions, I played through them all, campaign mod "veteran" level with no cheats, with some saves only after I had completed an objective. After I completed all campaigns I started downloading mods. You'll find that many of the mods play best when you play them in Campaign mode (e.i. Frostbite mod). I usually play at a pretty slooow, careful pace and try to make it through without the save, but that's just me. I'm too embarassed about my game to play online, but from what I hear on this site the online game is very much alive and well... Nowadays with RL (family, job, etc...) I find it easier to just do the Quick Missions. I believe one downside of "saving" is when you go back to view your game movie it will only go back to the last save, but it has been awhile since I used that feature. With all the mods out there (and with new mods still being created) I believe this game has great value for many years to come. Welcome to GR.net, JoshuaOneSix
  21. You're right, we are close! Maybe this is like on Heroes where all the Heroes keep seeming to find each other!!! JoshuaOneSix
  22. Sorry to hear that Apex... while not a modder I have learned much from you as I got back into GR after a long layoff just about the time HU came out. Recharge your batteries, take the time off you need, but please, by all means jump back in and finish this tremendous mod. JoshuaOneSix
  23. Excellent! Thanks Mig for taking the time to do this. JoshuaOneSix Just got done trying this out! That was a blast! Now I know how the Terminator must have felt!
  24. Perfect! I'm so used to "right-click drag" or "right-click/select all/copy" or going to "edit/select all" (well, you get the point) that I totally spazzed out and forgot to try ctrl+a DOH! I'm so on this faster than a Ghost on a South American Drug Lord! Thanks to... OSO, krise madsen, wombat50, Pave Low, migryder, Apex, and Lightspeed For all the suggestions and comments! JoshuaOneSix
  25. The one downside I see to the GR/SOAF MOD Weapon Viewer is that you cannot "select all" in edit, or copy/paste (except for individual cells), or import into Open Office (or Excel if you like to support MS) I am trying to contact the author of the mod to see if it can be updated to allow for the above mentioned features, but in the meantime, if one of you modders out their could creat this same type of mod that would allow for "select all" in edits and copy and paste. I could start on my own personal mission! What I would like to compile is the weapons available in all current mods and perhaps down the road add pics of the models. This wouldn't be a mod as much as a spreadsheet that would not only list the weapon, but on which mods it could be found... This doesn't seem as daunting a task to me as it might be to others as my RL deals in spreadsheets all day. I just need a slightly modified GR/SOAF MOD Weapon Viewer to accomplish this. If you can help with a modified weapons viewer app mod let me know... JoshuaOneSix
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