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  1. I haven't been around GR much lately, but when I ran across this trailer I knew it needed a place on these forums. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gr4QBZfjtqs (apologies if this has already been posted) EDIT- new working link
  2. The BBC's man on the ground is saying that the conflict is reaching the point of no return for both sides. Russia did time its attack conveniently - everyone's thinking about the Olympics, nobody wants to learn about a nasty little war. It may have started like it did in GR, but I don't think the ending will be as tidy.
  3. More info from one of the publishers, Viva Media: from Multiplayer.ro ???
  4. release date just says "2008" . . . who knows. GTR Evo will have its own content, PLUS all the content of RACE 07. That = one HUGE game! 997RSR on Zandvoort will be crazy! Remeber when SimBin was makin mods? ot/ does anybody know anything about SimBin's new "Lizard" engine?
  5. SimBin Announces "GTR Evolution" -Nordschliefe (the green hell!), official liscence -22 GT cars in 3 classes -selection of "exclusive production cars" -fictional "WTCC Extreme cars" w/600bhp -standalone versions OR as addon for RACE 07 .... been waiting for this for a long time.... a real Nords for the PC. wow.
  6. A hole in the market has been filled. I've been waiting for a semi-arcade, modern flight sim. This is the first one I've heard of. should be fun... as long as you don't expect a "sim"
  7. So far, only the ramp gun. But BAe is has come up with the Remote Guardian System consisting of a remote controlled camera and a remote controlled 7.62mm Minigun mounted on the belly of the V-22 for 360 deg. coverage. Source: Defense-Update.com AFAIK, the system has not been purchased by the Marines yet. Respectfully krise madsen Cool, thanks guys. I thought they were trying to do without the mounted guns, glad they're not. And that retractable remote minigun looks increadable, but they'll still have to program it not to hit its own propellers.
  8. have they figured out how to mount any guns on it yet?? The props are in the way at the moment. Will it ever get mounted machine guns like the Blackhawks, Chinooks, and Ch-53s?
  9. Top Gear x2. why can't more TV be like that? also: -The Wire -Weeds -Sopranos -West Wing
  10. Old thread, I know. But I just bought a G25 and RACE07 (early holiday present to myself for getting an ok GPA.) RACE07 is great! What a selection of cars! E30 M3 racer and a whole host of caterhams and radicals. A real great mix of cars. They're easier to drive than the 600bhp monsters in GTR/2. And I've gotta say, for the first time in any racing game, the AI is actually ok. I don't meant they're crazy fast or anything, I mean they behave like real drivers most of the time. And the graphics are great. The tracks look really nice, and the rain is a nice addition. Only complaint is the lack of new cars so far. SimBin locked down the files pretty tight it seems. I tried to stick some cars from GTR2 in there, but no dice. anybody else out there playin RACE07 ?
  11. Well, it's out now. Anybody around here had a chance to try it? I've had a quick play with it. I can't get over how awful the menus are. They couldn't have made them more annoying and confusing if they tried. ugh. I can't be bothered to custmoize any cars too much because the interface is so awful. other than that, it seems kinda... strange... to drive the cars. Physics are odd, but, it might just be because I'm using a keyboard. (normally I play GTR and nkpro with my old formula force). And there aren't any replays... ######. however, being a car nut (I can spend days looking at the pictures in EVO magazine), I can forgive all of these flaws because it's got so many great cars. Porsche GT3 RS, M3, NSX, Skyline R34, RS4... the list goes on. It's a pitty that some of the best cars (like the RS and McLaren F1 ) aren't finished. They're kinda half in the game and sometimes it ain't pretty (the Aston DBR9 has 140bhp and drives like a civic!) Anyway, it'll keep me amused for a little while until GT5 I guess.
  12. Thanks guys. The other day I dreamed about doing a second version, with a nicer model and texture... It gets under your skin this stuff.
  13. Excellent Snow! thanks! I got what you were saying about the smoothing groups. But those pictures do make the case pretty well. The non-boolean tutorial is very elegant. I was just lazy in this case, I cleaned up the boolean as much as I could and then just left it. Max 2008 has something called a ProBoolean, I haven't tired it out yet (EBR was made in max7), but Autodesk says it is supposed to work much better. We'll see. Here's how it came out. Ugly as hell eh? (click here for bigger image) But it did the trick, and it came in at 2230polys for the basic gun which isn't so bad (in my book). I shoulda just not been lazy and poly modelled the holes properly, although I must say, your solution is much more elegant that mine would have been. Thanks for taking the time to help me out Snow. I appreciate it.
  14. Thanks for the answer Snow. I actually had a look at that tutorial last night. It's better than any of the others I've glanced at, even with your mistake. Basically, what you're saying about smooth groups is that I can use 'em how I like as long as it looks good in the end? The ArmA engine does so funky things with textures so it'll just be trial and error probably. I'll give your method a go on my next model. About the NVIDIA plugin, does it matter if I use it or the ATI one? I heard they have inverse colour values for top/bottom. Had any trouble with this?
  15. Ahh, sorry. I thought from the way you talked about xNormal, it was a program like CrazyBump, for 2d stuff. (I'm trying it out now). But isn't there a way to do this in Max? I'm curious about Snow's workflow regarding normal maps.
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