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  1. How would i go about putting the same available kits i get to choose when playing on quick mission, but on the campaign; i mean the whole lot of guns from the original game, dristributed accordingly (snipers to snipers, rifles to rifleman, etc) just like on the quick mission menu; i believe i would only have to replace a kit restriction file, or those only apply to multiplayer? and if i am right, which .kil file would i have to replace/modify? i wouldn't want to have to go on adding the kits manually, i've try it and always found errors. i just want to be able to select all the original game weapons on the campaign. hope you guys can help me up on this, i love this game; also a link to a tutorial or a few tips regarding the kit modding would be much appreciated; all Igor tutorials i've found talk only about maps and missions, or adding new weapon models, i just want to work with the files i already have, if the heroes can also choose all weapons (including enemy weapons) it would make great plus, but if only the regular characters do it it's fine too cheers
  2. Well it worked, thanks a lot! and yeah, i rather to play on fullscreen, but, i gotta be checking for new mail constantly all work no play makes jack a dull boy
  3. Hello everybody in the forum, is there a way to get my GR to play in a regular popup window, instead of opening it in full screen? if so, how !??? Thanx in advance
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