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  1. The only way I could use an Xbox controller (On any GR:PC game) was to get the Pinnacle Profiler application. It actually works well, although registering the application is an absurdity.
  2. Thanks Wombat for the info. I did some research and found that the SecureDrive is no longer supported by Windows. Too many hacks and suspicious workarounds. So looking around I realized the quickest path to success was to purchase GR on Steam. It didn't break the bank and I should be good to go for here on out. Thanks again. -Matt
  3. Greetings, I've been playing GR:HU for awhile now (years) and just with this release I found that there's a 1.4.4 patch. So all this time I've been using 1.3. I installed a vanilla set up but once I got to 1.4.4 the game will no longer run. The difference between 1.3 and 1.4 is that 1.4 adds the "secdrv.sys" component which I believe Windows 10 will not load. Even though I have the CD in a drive the game will not run. I was wondering if anyone using Windows 10 on a Surface Pro 4 has managed to get this patch level to work. GR:HU will run on patch 1.3, but I don't know if there
  4. Greetings, I've restared the campaign and currently begun Mission 02. It's a very dark night and NVG doesn't help. I put the gamma to a setting of 60 but at that level I can see with or without NVG. Can anything be done to help with this? Or is this by design? Thanks, -Matt
  5. Never mind. I found that HU and IT somehow got deactivated as MODS. Not sure how something like that happens. Thanks all the same.
  6. Greetings All, I read the interview of HU with Apex and downloaded the version. After installing I was it was truly awesome to behold. Although a late comer to the game itself by 7+ years I think I can appreciate what this game is about. I see years of replay-ability in this MOD. For some reason I cannot get the BlackOps to show up in MP. "Launch a multiplayer co-op game, set it to "Elite" difficulty, random maps, no respawn, no threat indicator, no IFF, no time limit, select the "Black Ops" game type and the "Joint Force (Co-Op/Solo)" soldier config, pick from the dozen
  7. Greetings, I'm playing Summit Strike: River Valley mission. The mission requires the destruction of a helicopter then the rescue of three allies that are in a truck within a small fortress. I've destryoed the helicopter, killed all the bad guys in the fortress and stopped the onslaught of baddies coming across the bridge. At this point nothing is happening. After running around the entire map I found a friendly convoy just sitting in one spot. I suspect this convey is supposed to come and collect the truck and prisoners that were just rescued. Does anyone know how I can get thi
  8. Hi, I still like to play this game. My first GR encounter was GR:AW2 when I purchased an Xbox 360. I haphazardly tossed it into the cart with my new TV and Xbox. Little did I know what I was in store for. I spent a few weeks tracking down ALL the GR titles that I could get my hands on for the PC and Xbox. Even though GR:2 was console only, I still love the game play and feel. There's something about "Summit Strike" that makes the atmosphere "Frosty", "Hazy", "Dark" and out right fun. I'm sorry I missed out on the GR franchise when it was first born. I'll bet the people who've
  9. The performance seems better in the video than actually playing. I can't tell if that's an Xbox or PC. When playing on the Xbox the performance feels sluggish. Sometimes the cover mechanism can be problematic. Like it's helping to cause some of the performance problems. But the cover is really cool I think.
  10. I'll have to disagree with the fact that it's challenging. That's just me though. When I unload a clip into someone and they turn around and kill me, I call that a boat load of BS. Makes it a frustrating experience for me. But I'm sure there's some lag associated with it, but on the whole for me it's not fun. I think what disappointed me about the unlocks is it felt like COD/Battlefield to me. I've always felt GR was not like that. Something special. Anyway, I look forward to the campaign and co-op.
  11. So I've played for an hour or so with the Xbox 360 beta. There's al ot to like that's for sure. Love the cover, even though it's a bit quirky and I can "feel" a performance hit. The yellow cover-to-cover marker is really nice. There are some very cool HUD call outs and other features. What really gets me is the "Unlock" requirements to get equipment. I hate that more than anything. It makes me think it's just another shooter. So that means when new users come in they have to go though weeks of frustration just to get on par with other team mates. I was really hoping that that feature wou
  12. Hail and well met everyone! Just a quick history about me and how I got here, then some questions. I got sick in July of 2004 that would require 3 years of hell to get better. During that time my precious wife bought me an Xbox360 and HDTV. The first game I got was GRAW. I really liked it, but didn't give it much attention. I then played GRAW2. Both games were interesting. I decided to check out the first GR series on the Xbox. I really liked them quite a bit. They were so involved. So much fun. Just out of curiosity I tried the origanal GR on the PC. I was delighted to find that
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