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  1. Well....there is that Medal of Honor game set in WW2 in the Pacific Theater and starts on Dec. 7th 1941...and the Japanese have had it for a while and wow! Seems to be selling good. Like it's been said, the North Koreans dont have anything else more important (like feeding their people for example...) than to bash ONE game? Unless.....there really *is* (was) a plot by some rogue general to overthrow the N. Korean government and invade China and some game developers thwarted his plot by pure accident (or design because they all played "Golden Eye" one dozen too many times. )
  2. ehh..felt like having a classical moment but one that fits the mood the best so.... Carmen Burana by Carl Orff makes the mood (especially since after I log out, I'm playing some Age of Mythology )
  3. Drat...I guess my M110-A1 will be considered offensive especially by Greens Party members since in the late 80s, the ones in use by the US military had "special ordinance" shells that were nuke rounds. Double Drat! Anit-Animal Rights Activists and Pro-Dog activists and Pro-Rodent Activists will also complain about my cat sniper avatar (I had before changing it to the Jin-Roh one) ok..was typing a huge disertation but decided to erase it and just ask this... would this be considered offensive for a sig? if so...I can always fall back on :
  4. The AR-15 (and variants mostly like the CAR and HBAR) is just a civvie version of the M-16...think of it as a "step-brother" to the 16. Though almost exactly the same caliber (some will point out it's not exact but it's so close it's literally the same) the AR-15 lists as a .223 and the M-16 as a 5.56mm NATO. As for the M-4, as far as I know, it's body style was copied from the M-16 (and AR-15) but made to perform better (with different calibers as well) . Basically, the M-16/AR-15 is a Dodge Viper GTS and the M-4 is a Hennesy Viper.
  5. I dont know about inventing a new bill because the US already has Federal Reserve notes that are printed and issued in denominations of $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 (The $500, $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000 denominations have not been printed since 1946.). Maybe redesign one or do a commerative coin or bill...maybe on silver certificates?
  6. Ok..first..not flaming anyone....so everyone relax..take a drink break..smoke 'em if you got 'em.... Funny...with as many members here that are either active in the US military or former US military, one aspect of all this escaped them (and me for the past 2 hrs.).. ..a good number of US National Guardsmen and Reservists in the current ranks of the US Military (especially NCOs) were at one point active military. They did a few tours (say..3 for example) and when ETS time came around, some went NG or Reserves. Not all "weekend warriors" are men and women that dont want to be a full time solider. As for the NCO question..I'll take the one that comes off the plane with me. Granted he might not have been in the sandbox for 3 yrs..but that doesnt mean he might not already be a seasoned war vet (I had 3 in my section back in the day). Just because someone joins the NG doesnt make them any LESS of a solider. As stated before, most have second jobs. Example, most NG medics also do the EMS route, or work in hospitals. Also, historically, I believe the minute men would be considered Reservists by today's standards and look what they did. So what about the NG/Reservist that has alot of expierence and the regular military person that's straight out of AIT? The police working part time? There is such a thing..called police auxerlery (sp..sorry..it's late). Also, not all members of sherif's departments or city police work 40+ hours a week. Some towns, they are as part time as can be due to budget cuts. Even if a cop works only weekends, he's still a cop and if you break the law, he'll still arrest you (btw..is there a difference between a guy who robs people 24/7 vs someone who robs people only on Saturday's from 2pm-4pm?) So going by the NG question..let me pose one..who would you rather have ? A full time Army medic working on you that's been in Iraq for 2 yrs (and is stressed all the heck out) or a NG medic who "back on the block" is also the head of the emergency room of a large hospital? Personally, I wouldnt care as long as I got stiched up and kept alive. Doesnt matter if they are reservists, national guard or active army, they are still soliders of the US military and should be treated as such by the citizens of the US...with respect. ***note - dropping a grade/rank from E-5 (Sgt) is down to E-4 (Cpl)..not E-3 ***
  7. on ILL-Ustrated last night (late night on VH1) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Puberty about as funny as when Lindsey Lohan hosted SNL and they did a Harry Potter skit.
  8. I had a chance to see them in concert at the nightclub in Pontiac my cousin works at (Clutch Cargo's) but my idiot boss decided I needed to work that night...so he could take his girlie-friend to the casino.. btw..if you dont have it, get the video to "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" (Limewire has it). Pretty funny and has a scene you'd think the Viking Kittens/Quizno's guy did involving a giant crab (note : if you've ever been to that guy's site, you understand the crab bit)
  9. a techno remix of "Fly High" by Ayumi Hamasaki (the orginal is better imho..)
  10. yes he is..because some boy wizard (the heretic! ) is trouncing him at the box office. This was the weekend of Harry Potter and the $95 million USD Opening Weekend Hrm..I wonder if the same group will protest "Alexander" because the boy who ruled over the known world was gay as well? Quick! Get the old Monty Python troupe together (that's still alive and kicking) and do a "Spanish Inquisition" movie. Hrm..Cardinal Fang and friends get trapped in a vortext created by an irradated can of Spam (because some nuclear tech in modern days tripped over a dead parrot after listening to his co-worker pine for the trees like the mighty oak, the maple...the larch..) and gets transported into todays times...only to become gaming advertising executives... Cardinal Fang : Nobody expects Ghost Recon 3! ..now for the PS4.
  11. Personally..I think this should've been posted in Humor *coughcough* because...well it IS humorous. The anti-Shrek statement of course was brought to you by the same people that... ..supported the PMRC and their "crusade" to censor music artists back in the 80s (Of which Mr. Dee Snider [of Twisted Sister fame] and Frank Zappa gave very educated, and at some points true-yet funny, responses) ...said the TV show ALF : 1. promoted teen sex 2. promoted incest 3. promoted drug abuse/usage 4. promoted animal abuse 5. promoted subversive anti-christian values (read : evolution and alien life) as well as publishing this nifty article : wow..what humorous reading oh yea...did I mention the banning of Harry Potter because it's...*says in a whisper*..evil? Thanks for the laugh Zantar
  12. Yes, most Americans dont realize how "good they have it" and sadly look at Memorial Day as a day banks and government offices are closed. But, Memorial Day is also not just a day to be somber all day long (NOTE - I said SOMBER..not sober ) because I guess we Americans look at it a different way than most people. Example, I have alot of vets in my family (both sides) from the WW2 vet to the veteran that got out in 1992. We remember, we take a moment of silence to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. But what did they die for is the question? Easy, freedom, and in a sense, instead of attening 1000s of ceremonies all day long, we celebrate our freedom that has been defended for over 200yrs. Sure, people go out and BBQ, hit the beach parties, etc, but it's a..for lack of any better word, a "thank you" for those who gave all. Not just Americans either. People remember (espicially for WW2) the other nations that lost good men and women. I cant say for everyone, but I do know when there's family get togethers, we vets get to talking not about current events, but who's still around, who passed on to "the next duty station" and we talk of how grateful we are that we have the freedom to say "Hey Bob! There's a 3 day weekened comming up. Cookout at the park maybe?" "Sure, I'll bring the family and call the guys up.". Granted, yes, alot of Americans take their freedom for granted, but a good portion remember at least 3x a year (July 4th, Memorial Day and Veteran's Day) the freedom we have, how good it is to have it and what life would be like w/out it. Caine is right when he mentions we (the US) havent had a major conflict since Vietnam (Panama? That was a rock concert and Grenada was just Spring Break Gone Wild really.. ) and though people have different opinions about Iraq, it does bring home the fact that in other conflicts people have fought and died for freedom and not for a "3 day weekend". Hopefully, we wont need a more major conflict to drive the idea home more. He's also righht that socially, we Yanks do grow on people (just dont discuss politics or religion or how to play cricket and people find we're a happy bunch of "mutts" (per Bill Murry in Stripes)
  13. I thought it was "15 Men on a Dead Man's Chest" (yo ho ho and a bottle of rum..)?
  14. ...when the bands you idolized and went to concerts by, are now on "Classic Rock" stations... ..when you have actully used the phrase "That's nothing. Back in the day..." to someone younger than you ...when most of your DVD collection consists of movies you love, now available on DVD, but were in the "discount bin" at the video store .and mostly..if you were as giddy about GR2 as when you were when you went out and bought the voice emulator for the Ti99-4A or "disk drive" for your Vic 20
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