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  1. I think this is an interesting thread, not insulting at all. I like to hear what other countries have to say about U.S.-- Lock thread? bahhh Being insulted is almost like claiming that there is no person in the States that fits any of these descriptions...and that would be hogwash. There are plenty of 'americans' that are obnoxious, rich, rude, etc., just as those types of people exist in other countries, even if only a few. "American" can mean a lot of things. But the point of the thread is to get outsiders' perspectives, not necessarily an accurate sociological analysis. It is unfortunate that some people carry their patriotism or national pride in their toes, because toes often are trampled upon in these types of discussions--it is expected to happen. I have but one direct comment on the outside perspectives, and it deals with the word 'yank'. Calling a person from the Southern States a "yank" is almost like calling someone from Southern Ireland a 'brit'. It does not apply.
  2. So, once the cars are customized, can the body parts, colors, and graphics be changed if they are not particularly pleasing, or is the car locked into whatever you choose/buy?
  3. Indeed. You do. And so do the rest of you...post those cars! I want to see what I'm going to be buying Already looked at the images over at IGN...cool stuff
  4. man this is a really cool looking racer. I havent played any racing games since GT2 for psx. So you guys like this game, huh? I may have to buy my first PC racing title...I only wish I had my game machine here at home...now I have to wait until I go back to school in a week or so And Ruin, I must say, that is a very handsome civic...I used to have one similar to that...minus the top fuel wing
  5. Mostly clothes from my folks. Girlfriend got me a panasonic portable cd/mp3/radio, and her dad bought me Gods and Generals DVD--fine material for a future father-in-law. Mom bought me the book "The Real Lincoln" by Thomas DiLorenzo. Got about $300 from all the relatives. I think the best thing I got today was my birthday cake...mom made a chocolate velvet cake with cream cheese butter pecan icing...all from scratch...wow. Oh, almost forgot my other charming little book... Why I Live in Alabama: 101 Kick-Ass Reasons. Nice little stocking-stuffer it was.
  6. Thanks for posting this...I have been wanting to jump into the modern Jewish perspective of christianity for a while, and this has spurred me on a bit. Though the opinions on this web page are not terribly new to me, some of the interpretation is a bit new, and obviously some of the commentary is slanted. Keep on searching and digging, and dont stop, even when you become content. As I am sure you know, the issues become much deeper than this web site. My only small bit of advice would be to stick to scholarly sources, instead of the internet. Happy reading
  7. Seems I've seen you post Carlin more than a few times Your default 'go-to-guy', perhaps. Hardly kindlin', and not even really 'food' for thought. Carlin is a comedian, and as such, I find him and his ideas comedic and nothing more. I enjoy comedians like Carlin, and humorists such as Clemens, even if they have disparaging comments about religion, because perhaps, I am secure enough in my beliefs and in myself to engage in some lighthearted laughter. But while many of these comedians and humorists are mostly laughs on the outside, their personal lives are often very sad, angry, or tumoltuous. If Carlin is such an enlightened man, I wonder, why has he devoted much of his life to making fun of something he believes not to exist...doesnt seem very wise to me, though it is pretty funny. I think it would be even more humorous to hear him make fun of athiests or agnostics, since he probably fits in there somewhere. Maybe he just needs to build himself up with his humor so he doent have to face the fact that he knows very little about life's ultimate issues...I have known plenty of 'funny guys' like that. I realize he pokes fun at many other things besides religion, it just seems interesting that people put so much effort into invalidating things that they already believe to be invalid. Then again, I remember he is an entertainer, and people pay him to entertain, not to think. Personally, some of the most hilarious religous commentary has come from christian commedians making fun of peculiairities within the church, and while the language is often much cleaner than Mr. Carlin's, the subject matter and presentation lacks neither wit nor bite. And while these people provide some humorous thoughts, I still don't take them very seriously--its only entertainment.
  8. Audioslave... not as good as RATM or soundgarden, but a good mix, I suppose. It will do since neither of those bands are around any longer.
  9. Good to know at least one person acknowledges my return... Oh, and did I mention that my birthday is tomorrow, Dec 25th? Oh, looks like I did I would like to respond to a lot of this as well, XS, but I really dont have the time. I would especially like to respond to the fellow who mentioned that many ignore or run from 'religion' because they lack the fortitude to face the large, ultimate questions that face us in this life, and perhaps the next... Oh wait... thats all wrong...he mentioned something about insecure religious folk...I guess I'll get my thoughts and feelings right here in a bit after I meditate, pray, and read some more scripture so I can pull myself together to face the day and my pitiful existance...
  10. Wow, back for break and what do I see...a great thread waiting here for me... man I'm clever. So, hey all, hope everyone is well during this Christmas season! AFA the debate on the pledge, I'm a christian, so taking out 'under God' wouldnt really bother me, if it makes a few people happy, so be it...I'll still worship my Lord and God. If there is anything in the pledge that bothers me, it is the "one nation, indivisible..." What is all the fuss about Christmas?? People dont like the religious or pagan ties?? Well, its all valid--find an encyclopedia and look up Christmas. If there are two things I know for sure about christmas, it is that Jesus wasnt born on December 25th, and I was! I have a birth certificate to prove it! So if anybody is confused about what to do tomorrow or who to celebrate and you dont want to celebrate the birth of Jesus, celebrate mine!
  11. Thought you military guys might like to see an article I ran across... Illegal aliens in US military
  12. 1. Mainline- Conservative Christian Protestant 100% 2. Orthodox Quaker 3. Seventh Day Adventist 4. Eastern Orthodox 5. Roman Catholic 6. Mainline Liberal Christian Protestant 7. Liberal Quakers 8. Orthodox Judaism 9. Islam 10. Baha'i Faith ...27. Taoism 19% Yeah, so I'ved studied about 10 of the religions on my complete list, so I could have swayed the results, but I find these results...well, many of these religions are diametrically opposed to one another...but these results are accurate, since a lot of beliefs are mixed in varying degrees in most religions.
  13. hephaestus

    Jesus vs Satin

    I have a better one: The local congregation of the saints were just havin a mighty good time at the Sword of Joshua Pentecostal Missionary Baptist Church of Antioch, when all of a sudden, from the back door, marches a man resembling a sort of biker of the wooliest type. People started quieting as the man went to the front in an unusual walk, and then proclaimed, "Who here is scared of me," and he let out an awful growl. About half the congregation flew out the back door, jumpin pews and hollerin' for the Lord. The next thing you know, in marches Satan from the back, and those faithful few that are left, are in terror. Satan makes his way to the front, and those in the back are already long gone. He then lets out a roar and almost everyone, including the biker, bolt for the back doors. But there's one man left up front. Satan has a confused look and inquires of the man, "Arent you scared of me?" "Nope," says the man. Satan, now as fussy as only the lord of darkness could be, retorts, "Well, why not??" "Why should I be scared of you--," the man says arrogantly, "I've been married to your sister for 15 years!"
  14. Johnny Cash was more than an icon. He had a wonderful ministry, not only in music. He'll be greatly missed.
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