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  1. I saw a PC about a year ago that used liquid nitrogen to cool the processor. The speed increase was enormous. The processor was able to reach speeds nearing 5GHz, with everthing running stable! Only downfall was the cost of running the system. The cheapest the guy could get liquid nitrogen for was about $2 a litre, and the system used a litre of liquid nitrogen per 10-20 minutes of use. I'm not sure what temps the processor was running at, but it was used for benchmarking and nothing more.
  2. Please post your Ike.log and your dxdiag info.
  3. I got to lvl 6 on my first attempt and lvl 7 since. lvl 8 is just insane
  4. I was walking through a large department store when I saw GR Complete for $50 (new release games cost $100 here). I couldn't afford a new game at the time, so I purchased GR Complete instead. I figured with GR and the 2 expansion packs I would get more than my monies worth, since the store had the IT expansion stand-alone for $45. I wasn't wrong.
  5. They try to fine you but don't follow through with the fine. I was fined about 9 years ago and received 2 letters from the electoral commission. Both letters went in the bin and I haven't heard anything since.
  6. For DirectX 9.0c: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...ndpost&p=224494 Download the file then run the installer to install DirectX 9.0c.
  7. What will they think of next?
  8. WinXP SP2 does have its issues, however it is not the cause of your problem. Whilst I am not a modder I believe that the problem is because your unlocked heroes file is designated read only. Try assigning the file so that it can be written to.
  9. Do you have any anti-virus software installed on either machine? I've had problems before when networking a Win98 system with any other system when the Win98 system was using Norton Anti-Virus software (other than the corporate version). This was due to NAV setting up the Win98 system as a proxy server.
  10. Whilst the excerpt I quoted is for WinXP with SP2, WinXP is based closely on Win2k. Did your problem with the right click menu begin after installing the hotfix? If you try the reg edit, remember to back up your registry first. If the reg edit does not fix the problem you can restore the registry by merging the backup with the registry. Unfortunately I do not have access to a Win2k machine at the moment so I can't test it.
  11. Hmm ... the movie I downloaded didn't have end credits - I just checked the end of the movie and noticed the music stops rather abruptly too ... (Played it on Media Player 10) ← That is really weird. I wonder why that happened? Has anyone else had that happen to them? ← It sounds as though the download was interupted. Movies, as with mp3's, do not require every byte in order to play.
  12. I don't own any consoles other than the original Playstation, so I'll be getting the PC version only.
  13. Right click the desktop and select properties. Navigate to the Settings tab and press the Advanced button. Navigate to the nVidia tab and turn vertical sync on.
  14. Good video WK. The video I downloaded has the ending credits.
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