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    Asian women are my defining passion but I like Latinas and dark women also. Wait, wrong site. I love games, have been a gym rat for over a decade and enjoy following global news, current events and politics. I also read a lot - mostly contemporary politics and social commentary and history books of all kinds. I speak Japanese and a little French and have lived in Asia since 1998. I started playing GR on release in 2001, whn I lived in Japan. I was already a keen Rogue Spear player before that. 5 to 6 years on they are still hands down the best two military shooters IMO. Joined GR net early 2002 when I was working in Hong Kong. Currently I am in the UAE. Lately I have been swimming a lot.

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  1. Rocky, we're home. Looking forward to Wildlands - been hoping for an open world tac-shooter forever. Ghany or central Asia would have been nice but I can do Bolivia too - it's got the Clancy name on it after all. This is what it takes to get me excited these days...
  2. Naturally the gameplay in MOH is over-the-top and theatrical but I'd like to see GR go woth the real-world modern day theme rather than the futuristic bs. Well guess I can't have it all my way. Even in GR1, I disagreed with the addition of the OICW.
  3. That would be a minor bummer, but the theme still takes the cake in my book. Gritty, real-world locales. GR has gone too far into Star Trek territory for me. Set phasers to gay!
  4. Yeah Arrowhead looks more my cup of tea. No time for the space cowboy Bling. that's why I haven't played any of the GRAW games since GR1 - the direction just went silly after that IMO. Now MOH with its real-world grit looks more like the game GR should have become.
  5. Good timing as I'm finally playing it again after almost a year off because of the frustrating flaws in the game's design. It's a beautiful idea and I love the game world, but the devs failed to reach a lot of the game's potential. Their lack of vision (or maybe it was the publisher's marketing team) leads me to present a long wish list for the next sequel. I loved the Africa setting and would like to see a return. However, any third-world bush war will also do: SE Asia, Central America, as long as it's as gritty as FC2. But for me to actually purchase the game here's what I need to see
  6. This looks like the game GR2 should have been. Yep GR2. After the first one they should have gone even more 'real-world'. This Battlestar Galactica crap at Comic Con (where else?) doesn't move me. As long as the action in MOH isn't too over-the-top they'll be taking over the mantle of special forces action games in my book.
  7. I remember how promising the original looked almost a decade ago. Now it's gone all future laser space cowboy I'm not interested. Actually I never even played GRAW for the same reasons. Theme-wise, the new MOH is going in the direction I thought GR should have - gritty real-world locales and scenarios. Not interested in the bling.
  8. Yeah a good-looking game, but somehow soulless. I played a few missions and regretted the purchase. I complained of COH having too much building going on and too many RTS conventions. I wanted something more like Total War. Well I got it, but it seems kinda dry. Good without the resource building but somehow dull and over-easy on the difficulty front. I hate to say it but the dirt-in-your-teeth action of COH has way more personality.
  9. That's known as emergent gameplay: when players find new and unexpected ways to manipulate the environment, and it's one of the beautiful things about FC2. However my complaint with the checkpoints is not how to deal with them, or even avoid them (note the game punishes you just for driving too far out into the desert). My problem is the nuiscance of the checkpoints. There is no rhyme or reason to them, they don't fit the game snugly. I'd like to see fewer guard posts, controlled by factions and susceptible to bribery (unless guarding an off-limits area). I'd also like to see their jeeps
  10. Thanks I know how to play the game. Actually waterways have checkpoints too. Fewer, to be sure, but still too many IMO. My problem is with the idea of the checkpoints. Purely a contrived effort at faux-action. Simply avoiding them isn't the solution: I think a game with a smart premise should have smarter gameplay. For me, it shouldn't be about beating all the traps the devs have set, so much as enjoying the experience. Note my comments on what happens when you venture too far out into the desert: I want to enjoy the gameworld without the constant asshattery.
  11. FAR CRY 2 When people start to rail against ‘mindless violence’ in video games I am among the first to roll my eyes. To be fair, games like Manhunt deserved their share of flak. On the other hand games like GTA give you the choice whether to be a psychopath or not and consequences if you go over the deep end. Besides, all games have ratings. However there are times in Far Cry 2 you may find yourself wondering if the Senator wasn’t onto something. A combat-driven game set in the midst of an East African diamond conflict, the action itself is no more gratuitous or distasteful than ot
  12. Why does Delta always have to have the black flakjackets and hockey helmets in games? That was what they wore in the early nineties, I'm pretty sure they have other gear nowadays.
  13. It's hard not to like Clear Sky. The gameworld is expansive, exciting and beautiful to look at. It is also buggy, unstable and brimming with unrealised potential. None of the major reviewers marked this game even as high as its vaunted yet deeply flawed predecessor and it's easy to see why. The limited vision of the developers and the rushed-to-shelves nature of the product detract from the genius of the game world and the source material and leave you wondering whether the developers have learned anything from past mistakes. First, the good. In many ways this is the game Shadow of Che
  14. Yo Para - finally released? Wow. Dude I was in Hong Kong when you started that. That was three countries ago man!
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