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  1. I have noticed two images on GR.NET that i find extremely offensive, these two images being Tyovans Zionist flag, and a new poster who has the Communist hammer and sickle. Now not to go to into the politics of these offensive images, but i feel they should either be removed, or in the sense of fair play, then i should be allowed a Swastika as my avatar. Fairs fair.
  2. Well thats just tough luck for you then. Surprised Tyovan even complained, flying his racist flag of Israel, what is it, only the jews can kill the Arabs without anything being said, unless you want to be classed as an anti semite. Blah double standards. Some seem to think that the U.S is hated because of this war in Iraq, or that they are jealous of your freedoms. The fact that the Arab world hates your guts is because of the U.S governments over top support and aid to Israel. Smash the Zionist state, and things just might get better.
  3. Government and the media keep going on about moderate Muslims, i believe there is no such thing, they might say they are, thats just paying lip service to us all. When it comes to the crunch, the "moderates" WILL back the hardliners. As Jeffery says it is different idealologies, that are incompatible with each each other. Time to take of the gloves, and knock these savages back to the stone age,and expell them from Western civilisation. ###### ALLAH AND HIS HORDES OF SCUM, AND ###### ANY LIBERAL WHO STARTS THEIR WHINING.
  4. Now now don't start with the i'm snootier than thou attitude. I only gave WK what he wanted to hear, albeit as bluntly as possible. So those times when you are ashamed to be a male, do you prance around in your mothers underwear to try and make an even keel?
  5. Is it the fact her bikini bottom is right up her crack and leaves very little to the imagination?
  6. White Oak

    Slapfest 2004

    Watch these two lovely ladies slap it out for the chance of a thousand dollars and a pair of tickets to a concert. Hilarious. Slapfest 2004
  7. White Oak

    Funny song.

    Link works fine for me. You need to click where it says click on link below. Click on that and download begins.
  8. White Oak

    Funny song.

    Well it's not that funny when you think about it. But none the less here you go, sung to the tune of I've got a brand new pair of rollerskates. We came to England through the tunnel last night That’s right, that’s right. We claim asylum now they’re treating us right So right, so right. Something tells me Ahmed this is the place to be, ‘Cos here we’re getting everything, and we’re getting it for free. [CHORUS] Oh, I’ve got a brand new leather jacket and a brand new mobile phone. The Brits, they live in cardboard boxes while we get furnished homes. Legal aid, driving lessons, central heating and free bills. Oh, we get all the benefits and you get all the bills. They drove a lorry from Ikea straight away. You pay, you pay. TVs and furniture, it was mostly ok. You pay, you pay. But the flat, it wasn’t suitable, the council’s ruled by fools. After crossing fifteen countries we need heated swimming pools. [CHORUS] We go to garage to buy nice motor car. Prices no bar. Flash BMW ‘cos we’ve come so far. Prices no bar. It costs many thousands but I know what the heck, We come back tomorrow and pay with welfare check. [CHORUS] We take our trolleys round Tesco each day. You pay, you pay. Piled high with goodies, oh that is the way. You pay, you pay. Food and drink and CDs, phone cards and blue jeans, Old lady, she get angry so we stole her tin of beans. [CHORUS] We get TV License, gas, electricity. For me, for me. Your generosity is amazing to see. For me, for me. You even pay our phone bills so we call Afghanistan Tell all our friends to come here and live on Englishman [CHORUS] Our friends in parliament, they’re all on our side. ######-eyed, ######-eyed. Sometimes they talk tough but you know it’s a lie. ######-eyed, ######-eyed. Immigration is a good thing, on that they all agree. The only one’s who’ll stop it are the wicked BNP. [CHORUS] Download it from here. http://odin.prohosting.com/koosroos/song1.zip The swear filter doesn't recognise when certain words are not meant in the context that it censors for. the words are c ock eyed.
  9. If people don't want to vote they won't, whether it is the ballot box or postal. Tony was warned that the postal voting system was open for fraudulence. And it didn't take long for it to be proven to be correct. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uklatest/story/0...4160975,00.html I have postal voting in my area, i don't like it, like most others i know. Bring back the ballot box and keep it as fair and square as possible. Tony and his bozos never got my vote neither did the clown in the article. Wheres the democracy in this?
  10. White Oak


    Why didn't you pick it out the trash can, and rinse it under the tap? oops put ashtray instead, ah well same thing really.
  11. I've been following this game also, i really want the co-op mode in it, not saying i won't get it if it doesn't have it but i will be disappointed.
  12. White Oak


    Is this American Magees Alice your on about or a different one? My gf isn't into games as such but she liked the demo to American Magees Alice, but we can't find it in any shops any more
  13. Great pic, kinda reminds me of my experience with them
  14. White Oak


    Mmmm i have a sudden urge to have a bacon sarnie.
  15. Having fun with scam artists.http://www.419eater.com
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