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  1. That is one of the most insane things I have ever seen. Well, I know where my next $100 is going
  2. Ok, I know this is LONG gone, but I've been away an vacation, and just because I'm such a bungie fan boi (or vid boi, as it were) I just cant give up a chance to talk about marathon That "dragon thingy" is an image from the Marathon Infinity final screen. Oh, and btw, that quote at the bottom is also from marathon Happy Happy Carnage Carnage! ------------ BlackMamba 5/10 for your first sig 8/10 for your current sig
  3. Amen. May they rest in peace.
  4. 26 L of the A = 26 letters of the alphabet 7 W of the W = 7 wonders of the world (I'll contiue editing this post as I figure out more)
  5. Thanks man, I'll try and find some servers running WOI.
  6. 0.11 I got to work on this..... edit: NEW FASTEST TIME - 0.04 Boo Ya!
  7. Jeez, I effing HATE brown recluses. We have them all over the place down here. They inject you with some sort of bacteria that eats away your skin (as you can see evident in those pics) One of my friends was bitten right on the forehead once. She was talking to me saying she didn’t feel well, and the next time I saw her, she was in a hospital with half her ###### forehead eaten away, nearly down to the bone.
  8. Sorry to see you leaving Chems. I've enjoyed all your GR mods tremendously, in fact most of the mods in my mod folder are made by you. But, as soon as I get my rig upgraded, I'll be able to enjoy the Chems Moding Goodness with Far Cry and HL2! Oh, top notch work on the model, as always.
  9. I thought he did a really good job portraying Ding, glad to see he's back.
  10. Well, I was scanning through some old documents of mine, and look what I found! My very first post on GR.net. Unfortunately, it was deleted because of some very offensive and off color jokes. So anyway, I edited out all the most controversial stuff, and here’s the new “cleaner” version. So read on and have a good laugh, even if it’s at your own expense! LAN Play Etiquette and Other GR thoughts NOTE: Any thoughts resembling any actual thinking process is a coincidence and the author is not to be held responsible for them legally, morally, or any other fancy word. If you disagree with anything in this discourse you are right, you win, go away now. While you are gone, read some disclaimers somewhere else and assume they apply here. This whole thing was not my idea anyway, I was roped into it in a fit of misguided pity. LAN PLAY ETIQUETTE: This might sound preachy... In the USMC, they teach you to fight dirty, use cover, use the enemy's weaknesses against him and to pick your own fights even if that means running away. You don't look like John Wayne but if you have the choice of the battlefield to engage the enemy, you have the distinct advantage. The basic premise of combat is to kill the other guy and break his stuff. The first guy to follow any rules of conduct or fair play died. If you run out of bullets, use your entrenchment-tool, a pencil, your teeth, whatever it takes. Never give anyone a chance... EVER. Ambush him, shoot him in the back, gouge his eyes out, throw dirt into his face, lie to him, spit in his face to distract him, and if you can make him suffer a little in the process, so much the better. Always remember the object of a LAN game, as in an actual war, is to kill the other guy and/or gain strategic advantage for future carnage! Hey, just sneak up behind the guy. Nothing feels better than smirking at a tub of guts arching through the sky. Honor is stupid in war and will only raise the rates of your health plan. GR is fun. Have fun. It's a game, right? Get him back. Just do better next time!... yep, it sounded preachy all right. Screw this, let's go have some fun. NET PLAY ETIQUETTE FOR THE RELIGIOUS: If you are Muslim: Shout "Allah Akbar!!!" just before you use a rocket to suicide bomb on someone's Player. If you are Christian: You can't suicide bomb. Technically you shouldn't be here in the first place, just remember to turn the other butt cheek if you are shot in the caboose. If you are Jewish: You can't suicide. Oy vie, the guilt, suicide anyway, there's money riding on the score. If you are Hindu: Cool, you can hold every weapon at the same time! If you are Buddhist: Each time you respon back to life you will be a more advanced spiritual being until, as a point of pure radiant light, you leave the bounds of this earthly plane taking your GR CD with you. If you notice your forehead receding, your ears getting pointy and you have a new found ability to lick your balls, rethink your tactics, you have obviously been playing like the following people: NET PLAY ETIQUETTE FOR THOSE BOUND FOR HELL:(Recommended) When you see your opponent, shove the guy out of his chair and kill his Player. If afterwards he suddenly lunges to shove at you, you know he is just around the corner, so frag his hinney. After that you are even but you are now two kills up on him. If you can anger your opposition, he will be a poorer player so keep your cool and make him lose his. Tell him his girlfriend is so bone dog ugly she would scare the buzzards off a gut wagon, you know his weaknesses better than I so you are basically on your own here. Blind side your opponent by dousing his lights with a sucker punch. While he lies sleeping, swallowing his teeth, keep rekilling his Player. When he wakes up, tell him you fought off the intruder and were nurturing him back to consciousness. Try to keep a straight face because this last part is important. Play with someone dumber than you. There must be someone. Keep looking. Take a big mouthful of clam chowder and fake barfing on your opponent. Good for several kills before he recovers. Lick some drips up or loudly slurp up some chowder puddles on the floor after he recovers, one more kill guaranteed with this maneuver. Bash your opponent over the head brutally with a heavy, blunt object. You will feel much better and you will have the advantage for at least an hour. Bring a real pistol with you into the game room. Each time you are killed, shriek a profanity and fire a shot into the ceiling. Soon you will start winning. NET ETIQUETTE FOR PLAYING WITH DIFFERENT GROUPS OF PEOPLE: Playing with girls: When a girl enters a room, stand up before you grenade her into Valhalla. Avert your eyes when you blow them into the air so you do not see up their dress. Most importantly, leave ALL sexist comments in the locker room guys. If you are nice they will make you a sandwich during the break. Anyway the darling little tarts get their little feelings hurt because they are basically inferior to men; packing needless emotional baggage around, screwing up on the math, and focusing on stupid relationships and stuff. Personally I never DID trust anything that could bleed 5 days straight and live. So watch what you say around them, OK guys? *Runs as fast as he can from Zjj* “AHAh YOU CANT CATCH M-” *clunk* “OW! what are you throwing, math textbooks?” *clunk* * falls to the ground, bleeding* “oh god, the horror!” *savage beating* Playing with the blind: Change their custom key settings. Playing with homos: Don't ask. Don't tell. Complement him on his hair and when he turns to wink at you, kill his Player. Ask him if the arena could use some curtains, a painting and some new furniture and while he is preoccupied, kill his Player. If YOU are the homo... geez, are you a homo? Uhh... if YOU are the homo, complement him on his hair, and when he turns to look at you funny like, kill his Player. Playing with fatsos: Place a huge platter of chocolate chip cookies made with REAL butter, roasted walnuts and covered with colorful sprinkles just out of arms reach. Every time he goes for a cookie, kill his Player. Playing with animal rights activists: Wear a fur hat and when the imperious, self righteous zealot throws blood on you, flip out and kick the living crap out of him. Take him right to the edge of the river Styx. Then kill his Player at leisure using gerbil bombs by stuffing balloons of baking soda and vinegar up the gerbil's butt. When the gerbil hits his Player, the balloons pop, the chemicals mix and WHAMMO!! You really gotta throw them damn gerbils HARD though. Playing with feminists: You can't. They wouldn't hang with a real man like yourself. POLITE SHOT PLACEMENT: Rockets -- Place these in the forehead, directly into the ear, on the toes, and up the ol' wazoo. Grenades -- Best when applied directly to the retina. Pistol Bullets -- To preserve decorum, one in each butt-ock should suffice. Shotgun -- Planning a wedding this social season? You're in luck, escort the pregnant bride and her doting groom down the isle with a deluxe Combat Shotgun. These lovely marital aids come with a simple pump action, so no awkward fumbling in moments of passion. Place these elegant weapons snugly to the backs to the happy couples heads throughout the ceremony. Try not to cry. Assault Rifle Bullets -- Apply liberally and topically, helps to run up and plant the muzzle in the other guys chest. If you're playing with President Clinton yell, "Cheeseburger!!" and when he open's his mouth, poor hot fiery led down that lying gullet of his. Sniper Rifle Rounds – Directly atop the crown of the scull should do just fine. Revenge is a dish best served 800 meters away. SMG -- One should always apologize for pumping 1000 rounds a second into an enemy. Remember to say something poignant as you run giggling over his lifeless, eviscerated corpse. Epilogue: Look guys.....HA! Made you look, am I on a roll or what? If I have failed to offend any special interest group I sincerely apologize, due to the restraints of time and energy and the vastness of political correctness I could not jerk everybody's chain. Please email me giving me your special interest group or realm of sensitivity training and I will promise to insult you one-on-one in the fashion to which you have become accustomed. GR is fun. Lets all have fun with it.
  11. Yeah, this is something that’s always kind of bothered me. People are always focusing on the war in Europe, Nazi atrocities etc. but never seem to want to talk about the Japs. They committed much greater atrocities than the Nazis ever did, and IMO were the greater evil of our two enemies. And yet you don't see much in the way about them. I mean, you could fill an entire library just with books about Nazis, the holocaust etc. (not that these things shouldn’t be brought to light) but there’s just not that much out there cataloging the horrors of the Land of the Rising Sun. There’s no point in denying it, Japans actions during WWII were absolutely gut-wrenchingly horrific and disgusting. All I can say is thank god we stopped them. Just my observations.
  12. ROFL atack! This is a fun little game done with ascii art and web acronyms. It's a must-see! I'd post my hi score, but I just forgot it (read: I suck at the game, my score is to embarrassing to be seen on the WWW)
  13. Just a simple question. I have IT and patch, but no DS (I know I know, but I don't halve enough money to buy a stick of gum, much less a computer game.) Whenever I try to join any server, it always kicks me because of either a) its running DS, or b) its running a mod that requires DS. So, I was wondering, are there any servers out there that don't require DS? I'd really like to start getting into the community more and start playing some games, but I just can't find any games that I can join! Any help would be much appreciated.
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