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  1. Holy Carp, we can model characters now?!
  2. The time has come.......for me to stop reading this samey, boring thread.
  3. The OICW should be in the game off the shelf! Check it out, false advertising!!!! Taken from the main menu video: Other than that, great game.
  4. On a Geforce 6600GT, I play Operation Flashpoint FULL with a 4000m draw distance!
  5. I agree with you mate. Too many crap players with no skill accuse people of cheating just because they aren't any good. I often think "there's no they could've done that...", but then I think of all the times I've killed people in almost impossible ways. Seriously people, unless you've got fraps or screenshot proof, or more than one person saw it, don't be too quick to pass the "cheater" label, especially on the in-game chat. Just because you won the court case doesn't mean your reputation isn't ruined. And tone down the language, OP.
  6. Haha Rabbi my man, trust me, Armed Assualt won't be a "BF2 clone".
  7. It's great, The TAW sever seems full a lot these days. I think 10 death limit is a good compromise.
  8. Right now it's my favourite online game. Probably the best one I've played online, too. So not dead. And Oliver, you seem to hate this game with a vengeance, why do you keep visiting and posting here? There is a GR 1 forum...
  9. Well because the player is holding the gun in First person, I think it's safe to assume that it's a PC screenshot.
  10. Graphics? I don't understand. The graphics on my computer are superb. Maybe you've got a dud computer.
  11. VERY rarely happens to me. I must be playing against some serious hardasses.
  12. "Sunnyside of the Street" - Royal Crown Revue Best band ever. You must check them out.
  13. Peter Brock has died. This is important to all Aussies. Rest in Peace mate.
  14. I love how in all these official game mode pictures, no-one on a HH, TDM or DOM multiplayer would ever be able to have a firefight like that, with three guys on each side out in the open on both sides firing at each other at like 30 metres away! Most fights go like this: 1. Walk around corner 2. See someone else walking/running around corner. 3. Person with quickest reflexes or lowest ping fires short burst into other's head. Rinse and repeat. Not that I'm complaining! Love the game.
  15. Fully customisable uniforms and patches would be GRAW-some. I can see it now, running around busting ###### in some Auscam....
  16. I love it when modders, etc find little clues left in game code...I find it compelling. Hopefully one of the Grin boys can help you out with this mystery.
  17. Weird, I've got an Athlon 3500+, 1 gig of decent RAM, and a 6600GT and I manage 28-40 frames on average. My settings are manually set to "medium" with characters, props, lightmaps and vehicles on "high". I use the hot insertion in Vip 2 is down for a benchmark. I guess I just know how to tweak the HELL out of my system!
  18. How come the city is wrecked and there's pileups in the highway in the first mission? AFAIK, the coup starts while you in the helicopter en route to mission 2! Are mexican highways always strewn with burning car shells and jackknifed semi-trailers?
  19. Is it too late to heed you Call-to-arms for Aussies?
  20. Yep, it's crappy old spring here in Oz. Just keeps getting hotter and hotter. Loooong time till Autumn ("fall" as you Yanks call it )
  21. I do enjoy gaming with the Grinners, always humble, fair opponents. Although, Lufo did spawn nade me once! (I'm sure it was an accident!)
  22. Dead Kennedys wrote a song about MTV "MTV get off the air" and that was decades ago...Imagine their disgust now!
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