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  1. Well perhaps the time of absence has caused the dwindling of this thread but fret not, only excuse i have is because we've been REALLY REALLY hard at work with this mod. And I shall take you up on this challenge JASGripen, though it may make release of the mod quite longer, I am actually drawing up a blueprint of the AK-47 XM . A new AK lol... So my work will be totally devoted to this at the moment, I will post scans of my blueprints and specifications of the gun and my vision. Followed by attempted 3d modelling. Also, if you see this as any update, my friends have begun alpha testing
  2. PROGRESS UPDATE: OICW INTEGRATION checks went well and the system integrity seems to be well too. we're almost there.
  3. UPDATE: I don't know if those license agreements pertain only to COMMERCIALLY or if they apply to all? Otherwise, modders such as I and my friends including the modders in this community would have to be imprisoned Reponse to anticheat: We are actually working with scripters from FeedPirahnas on possibly providing a subsidiary anti-cheat program for server admins. We are awaiting a response from them. Giving you in-game, the option to 'Enable anti-cheat' and then to enable ours. This is all still a very lengthy process, but I will be posting screens of our progress in in corporating
  4. Me and a few of my friends from work are going to be working on our own patch. I don't know if this is illegal or we need permission from GRIN but it's basically a mod that fixes things right? lol If it is at all illegal to make our own fixes for the games errors and bugs please post a reply now, anyone from Grin.. so I do not waste mine and my coworkers time on this. We have gone through just about 80% of the game's full hard code and figured we could patch up some of the loose ends. We'll be working extensively with the knowledge we have of the game at this point. At this point our ma
  5. This is infact true. I hosted my own server last night for patch #3 and I must say that Coop has taken leaps and bounds. I was playing with 14 players some from my own clan, and all we playing simultaneously. I believe, that when a match starts and those 14 r playing, the others must wait til all are dead or time runs out. Still.... the number of simultaneous players ARE 32. Mission Coop is still 4. But.. the numbers don't lie.
  6. this is applicable to D2D and digital distribution GRAWs?
  7. Maybe I'm jumping the gun too quickly here, and correct me if i'm wrong. But if it is easy enough to write up a little mod switching utility in VBS couldn't it be that much easier to put it into the game? I'm pretty sure the basic concept of the script would be this. Create a Mod folder. Mods come with their own custom bundles and what not. In-Game menu to activate Mod, tells game to run off of those bundles instead of the bundles in local. For example you have local/quick.bundle with the original files. Then you have Mods/killerweaponsmod/quick.bundle Activate the mod in game
  8. You guys fail to realize that these are Multiplayer packs, aimed to increase the replay value of Multiplayer modes. Which is why they are focusing on playable modes and maps rather than fixing bugs. Because a "patch" means to patch something up, whilst these packs are adding things on. It would be foolish for GRIN to stop development of any futures patches, however I do believe this to be the last multiplayer pack, and that it will be the final changes we see in it's entirety aside from 3rd party / community development such as Mods. If I remember correctly Original GR wasn't so hot in m
  9. more so then likely if there is little between you and the enemy you wwill normally fire in vollies, and cover ur teammate with fire while the other reloads and then vice versa. He's not completely in danger. I bet it looks that way.... but one way or the other... it doesn't take long for Ghosts to reload
  10. I wanted to know if anyone could re-make the Ares Shrike rifle. We've seen the weapon mod in the past done on GR, and now I would like to know if anyone would like to undertake this challenge? I've seen many challenges taken and completed, and would like to try this out. With the new patch coming out I'm hoping more light will be shed upon the modding of New weapons rather then modding existing ones, making things easier for such talent on these forums. Here are some reference material:
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