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  1. Hey all long time no see Nice to see a new ghost recon Anyway here are some more renders: This render is the property of Ubisoft all rights reserved ©
  2. Thank you for the password rahnman. I have been in hospital so havent been able to check the forums. Great to see you are releasing the mod. I will look at it tomorrow. Thanks again
  3. Whats the password there mate Also mediafire's servers are down can you upload somewhere else for me mate thank you
  4. Yes thats right its out baby!!! and its amazing very clear and no lag!! Download it now!! www.teamspeak.com [thread moved to Computer Discussions forum]
  5. in light of this website ofphq.com do you think I should still keep the website up? www.epgamers.com/ofpcustom if we get in to any other game that has a editor then I can always change the website for that game. ie... Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2,Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Sorry if this is off topic.
  6. Great stuff LightSpeed I cant wait to see your missions I know they will be amazing.
  7. The thing is I dont know where to put the files after modding them?
  8. I have found this (multiplayer_data.xml) in folder inf4 inf4 is a map folder I think for coop <Mission> <Arena X="7000" Y="-11750" Width="3500" Height="2000" HSubdivisions="5" VSubdivisions="5" WarningZoneSize="200" /> <NumPlayers Army="0" Playable="4" AI="74" /> <NumPlayers Army="1" Playable="0" AI="81" /> <NumPlayers Army="-1" Playable="0" AI="0" /> </Mission> maybe change this line: <NumPlayers Army="0" Playable="4" AI="74" /> to <NumPlayers Army="0" Playable="8" AI="74" /> what you guys think?
  9. Is this possible can we mod it so we can have 8 man coop?
  10. Hey Light speed the site is for all things OFP: DR maps,MP Maps,Missions,Mods btw guys I need Admins for the site. davros you should be one for sure. anyone else that wants in let me know
  11. lol it was like 4am or something like that when I read your post so was very sleepy lol. URL has been changed to: http://www.epgamers.com/ofpcustom I also edited the first post
  12. Pave Low thank you for letting me know about that. All sorted now I do hope people will use the site. Just a heads up to everyone to see all the features of the website you need to register. Thanks all and have fun!!
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