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  1. MORE PLAYERS! 4-player COOP = Console, enoough said.
  2. Some info: Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter v1.35 Please note that this patch can be used on both the RETAIL (CD/DVD) version & the DOWNLOADABLE (D2D) version of the game. GRAW v1.35 CHANGENOTES * Multiple fixes for the disconnection issues in multiplayer, including increased stability in connection between server-client and server-GameSpy. * Fixed incorrect game times in [GR] Coop. * Enabled the creation of multiple objectives and random events in [GR] Coop. * Fixed the tactical map camera so that it works correct in custom [GR] Coop levels. * Fixed crash when using grenade launcher with high latency. * A full server will not accept connections while it's loading the next map. * Fixed the issue with increasing the number of players on the server run-time. * Fixed "time not running" when a client is drop-in joining. * Moved the time-out values to the server settings file. * Various crash prevention fixes.
  3. GRIN Willie> Thanks for taking the time to respond and explain. I am sure it is frustrating for you guys to see comments like mine that seem to dismiss your hard work (which was not my intention). Please consider that it is also frustrating for us to see console-*like* limitations in one of our favorite game franchises. Anyway, thank you for your work on this project... I hope future patches/exp packs will continue to deliver those things we seek most from this game, and help mold it into the legendary title I know it could be.
  4. With all respect Willie, I find it very hard to believe that the Xbox and PC titles were constructed completely independent of each other (especially when the Xbox is basically a consolized PC). Why would a company spend the money to do 2 projects that are so similar when they could take parts of one for the other? I believe you that the code (at least most of it) is different, and that the final game engine is also different... but "scratchmade"? In fact, asserting that GRAW PC was an independent project (IMO) casts an even darker shadow over the final released product... limited MP, 4-player CO-OP, Static Team Leader, etc. These limitations are almost exclusively the result of a port (which I do not believe GRAW is), or a co-developed title. Traditionally, TacShooters have supported 8-16 players or more, with a widely developed MP platform (even SWAT3/4 was quickly patched to raise players from 5 to 10). When, in these forums, GRIN was asked "why" GRAW PC was released like it was, we were told we would have had to wait until nearly Xmas for a completed title like we wanted, and would we want that? I think you'll find the answer now as a resounding YES! Anyway, I did not post here to bash you guys... I like GRAW, and I think it's a good game... I only hope that further content will be made available to bring it to the MP standards most PC TacGamers expect. MP3/Patch 1.30 showed us that you are willing to listen to the community and try to give us what we want... I look forward to you folks continuing in that manner. Thanks.
  5. It is not a port, but it was co-developed with the primary "framework" given to the console version... they knew they would be able to patch GRAW PC to take advantage of the PC environment afterwards, whereas, they had to "get it right the first time" with the console. I will grant you that the two games are disimilar enough to support your assertment, however, if this title has been strictly a PC title it would be different enough that we would not need to have this conversation.
  6. I have a quick question to anyone in GRIN (or who actually knows)... and this is a sincere inquiry: Is the GRAW Engine capable of supporting more that 4 players with the SP maps? I've never actually seen confirmation if this is so... it would sure end alot of posting-debates I'm sure. BTW, [GR] Mode is great, we just need more maps
  7. I can confirm that the Mayday [GR] COOP Mission doesn't end due to the last AI not being found... perhaps he spawned in an inaccessible area?
  8. Hmm... someone changed my Topic Title. "[MP#3 any info on the public release date?], (not the Beta)" (I didn't write this)
  9. Can you feel the love? Well, thanks for responding anyway... although fall technically starts September 23rd (Equinox), millions of school kids would disagree. I'll just hope you are able to keep to your current release pattern.
  10. Sorry... By "Actually Knows", I meant a GRIN member or insider. I didn't expect they would trust the Beta testers with this info alone.
  11. Howdy... For those of us who didn't get into the MP#3 Beta test, can someone (who actually knows) let us in on a release date? I have a LAN party coming up (Sept 8-10) which is supposed to center around the new GRAW co-op. If tradition holds and this patch is released in the same manner as the others, it will be due out next week (Sept 4-8). What I'm looking for in some confirmation... certainly we must have an idea by now if this release deadline is feasible? I have owned GRAW since it's release date and only played it for about 2 hours... all because of this issue. I have not openly complained about this because it was my own fault for trusting the GR franchise and not reading the box (where it says 4 player co-op). Since GRIN has committed to infusing GRAW with [GR] Co-op "by the end of the summer", I was hoping to at least get word on this... since Monday is the end of summer Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the replies everyone (and for keeping it civil). rossiski: I had not read that thread... thank-you for linking. To the rest... I did not realize that GRIN specified August as the "co-op" patch (guess I should have read closer). I feel better reading all your comments... and continue to believe that we will be delivered from our co-op abyss (OK, that might have been over the top) BTW, if anyone knows of a functioning co-op MOD that allows more players, etc., PLEASE post it here!
  13. As soon as I saw the patch version (1.21) I had a feeling there would be only minor changes. I'm glad to see the enhancement of the DM side of MP, but very dissapointed to see no change for co-op whatsoever. I'm sure most players would agree with me that one of the foremost selling points, and indeed one of the most popular features of the GR/R6 line of TacShooters is co-op. Many of us have waited anxiously for a sequel to GR so we could once again enjoy an updated version of one of our all-time favorite games. How sad that is was struck with console-itis. Once again, I ask, GRIN... please reassure us that our favorite GR gameplay will return in it's proper PC-form with the next patch: > More than 4 players (8 min) > Mission does NOT end when Team Leader dies > Infinite Respawn I understand that there are hurdles to overcome, but looking over the forums about this game it is easy to see that this is the most desired priority for patching. In the oft-quoted release from the beginning of summer it was stated that [GR] co-op would be restored to GRAW by the end of summer... with the next patch due in Septmember, that deadline draws close. Can anyone from GRIN/UBI reassure us that our hopes will be answered in that patch? If not, I believe it's time to renew your press release. We place our trust in you GRIN, please do the right thing.
  14. If nothing else... More than 4 players No TL dies = Mission over and (would be very nice): infinite respawn! pullease!
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