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  1. i just reinstalled it than reinatalled updated than used the M4A1 SOPMOD gun mod so now the game works mint also with the 1.35 patch & the M4A1 SOPMOD gun mod ;-) i am running x64 bit pro sp2 o/s by the way..... .
  2. well i can not play any level/ missions now ;-( = Crash in application version: grpcrc1.35 data\lib\setups\setup.dsf(-1): cant find member: order_manager in type <Statsblock:global> SCRIPT STACK data\levels\mission01\mission01.dsf(0) i get this error now when i try to load any mission !!!! ;-( HELP ME PLZ............. DONE NOW
  3. http://patches.ubi.com/ghost_recon_advance...ighter_1.35.exe links works full speed too
  4. well here is the link on file front but it does NOT Work YET boo hoo = http://files.filefront.com/Ghost+Recon+Adv...;/fileinfo.html it might be up working soon !, so i will keep checking it ;-) Also it might be on the UBI patch ftp server too the = http://patches.ubi.com/ghost_recon_advanced_warfighter/?M=D ;-) Strategyinformer.com
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