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  1. this is the PC VERSION, not the PS 3! Even though this is a "PORT", giving advice from a console player would not help! No disrespect intended!
  2. To all Ghost Recon people: Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And may the New Year bring a new Ghost Recon to our homes! [Edit: Merged with the existing Happy Christmas thread]
  3. I am expierencing the same problem. Only one grenade in SP for the GL!
  4. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!
  5. My rig: AMD X2 4600+ (939 socket). EVGA 8800 GTS 320 MB superclocked 2 gigs Corsair value RAM ( 1 gig sticks) running on "optimal settings as determined by the game (everything on medium) I am getting 30-45 FPS. When I try to increase to high on some settings (can't remember which, I have changed them so many times) I get 25 to 35 FPS. Run it with DX 10, I have Vista Home Premium. I'm thinking of getting another 8800GTS 320 and run the game in SLI, if possible.
  6. I don't like Intell, so I stayed with my AMD 939 X2 4400+. When AMD decides to come out with its "Phenom" quad core I will change the MB and go with that.
  7. This is not a call for help. I just built a new computer: 939 socket 4400+, 2 GB Corsair Value Ram, 250 GB WD HD and a eVGA 8800 GTS Overclocked Video Card... And GRAW 2 is AMAZING! I went from a single core 4000+ AMD to the dual core and a PCI Vid card from EVGA...The difference is like night and a BRIGHT SUNNY DAY! I can't wait for the second card to arrive so I can SLI this BAD BOY! GRIN, AMD and EVGA ROCKS!
  8. If you have downloaded the "new" nvidia drivers, that could be the problem. I know that the game will CTD if you use the 160.00 and above drivers. It could also be your memory, 1 gig is the min. it does run better with 2gig.
  9. I visit these forums frequently, but only post if I think it is necessary. I "like" the single" player portion of GRAW 2, just like I enjoyed the single player of GRAW1 and [GR] (all THREE). I think that if someone complains about something in Multi player, they have a right to do so. $49.00 US dollars are not easy to come buy. I work for the USPS and make 24.24 an hour...Most don't even come close. So if they have a "######" about the game in MP, then they have the right to state so. And if they want to know if a "PATCH" is in the works, they have the RIGHT to ask! Money is money, I app
  10. Found out it was the CPU...sot of...Actually, it is the motherboard. Not enouhg power to run the CPU and the video card. Went back to the "old" cpu after installing a new PSU and evrything works fine. Guess a 2 year old mobo doesn't do it for GRAW 2 and "newer" video cards. The mobo is a Gigabyte KN8-939 . The problem is it does not have the extra power connector for X2 CPUs. Am upgrading to a better board with PCI-e SLI slots, but still with the 939 socket, so I won't have to a "complete" rebuild. Did you install the drivers for the x2?? Checked to make sure and yes I have downloaded
  11. Just received an e-mail from Leadtek. They tested the A7600GT with the 4400+ X2 and said they had no problem with the card. They even used a 500W PSU. Now, after looking at the PSU, I discovered it was a very "Cheap" 500W PSU!. So, as I said above, time for a new PSU.
  12. Did you install the drivers for the x2?? Checked to make sure and yes I have downloaded them. Did the "misconfig" thing and still really bad FRAPs! I did some searching and I believe, after reading some of the forums for nVidia cards(especially the 7600 GT) that I need a new power supply. Since I will be building a new system within the nest 3 months, I guess I can start with a new PSU...probably 650 to 800W and "SLI" cetified, since the new computer will be PCIe and AMD (hopefully with the new "Phenom" processor. Thanks for the help. http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/Techni...1_1
  13. Ok, I have a somewhat similar problem. I went from a AMD 4000+ 2.4 ghz to a AMD 4400+ X2 with 2.2 ghz. I overclocked it to 2.5ghz. Now my video card, a Leadtek 7600GT with 256 MB vidRam, has SLOWED down! When I do a stress test (from the "nTune") my FRAPS went from 60 to 31! I have tried everything I know to find out why my card dropped 50% in FRAPS butnothing seems to help. I have Vista Home premium, the 4400+, 2GB (1Gig sticks) of Corsair Value RAM, clocked at 430, 250 GB WD 7200rpm HD and a Sound Blaster Audigy 24bit sound card. Prior to installing the 4400+ X2, my video card was
  14. I know what you mean. When I installed the patch this morning I was in a third go around with the game and I lost all my saved games in Act 1, so, starting over, I began with the beginning (Duh!). Anyways, when I got to the truck that two of the three sodiers were hiding behind, I "stealthy"moved to the rear of the vehicle and opened up on the unsuspecting b* stards, and the rear one flew up in the air as if shot from a cannon! Almost got myself killed from a "bad guy" down at the camp. I was LMAO!
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