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  1. I really miss the fact that the forum heading was in a seperate column before so I could click 'New Content' and then quickly scan the entries using the Forum Column ignoring the entries that were not in forums I was interested in. Looks nice though.
  2. Condolences bud, really sorry to hear this, let me know if there is anything I can do.
  3. Well done to all involved, now the hard work begins.
  4. Looks great but why do they want your UDID and how safe is this to give out?
  5. You know, what really makes me laugh was that a LOT of us said this when GRIN brought out GRAW. In my opinion the GR franchise died with the origin GR/DS/IT GRAW was a PALE comparison and GRAW2 no better. The 'Holy Grail' indeed
  6. Thanks a lot guys, had a great day playing IL2 1946 Co-op all day and then a nice meal out with the missus in the evening. 48... Damn I wish my mind would stop writing cheques my body can no longer cash
  7. Well mine had finally downloaded when I got up this morning. Just played for the first time and... hmmm... like a bad CS really. What a waste of the electricity downloading it Wonder what pile of &*%$ they can find in a bargain bin to pin the GR name onto next
  8. Hehe, must be hard for these independent developers, finding the money to pay for extra bandwidth and all that
  9. Could the client download be any slower though
  10. Fantastic shots Hammer, wish my Fuji S8000fd was up to that standard. A few shots here from a great day in Shrewsbury.
  11. Dunno why, but this had me fascinated. Think it's because the centre looks like a cave entrance but whatever the reason I just like it
  12. Mine took 10mins to boot up after the updates and said Failed and rolled back. On the next boot it appeared to go through OK but I now seem to have Network issues with Windows7 not recognising my network until I reset the Router. Probably a coincidence.
  13. Can someone post a picture of the score page on here once all the results are in. I don't (and never will) have a facebook account so it would be nice to know the standings.
  14. Boot into 'Safe Mode' and run Combofix (don't download from anywhere else, use the link part way down that downloads from BleepingComputer.com). Once this has run, boot back into Windows and uninstall any AV you have installed and reinstall it as it will probably have corrupted files. Also run MBAM once back into Windows.
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