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  1. Why does everyone try to go up against Monday Night Football? Now I have to do both! I'll bop in and play some ggz tonight.
  2. Moving players should always get the ping benefit. Since the non-moving player's comp is waiting on the server to tell it where the moving player is at. By then, the moving player is looking at the non-moving player and shooting. Same in GR where I could stand up from behind an object and fire/kill before others could react. This is in all games. That said, GR did have mutual death by bullets. GRAW does not. Interesting coding, and yes, may include lag because of it.
  3. Does anyone know if GRAW can create a note as to what file it choked on when running the anticheat on a player? My understanding of the anticheat bug is that either the server or player computer will not send the right data in time, it times out and the server assumes cheat by no response? But if it keeps choking on the same file, then couldn't that imply that the player has modified that particular file? Just a thought.
  4. This is great stuff Mugen. There are alot of us who appreciate your efforts and are looking forward to product. One this about the OICW to consider is weapon balance. A wep that has 6 (12 total) semiauto'd explosive rounds will literally blow away the rest of the wep choices. Maybe integrate Jas' AICW setup with 3 semiauto'd exposives without reload.
  5. Great idea Roco. Also, we found that if a couple players can't get in, pull down server, put server back up, and then it often gets them back in. Something about relogging back in to gamespy?
  6. All the folks who preordered or ran to the stores the first day GRAW came out, and then ###### about a wasted $50 makes me chuckle. The demo said alot about this game, which anyone could get. The 25% of the total posts which flame this game also say alot about it. Buyers remorse? Any small amount of research would've sent up warning flags. I think Rugg takes the prize for his $5 copy. Buy it cheap, then maybe you'd enjoy it more because it was only a small investment. Then again, $50 to me is nothing for any game which takes up 5 months of my life. I'm not dissatisfied with my game. I'm dissatified more people don't play it.
  7. The reloading dood is in serious trouble cuz his cover buddy is using an MRC.
  8. I'd heard that the "disconnected Unknown Error" message was potentially related to not all ports being opened/ports blocked by routers. Anything to this?
  9. The Angels Of Death are recruiting players for GRAW. We plan to match several times a week in GRAW, and need good shooters, bull$hitters, and peeps who can take some verbal heat. We don't screw around with cheaters. We will hunt you down and kill you. Don't join if you are mentally retarded in this way. 18+ years Only. We are an oldschool GR clan that matched GR to death. We miss that, and look forward to lots of GGz in GRAW. We ladder on Teamwarfare Ladder and The Combat Zone. If you are interested, hit up our website and post: www.teamaod.net And join our teamspeak 2 comms:
  10. We played 4 hours with the GRIN crew today on the British Paras server. Desmond, Kentaa, Lufo, and Shonuff all brought their mojo, and I was freakin impressed. It probably helps that they know each map inside and out, but they are all sharpshootin mofos. They need to start laddering! Thanks to the BPR's, my fellow TWL admins, UADD, PW, Ass, TBC, UEI, my fellow AODers, TAW, Core, and other indy's for keeping the server rolling. The server rolled smooth the whole time. And correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Michael Jackson joined our comms today...?
  11. I didn't get the best answer in mod forums, so I figured I'd come here. I've always wondered what the stats are for US vs Mex just based on uniform colors. Mexies have the advantage because they aren't a bright color. So: 1) Since this is the "last patch"; 2) Would only take 1 hr programming time to code it (<-- joke, haha...); and, 3) The US forces don't like to clash with the background: Will we be able to have other skin options with this patch, or at least attempt to with the server tools?
  12. Hi guys, I'm brand-spankin new to this mod forum. Came here cuz I wanted to find out if any of these great skins can or will be implemented into multiplayer? Tired of being dayglow orange on the U.S. side... I want to post in the gen forum, but thought I'd ask here first if there was any news or input from GRIN? Thanks,
  13. Highly recommend MP. It's a whole new world out there. If you are nervous or don't know what your doing, just grab a quiet corner and whack anyone who runs by (yes, camp). It'll get you started and will slowly teach you maps.
  14. How come multiplayer american can't get those skins instead of the dayglow orange we have to wear?
  15. Beer Drinking Assassin's has a fat TS server ( And they could field a ton of folks. I'll spread the word to them. This Sat the 26th works for me.
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