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  1. Are there many people playing graw2 online now? I used to play graw one quite a bit, but there was usually only one server with people. Has anything changed with graw2?
  2. http://www.gametrailers.com/player.php?id=20554&type=mov i think it's that dev diary that was in french, but in english. [Merged into the existing Dev Diary 1 Thread]
  3. I hate that people can remove concealment with a slider bar. that has always driven me nuts about games. I understand why the option is there, but I hate it. I wish there was some other way of improving performance than taking away stuff like concealment. I've played other games where you could remove all plant life in the options which is just retarded when you think you're hiding in foliage and to others you're just sitting out in the open. drives me nuts. but what can you do.... the price of scalability i suppose. Bugs me that to be on the same playing field I have to turn off all the prettiness in a game. I'm a graphics whore first and foremost. oh well... I understand, but I hate it.
  4. I really like the demo. Better than GRAW 1. There are some issues, like the stupid thing won't crouch until I pound the button 10 times, can't sort the server list, and there's just a lot of things that happen in menus and what not that you just don't know what's going on. I still don't know what that damn beeping is in ReconVAssault. Sometimes menus sit there paused with no notification as to what we're waiting for, etc etc. Overall though, pretty fun.
  5. I also have the sound bug. sometimes the mounted guns sound like they are going off in my ear ear even if I am across the map from them. Using Audigy 2 ZS
  6. the severe unresponsiveness of the controls is driving me nuts. I have to hit the button 5 ######ing times for my damn character to crouch.
  7. Is there something special you're supposed to do to tag people? Tagging as a sniper seems to work extremely easily just by having crosshairs on them. But anything other than that I can't seem to tag. In deathcam, when i'm in taggin mode, nothing seems to happen at all. Are there buttons to press or something?
  8. do you have to do something special to get hotkeys to work? so far mine don't want to work. i try using the numbers to switch weapons and they won't switch unless i use the F key and scroll. also, how come i can't sort the server menu? I have to sift through a list of crap instead of being able to bring up the smallest pings to the top of the list.
  9. Why when I used the auto install for the patch my hard drive started making the funkiest noises I've ever heard? What else is it doing besides just installing the patch? It sounds like my computer was grinding gears.
  10. that's funny. I was the opposite. I thought the demo was awesome and that's what actually got me to buy the game, but then when I got it and found multiplayer was pretty minimal I became dissappointed. Made me sad that all the cool explosions and some effects were taken out of the mp. I have some hopes for GRAW2. Looking forward to the demo.
  11. I think it'd be better not to be random but to be a choice of where you want to be inserted. "Random" often times is not truely random and a pattern can be learned. If we have a choice of the point of insertion we could avoid ambush.
  12. the single player additions do look really cool. more like what graw1 should've been. But since I play SP for about 10 minutes before I switch over to MP, I'm not enticed yet. I'm really hoping they did a lot to improve the MP. I noticed in the vid the SP will have multiple insertion points. Any chance of that happening in MP? It would be awesome to fly in on a heli and pick where you want to be dropped off. Also, the waypoints look a lot better for the SP, any chance of getting an overlay like that in MP so people can actually work out some tactics?
  13. i really hope that graw2's mp will be a cut above graw1, otherwise there's not much of a reason to buy it.
  14. after playing the 360 demo I'm sticking with the PC version. That is if the pc version even warrants the purchase. I'll probably wait for the price cut. Try the GRAW 1 demo of the pc version. I highly doubt it will be that much different than the GRAW 2 pc version.
  15. i think the soldiers are already wearing it. look at what the ghosts have on. it looks like that armor. on an episode of Future weapons on the discovery channel, they actually laid a dummy wearing the dragon scales on top of a grenade. The armor got tore up but the dummy was fine.
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