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  1. Well I just log in back to see how things are going here and ...... saw that most of the ppl .are seeing the truth about this game and Ubisoft and Grin well .... now I can told you..... Ghost Recon it's DEAD and for good !! CALL OF DUTY4 IS HERE to STAY an excellent job DONE by this Studio , This game is LETHAL FUN !! For all this fan boys guys or gals , asking for a virtual battle situation , don't go far COD4 got it right !! MP and SP it's EXCELENT !!! Personally I don't even want to play the [GR], that was fun but that was it , going to keep the game as a nice piece of softw
  2. I told you I told you guys.... So sweet to see how da ppl. change suddenly opinions. Welcome to the game industry .......... Cheers p.s. Thank you for the good times UBISoft and good luck for the next project.
  3. And once again . Ok listen up boys , and staff of this 'Fan site", my post was never directed to any of the members of this forums , was directly a reply content to the O.P. Now SCE_COB77 and Warcloud seems like to create conflict and make this personal . I never offend this guys, not even my post was direct to this members. So once again "Rocky " read pls. or one of your "helpers" "moderators" I think this guys are breaking the rules of this Forums or not ? So Warcloud and SCE_COB77 , think twice before you post . direct your anger and frustration other way , go play outside boys .
  4. Honestly......... a "mule" lol & "new gameplay for M.P." , besides that nothing new that all the talented ppl. already have done modding in AW1. for the rest same ol same old. graphics etc. "even the same useless Ageia dirver to download, LAMO. Anyhow............... I don't know if this post will make it to forums, but good luck with AW full 2. Enjoy the product , but really it doesn't offer what G.R. is for REAL. This is A.W. a Product "game" Think and developed for Console , not for P.C. the efforts from this little company called GRIN, to "create" the P.C. version failed for
  5. Erh? I guess you're referring to 1 GIG of RAM. Computer won't even start with 1 Meg. lol. [/quote
  6. NO....... of course NOT ; lol gr awfull2 = more of the same crap lol . you'll see, yu'll see. LMAO. Crysis or Stalker
  7. NGO NVIDIA Optimized Driver v2.9792 I guess you guys know about this drivers , some one here use them? If not ...give them a try .
  8. This is what we are talking about now : "Non lethatl" weapons system , article link > http://www.cnn.com:80/2007/TECH/01/24/ray.gun.ap/index.html
  9. HI Deleyt !! That map for sure will be good , and a challenge to see if I can find your signature again , now in this map Thanks again Deleyt . note : A.W. looks better in DESERT URBAN environment , not JUNGLE , not in a HUGE city as MEXICO D.F. but thats my Opinion .
  10. Another FUN mod. for GR1 Happy new yr. guys !!! cheers
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