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  1. Yes but from the clips I've seen the same guys are using wall hacks.
  2. I was in the BDA server earlier today (Joker was there also) and saw [N8C]8In63r using the nade cheat. I killed him and picked up his gun and it had unlimited ammo and grenades on full auto.
  3. I'm with you Sleep. I didn't have a problem picking the game up on launch day. But to alot of pc gamers the word UBI means unfinished, buggy, console port. The RLC server will be up when enough members buy the game and want to play it. We hosted a desolate Vegas server for 4 months and I'm not going to make the same mistake again. We will continue hosting RVS servers until more members and more people are playing GRAW 2.
  4. Well if it's true, then it's nice to know the game will be supported. But trying to convince people to buy another UBI pc game these days is like pulling teeth. GRIN needs to dump the bad luggage and find a publisher that cares about pc gamers. With UBI's name off the box sales would increase.
  5. It's a great game for its genre, but it's hard to recommend this game to ppl when GRIN has only been given a 4 week window to patch the game and then it's over. If I had read that before I bought the game (3 copies) I would have probably held off on buying it.
  6. And what about the news of this '4 week patch limit'? What can they really fix in 4 weeks? What about AC support? Still alot of questions need answers before I run out and buy this for MP.
  7. After playing GRAW 1 & 2 I am convinced GRIN likes to spawn rape. It seems to be the fundamental basis for both games in adversarial. They could have implemented these features if they wanted. They heard our complaints about spawn raping from the first game. It's been made this way for a reason. Thank god I play co-op mostly. Does GRAW 2 have [GR] (12 player) co-op? Sorry I've been out of the loop...
  8. Just turn it off in the options. It's a personal setting. Yes. It is a client side setting. It should be a server option. That way everyone has to manually reload on that server, you know, for balance. IMO auto-reload has no place in a 'tactical' shooter. It should have stayed on the xbox.
  9. I have to disagree. For me the spawn raping before you can blink makes the game too frustrating to the point I don't even want to play. There is no skill involved. Any newb can do the same thing to rack up easy kills. I know there is a invuln timer but alot of the servers aren't using it, and probably won't in the full version either. There needs to be random spawn insertion points.
  10. The Good: -graphics -netcode -run speed -new game mode -new weapons (less nades) -scoring system -map detail -faster load times -Auto patch feature The Bad: -only 1 spawn zone -walk too slow -no obstacle climbing -auto reload -no cover mode (an option to turn it on or off for servers would be nice) -No Punkbuster -No custom kits -Widescreen support The Ugly: -Spawn Campers -Snipers Camping Rebel spawn from across the map -Respawning nade spammers -Cheaters (already) -Draw distance and Haze
  11. I never noticed it in the beta but I didn't seem to have any trouble sneeking up on people. >
  12. I've spawned without the weapon showing in the demo but as soon as I zoomed and fired a few rounds it appeared. Definitely, a bug. On a side note; anyone learned the silent shuffle yet? I think it's a sound bug\issue that should be addressed before launch. I'll send Des a PM and explain in detail.
  13. Whoa this game looks very promising. We just caught wind of this project on the UBI forums. Needless to say alot of us (RLC) will be watching, hoping, waiting for a real thinking man's shooter to come from this project. GOOD WORK and GOOD LUCK! Question: Will this game support DX10?
  14. Looked around a bit and didn't see this here yet. Sry if this is old news to you guys but GRAW 2 looks promising. From UBI: GRAW 2 is in development at Red Storm and Ubisoft Paris, and has been in development since GRAW was launched back in May. Gameinformer mentions that it easily eclipses its predecessor in terms of visuals, being on par if not rivalling Gears of War. Thanks to eso76 for the magazine writeup of the game that when written out stands for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. It will be released in the first three months of 2007. While no platforms have been announced, expect it to appear on PC, Xbox 360, and possibly PS3. Here are some story details: * GRAW 2 deals with the escalating turmoil just south of the US border. * It all takes place over 72 hours. * It will have way more varied locations including fighting through the mountains, forests, etc. * What’s more is that the combat will be on both sides of the border, Mexico and the US apparently. * The first section of GRAW 2 will take place around the Mexican City of Juarez, 2nd in a war torn urban Center, the final tasks players with repelling a full fledged invasion of US soil for control over El Paso Texas. * In another demo the smoke cloud was forced away from a sudden explosion, and the light from the fire reflected off the particles in the cloud in real time. The sequel will include the following graphical updates: 1. Dynamic Weather Conditions: Taking place in sandstorms to howling rain, with subtle details such as after a rain storm the mission area glistens with moisture and features standing pools of water on the streets. As well as wind and weather simulation. 2. Object Translucency: Which allows players to see through surfaces like leaves and fabrics under the right lighting circumstances. 3. God Rays: Also a technique that simulates the way light goes around a surface that blocks light. God Rays allow the player to see the limits of light, creating the hard edges rays of light often seen pouring through cathedral windows. 4. Smoke Effects Techniques called Depth Sprite in which smoke particles move over and around objects like an actual gas, eliminating the hard lines you see between clouds and surfaces you see in most games. The smoke also reacts to light and wind. Demos were shown that showed the dynamics of the smoke. Such as a helicopter down draft that forced huge plumes of smoke away from the landing. To an explosion forcing away a smoke cloud with the light of the fire reflecting off the particles in the cloud in real time. 5. Improved particle effects that send debris flying in explosions and chips exploding off walls when struck by a bullet. http://www.videogamesblogger.com/2006/11/2...rom-ubisoft.htm Mods remove this if it is a repost my apologies.
  15. Checkout the pic on this asus 8800GTX. Better than some broke neck fairy lol. Its an interesting read as well. http://www.xbitlabs.com/news/video/display...1023142704.html
  16. What would stop cheaters from using double damage, god modes, wall hacks, ect.?
  17. I would like to see an expansion with all jungle or forest climate maps, no urban or desert. Maybe something to compete with crysis (sounds like a challenge). At least 10 more weapons added and a few new gametypes. ~Semp
  18. Maybe its your server. We are running all the maps you say are "laggy" with no problems on our servers. So are many others. I would say your server specs is the issue, not the maps. BTW, great work Grim and Evilducky and thanks for eveything.
  19. Thanks alot guys. I have all these maps loaded on the server and I have news today of the RLC mod team doing a map pack for graw! Frustration is setting in seeing how the tutes arent exactly user friendly. In a couple weeks and we should have a few maps ready for beta.
  20. I saw an [GR] server running this map today but I couldnt join Does this mean you have it ready for us co-op players?
  21. Hello again. I am looking for some co-op maps for OGRco-op mode. MAPS: No Way Out Hall of Mirrors GrimDeDustv2ogr I have already downloaded Blackhawk Down and Heavy Resistance [GR] from this site but I don't see the others. Any links to these and any other new [GR] co-op maps would be greatly appreciated. ~Semp
  22. Try right clicking the standalone.exe then goto compatibilty and set it to run in win2000 mode. edit: doesn't work lol
  23. Don't take it personal Zero. We were all fed a load of ######. This is it for RLC. If this PATCH doesn't complete the game we paid our hard earned money for we will be looking for another title to host our servers. So whats on the horizon for you?
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