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  1. It would seem that the changes made in patch v1.35 cost me six months of hard work. I made 64 map bundles in v1.30 that were tested, tweaked and run many times with no problem what so ever. They are all useless under version v1.35
  2. Can retail players play in demo lobbys to? If we have purchased graw 2 can we play in the demo lobbies with are friends that have not yet purchased the game?
  3. Anybody have an offical link for the demo version of GRAW 2?
  4. Now I cant recall exactly how I done it but I think I fixed that same problem by manual editing the discription xml the rendering again. My training map kept rendering a few wall pieces dark like shadowed even though it shouldnt have been. I'm pretty sure I fixed it by changing the line <lightmaps value="true"/> Try changing it to false then render. If its already on false try changing it to true then render. Like I said though I'm not positive this how I fixed the problem but I know it was one of the last few things I tried. Also I have notice low and draft 3 passes or below can cause such dark spots aswell. I always rendered at Medium 5 Passes to avoid the problem. Pretty time consuming but its about the best quality rendering most people systems can handle. You should always render in windowed mode by the way. I'm rather decent at rendering just ask Evil_Ducky. If you would like I can give the rendering a try for you to see if I can clean it up. Hope this helps you out. Example: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <description> <menu name="Grim Training" mode="MPCoop" /> <level_desc value="" /> <level> <set value="city"/> <set_graffiti value="0"/> <backdrop_cube value="atlas_mission_spec_editor/backdrop_cube_d"/> <mission_time value="day"/> <cube value="atlas_mission_specific/mission02_specific/cube"/> </level> <export> <export_name value="Grim Training"/> <gametype value="MPCoop"/> <lightmaps value="true"/> <ai_graph value="true"/> <lightmap_resolution value="medium"/> <lightmap_num_passes value="5"/> </export> </description>
  5. A minor error reported on the palacio map. In firefight mode the mission cant end do to an ai spawning in a wall somewhere.
  6. So far there has only been 2 minor script errors reported. The missions all work fine. you can get the error info and download links here.
  7. Just a thought, Have you tried placing the tree backgroud as a border I think its only textured on one side so flip it to make invisible. Let me know if it works I dont have time to try it right now. Oh an certain objects like crates can be set as indistructable in the mission script but I have only got this to work in [GR] game type. I made those green crate on my dedust map stop exploding. Reduced the lag bigtime.
  8. Oh cool maybe Grin changed it to allow fullscreen rendering in one of the last patches. I remember when I first started making maps it would crash in fullscreen. I would recommend always rendering in windowed mode to increase performance of the rendering process. I always render my maps at medium 5 passes. The quality is great and it dont take near as long. Ok remeber above in this thread I said sometimes you will have to edit the texturescope.xml? Thats whats wrong with your sewers. Sewer textures load with the industrail set. I think you said you done your map using the city set. You will have to edit the texturescope.xml to add the industrial set textures. I've done the texturescope.xml once before but cant remeber how I done so. Type texturescope.xml in the forum search field, there are some post with instructions. You can also add custom terrains in the same manner.
  9. Renders can ONLY be done in windowed mode. Atleast thats what the instructions say. High render means bigger map files sizes, which means longer load times a could even cause lag and timeouts on some computer. Since my rig wont render in high , If you render it in high I would like to see it for myself if you dont mind. I bet the graphics would kick butt.
  10. Most peoples computers cant render in the high setting. It takes alot of videocard mb and ram to do such a thing. I have a pretty good system, and cant render in high. Not to mention rendering in high will hold your pc hostage for days on end. Medium 5 passes seems to do very well.
  11. Dont delete anything yet silly old man. Most likely your just doing something wrong. Draft and Low tend to render dark spots. Try medium 3 passes. Also keep in mind that not all the pieces listed in the editor have textures loaded for rendering. This would show up like a checker board either black&white or blue&gold. The textures scope xml can be edited to correct the checker error.
  12. There has been a script error reported on the compound [GR] map. The mission can still be played. I have already corrected the issue for the final mappack release.
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