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  1. just a few and have tried several download sources... : (
  2. i've downloaded the maps needed for the server, both from outside resources and the maps in the websites of those servers' hosts. however in joining some servers i still get messages telling me that maps cannot be found for example, coop_dam, coop_dam_v3, coop_fort, etc i have them all in the \custom_levels\ and i have tried different files downloaded in different places... anyone can help me? i really like to play coop with other players, it feels very good~
  3. thx optimus and other guys for the support well before the patch at least the cheaters dun get that bold, u know, he'll leave the server and such now the patch came out and not many things done to the resolve situation, the cheaters became so arrogant of coz this wont happen in those well-managed servers (such as BDA, efficient admin teams), but i think its important for the community to be aware of the situation and do something actively to help distributing the hash is a great idea initiating and participating in a vote kick is also important for those of u who dunno how to initiate a vote: 1) press "o" to open the console 2) you can see playerlist on your top right with numbers (#11 for example) attached 3) type "/vote kick #11" to initiate a vote too bad i can just initiate twice and most of the time it wont pass
  4. common on a public server with no admin and ppl are reluctant to vote as usual, he has 1) unlimited gls and probably other cheats 2) can change in-game name anyway he wants i just fraps him using unlimited gls then he went offline and rejoined using my name and starts tking so either pls grin let us know u'r doing sth about it or pls next time u players see a vote take a second and press "insert" the following is a screen cap of that cheater there's 2 shingfd but u can always tell which one is me coz i'm asian i got ping like 200 while the cheater is certainly on US soil http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/1294/cheater1uf8.jpg *Changed over sized image to link*
  5. lol pala problem is that the two players abuses the bug and spawn camp and raping us until i figured that there's something strange and i went to their team and found out what happened ppl just flee without any sorry when they were discovered just now a guy with unlimited gl was spamming his nades until he was discovered and left the game i am sure they will come back again
  6. certain junior members of a clan abused this map bug where u go outside the map and u can shoot ppl inside the map but not the other way (no render outside map) when i asked them not to do it they said its not a bug... so i replied i'm gonna make a screen cap and have it posted here to aware other players and the two junior players just fled i think they just need to play fair not giving names yet but i guess most of you should know who they are if you browse other gr clan's forums
  7. 1. going through the same checkpoint twice (quick save before checkpt 1, then checkpt auto save, quick load go thru and auto save at checkpt 1 again) may cause the "next mission" not appearing after you finish 2. teammates not responding after quickload (they just aim at the sky). can be reset with the "follow" command. 3. icon of the weapons not showing correctly when choosing different kits. for e.g. rifleman 7 is a 416 silenced + g18c, then u switch to rifleman 8, you would see the 416 here (which supposed does not have a suppressor) now has a suppesor attached in the icon. so... this may be confusing.
  8. S rank is here http://img452.imageshack.us/img452/3089/graw2ss04uj6.jpg Load out: M14 silenced w/ scope, MP5SD w/ sight, M9sd, frags Drop point A 1) kill the two guards patrolling near the wooden fences (best when they turn their back at you) 2) dont approach the town, instead go uphill following the path on your left near drop point A 3) pay attention to the satellite map and kill the 2 guards uphill, then stay low and kill the 3 guards around the truck (dont drop down from the hill) 4) take out the m14 and the out the guard up on the watch tower, then maneuver along the roofs to take out the guards on the town ahead of the tower (below the adats) 5) drop down and approach the town from the left until you trigger the event that gives you the drone 6) with the help of the drone, take out the guard patrolling along the bridge and the remaining guards in the area below the adats. pay attention that 1 guard from the adat caves may patrol down the hill 7) position the drone so that it has visual to the 3 caves. the cave nearest should have 1 guard, mid level has 1 guard + 1 adat, highest one w/ 2 guards + 1 adat 8) maybe its my skil but i find killing the guards hiding in the caves difficult. fortunately the drone will tag the enemy for you and you can just spray bullets around the marker. of coz a frag will do the job for you 9) plant the c4 and blow the things up. BUT do not blow up the last one yet 10) take out the guard below the bridge and go to the machine gun nest. place your teammate behind the road blocks and have them scan the sector opposite to the bridge (recon+cover) 11) blow the last adat and man the machine gun. this will trigger the last event and enemies will be approaching the bridge. 1st wave from the left, then from the right and also an enemy helo. since the machine gun will not count into your accuracy, so just spray and blast them all! 12) if you have extra frags/gl, destroy the vehicle on your right after crossing the bridge. then go down the bridge and complete your last objective. if you have been stealthy enough you will probably not get hurt and so as your teammates, and also you have 1 less area to clear (as long as you dont go near the town before getting the drone) but still you will get rank S.
  9. would you mind giving me some more details so that i can make the list better?
  10. V1.35 Completed M4 M16 SPR Mk23 [ACU compilation of the above weapons] [Brettzies black texture of the above weapons] MeuSOC AK74/GP25 SVD [Mod by SAP] Incomplete Famas M1A1 [by Sniggle] G36k PSG-1 correct? maybe someone here can try to integrate them when all of the mods are completed or at least provide some links so that new comers like me can get the interested mods easily
  11. oh the NEW mod is great!! nice skin! but the kimber disappeared
  12. i'm still dling but thx for the great work by the way there's a typo on the topic "ultimate" to "ulitmate"
  13. yay man tha's a great mod! almost perfect! (i can see the trigger finger for SCAR GL still holding up when using m203 for m4/16) and i like the acog sights too but is there any mod that i can use the eotech on other weapons?
  14. can someone give me some suggestions? i've patched to 1.35 and found a lot of mods not working i simply want mods that can at least let me switch the optic sights... guys please help
  15. i've read some of the threads before but still couldnt get an answer here's the problem the red dot of the combat sight just dun line up at the center! (where the bullet hits) i tried to mark the center point in the monitor, which is also the skull symbol when the weapon is not zoomed, then i tried to aim a tiny box with the red dot then unzoom, n i found that the skull symbol is now off the box, way off the center so i aimed at the box again while not zoomed,then i started firing in zoomed mode, i found that the red dot originally away from the box, nowjumped near the box when firing so is the combat sight useless? why the shaking of the dot never touches the center area? now i stick some blue tac on the monitor and rely that as my sight...... i'm just wondering if this is because of my low-end configuration
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