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  1. i dont care about good or bad server admins, in all games r good n bad server admins, so what? "our server, our rules". if i dont like it i move to other server. its so simply n its one of the little things that work in this game. but the more important is: how is it possible after 43 day n no resolution to this?! same guy still cleaning servers, now with company!!!! Punkbuster isnt the better, but at least its easy to update n to identify this mofos n keep them away from our servers. Replays will always be a dream with GRIN. will be GRIN n nUBI soft stay watching this, as they r
  2. that the way this should work, but it isnt. Even with "when all players r ready" selected u c diferences fo 5 or more seconds between players spawn.
  3. other big bug/limitation/whatever is why the hell dont all players start a match at the same time? even in a clan mtch happens some players start more then 5 secons after the others. Do u know what 5 seconds represents in a clan match? dont even think in a new GRAW before finish this one
  4. I would like to have this in GRAW: • We need to be able to configure the server while in game. Its absurde the way it is now. Take a look to [GR] n see how easy it is to configure a clan match while in game • We need really n working server tools. Just try to do a clan match n look how hard it is: choose maps, map time, rounds times, etc. • We need to be able to restrict kits n guns, like GLs • Balance teams its necessary for public matchs • Xfire needs an update so you can join by friend • There needs to be a program or option to join by IP • We need more maps. It is hear
  5. and while we still discusting this, the stupid kid still hacking all servers arounds, killing the fun of many players. maybe next week will be too late to repair this and at that time many players will get out and look for other game. while we keep dreaming with replays [N8C]8In63R will be hacking around, even in Official Servers. Gamespy is other garbage: they know who he is and they just do NOTHING! /Sarcastic mode on Good Job GRIN Good Job GameSpy Good Joob nUBI Soft /Sarcastic mode off
  6. sorry but i dont agree that GRINs anti cheat isnt better then PB. with PB we can get a Master Ban List, we could identify the cheaters and we could know who really cheats instead this stupid message "altered game files". PB isnt perfect, but is for sure much better then the actual anti cheat. Just look this casa: with PB a little cvar config change will allow to identify this cheat and identify/ban this stupid kid. With GRINs anti cheat we need a patch!!! and until that is avaible all kids will be boring the players
  7. after this i talked with some friends that played demo version until last monday and they confirmed that this ###### used the same cheats on demo at least since 2 weeks ago. Really sad to know it is possible without any consequence. Really sad to know this way any n00b could get this and kill this excellent game
  8. i agree PB isnt great thing, but is better then this GRIN wanna be anti cheat that does NOTHING. I lost my faith in replays since GRIN wasnt able to put them in GRAW and now in GRAW2. We need ASAP something better then this GRINs anti cheat, because it dont do anything and for other side anyone could use cheats and be kickd and noone will know it was kicked because the use of cheats. With PB we could ban the cheaters in every server and have a ban list. But still dreaming with replays, thats for sure.
  9. If u want to confirm that just come to ACAU Elite Shoters Server, hes playing right now. Other clan players could confirm it as =Tanatos=Nemesi, SG.NLY'theGRU or even an ES player without admin rights Come to this server right now, hes being kicked and coming in the next second with him ilimited GLs
  10. This afternon i was playing with my fellas in a European Official server and we find 2 guys cheating like hell with an automatic sniper with GL!!!! As we couldnt kick them (other players doesnt help!!!) we change server. After a few rounds on ACAU ES Server other cheater joined the server: [N8C]8In63r. No admin was present and it was a festival of unlimited GLs with sniper or with auto macine gun. Definitively GRAW 2 needs a good and functional anti cheat, therefore this stops beyond not making nothing also does not allow to identify cheaters. When will GRIN put a real and serious anti
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