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  1. Wow sweet image would love that as well. Thanks for the mod will test out ASAP.
  2. Ok, how the h-e- double hockey sticks do you get to the bunkers? I am getting shredded right after the initial shanty area. Thought I had it figured and replayed the part before and resupplied with the sniper rifle, took out the far bunker with it, but then the closest one opens up on me. Any suggestions? NEVER MIND, MADE IT PAST!!
  3. Under your list of teammates to the left there should be an option for air striike. If not, you probably haven't gotten a point where it shows up, but that is how.
  4. LOL, exactly wasn't for that tank after getting him loaded on the hawk....... games running smooth for me, wonder if I should install this right away with some having issues, guess I'll watch this thread a bit more. Thanks for the info guys, really enjoying this game!
  5. Who knows? I'm sure most didn't think they would be playing GR1 as long as they did, myself included.
  6. Great "friends", I'd kick then out of the clan anyway for being pirates. No problem with the patch, so far everything runs fine and have had no major issues (other than getting by butt kicked by guys speaking espanol, LOL)
  7. Anyone here that returns it is just pointing out how little they care about this community IMO. No sales, means no support and no future. I just finished 2 hours of playing and it was a blast, bugs an all, Bring on the expansions, LOL
  8. Well went and got it after work today and had a few hours to play tonight. While still being open minded, I like it. It runs with highest options ok on my rig (ASUS SLI MOBO, 850XTPE 256, 4800+ dual core) I think it's complete crap that you have to have a 512 card for highest texture option, not many have that yet. Graphics are ok, nothing to get to excited about, but they convey the sense of being in a desert type city (WE NEED ANTIALIASING!!!). Still playing with the sound trying to get louder gun fire while the voice is lower. love the weapon recoil though. the movemnet of the guys is pretty believable, yet some of the death poses for the enemies is a little funky. The extra detail of physics is pretty cool, shot a tango thru a van door window and the glass shattered and the door swung out, love it. I do wish the city had some civilian life, would add to the immersion more. After I get a few more hours with it, I'll see about finding a coop game and see how that goes. I think it has potential with MODS, lets hope they will support us.
  9. Hellyeah!! Living in Texas, I'd play the that all day long!!! Wouldn't be to far from the truth, LOL
  10. Yeah, as Rocky pointed out, never go by 'recommended "specs, they are usually way to low for decent gameplay! I should be good, running an X2 4800+, 2 gig corsair XMS and an ATI 850XTPE 256, bring it on!
  11. I agree, not to impressed with the graphics, but gameplay is just as important to me, so hopefully that will be right.
  12. Sorry should have phrased it better. Of course Grin will do right by us, just hope they will be able to bypass any constraints UBI might place on them to deliver the product that we all want. GO GRIN!
  13. That will be us if they don't deliver
  14. Well I can't say I am happy about this news and it does sound fishy. Interesting though to see Colin feeling like one of us for a change, I feel his pain! Oh well, gives me more time to build my new rig.
  15. Plain and simple, I won't pass judgement till after I have played it. Hoping for the best though.
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