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  1. Hey I have used my Macbook Pro 17" a couple of time booted in XP to play Graw and it runs really smooth. I have a 2.16ghz dual core, 2gig ram and an X1600 256mb. hope it helps
  2. Alive For me and my buddies at least...
  3. Probably has to do with the copy protection... it doesnt like anything like virtual drives or software that can generate virtual drives... just a tought.
  4. I contacted Ubi, I'll get a new CD for 10$. THat sux but this is better than buying the complete game...
  5. Would not help, you need the original to play...
  6. Yup it broke almost in two parts... Dont know how, I only heard a loud noise coming form my drive, opened it to find the damaged cd... Was wondering if any of you ever got a CD replaced by UBI or other source? Do you think it is possible or am I ######ed?
  7. Excellent! Glad I primed you! Go ahead! What is the machine you plan to install it on?
  8. Hello, I'm also an Mac guy, taking care of about 50 mac workstations and servers. Personnaly own 5 running @ home + 2 PCs. I use PCs mainly for gaming. I just got my new DualCore Macbook Pro 17 and installed bootcamp and XP on it. God It has got to be the best PC notebook ever made! First thing I did was to install GRAW on it... it runs flawlessly, very fluid... but did not played long... will apply the new patch and try a bit further. So far, no instability in XP, everything is working great and performances are awesome. Only thing I could ask more would be to be able to use virtualisation with bootcamp's XP installation instead of rebooting everytime I need access to XP. Only rebooting when I need pure performance... Something like that is coming with OSX 10.5...
  9. Damn I've waited years for that game... nobody will take it out of my hands now that I have it! We are a bunch of buddies wich played alot of TDM on [GR]... Must admit we are not big fans of the actual state of the MP side. But hey! until it gets fixed we are discovering the COOP and getting our ass kicked big time... Dont know about you, but I consider my group as "good players" and I must admit we have trouble completing the levels alive! We are having a blast! Keep it up! Great feel, great gameplay, excellent balance! Thanks! P.S. Runs marvelously on my rig @ 1600X1200, graphics are awesome!
  10. Hey! Where do you get the frickin C4? Or hw do you blow those bunker up if you get the C4 automaticaly when getting to rally point? Tx
  11. We noticed loading time through Hamachis are alot longer... anyone has this issue?
  12. Ho dude... I built a 2000$ box for this freaking game! I'm sooooo disapointed... :'( :'( :'(
  13. One of my buddy, admin on our Team forum, did this joke to me, knowing how I am waiting for GR:AW to be released. He modified one of my post with this URL... Beware, it hurts COUNTDOWN lol
  14. I recently biult a new rig for Ghost Recon around a pentium D 830 3ghz dual core. So far I love it, no problem with anything. I even installed old games like Medal of Honor to see how things are going... it screams! It also kicks ass in pro software like the Adobe CS2 suite. I strongly suggest you to consider Dual Core if you build a new rig. There is simply no reasons to stay with single core. my 0.02$
  15. I read or I've been told, can't remember, that they must push this title out of the door on or before march 31st because of UBI's fiscal year ending which is supposedly also march 31st... Is this theory viable or just BS?
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