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  1. Ah good, just in case something had cracked your website thats all guys you may want to edit that link just in case
  2. Just tried to load a page on this website and got a warning? http://i470.photobucket.com/albums/rr65/us...malwareongr.jpg just thought i would post up! [Admin Edit: Thread moved to the Site Feedback Forum + Oversize image changed to a URL]
  3. At last, well that was easy Always failed, strange, made into zip file now link below. Enjoy guys & sorry for taking so lonnnng GR Forever
  4. Up loading now guys link to follow. [GR] rocks forever *edit* There are no available upload servers. Please wait while we resolve this issue. keeps hanging i will try later
  5. I have this movie. I just burned it onto a disc for my m8. it is 153mb does anyone know where i can upload it for you guys? Rocky perhaps?
  6. My whole point ^^^^^^^ The sad fact is we will NEVER get a true sequal to our game. We waited long enough for GR2, but got shafted BIG TIME GRAW & GRAW2 were good games in their own right, but not GR games. UBI made their money on the PC market years ago, just seems we dont matter now!! SOAF .... i will look out for that one thx I hope the guys over at Ground Branch really do have the magic and forethought to listen to the paying public, if indeed they are onto a winner. Thanks for all comments guys
  7. No way iam a Qualified Gas Engineer too, honestly. Have i signed many contracts in my life? over £500,000 worth in the last 5 years, being self employed has its perks. I agree I knew this would open a can off worms, as i said guid banter
  8. Very good, the fool i am, paying for it twice. I say what i mean why be quiet? i have a point & its been voiced. If these offend sorry. I agree with all above comment, i understand GRIN where probably contractually obliged to pander under UBI. They shouldnt have been allowed to call it GR though. I said what i wanted to say, i have my opinion regardless of what others may think. I love good banter ''Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed.''
  9. As more and more [GR] servers go back online i cant stay quiet any longer, i was trying to wait 5 years but failed, i was trying to give graw/graw2 the time. I have but no more. I was really wanting to wait the 5 years to say told you so!! I can imagine most people within the GR community were looking forward with adolescent excitement to the long awaited sequeal to our beloved game, myself included. We ventured out, bought the games [both of them] made GRIN and UBISOFT millions of £/$ of profit only to be left humiliated, dejected and desperate for more. What a complete kick in the gonads that turned out to be! Hey thanks software developers, give yourselves a grand slap on the back for making loads of money, only doing your job!! Yes you created a good game, second time around........ but it wasnt a ghost recon game & i would have felt ashamed for calling it GR! [GR] had & still has the loyal following of past, unfortunately i have watched Clans fall apart through lack of a common ground. A few have remaind through it with greatly reduced numbers, basically ticking over as the few remaining close friends stay together for the sake of friendship rather than gaming buddies. Congratulations GRAW & GRAW2, i have never felt such dissapointment in a 'game'. Period. Why didnt the developers [GRIN] listen to the loyal fans? Why didnt they leave the same [winning] gameplay Why didnt they leave the same command interface Why Why Why I have said this before, but, its like sticking a Rolls Royce badge on a Scoda/Lada, not quite the same but that is what UBI/GRIN achieved when they stole our hearts & the [GR] franchise If you were a car manufacturer......... ouch....... product recall. COD4, Crysis & S.t.a.k.e.r. to name but a few all good games but dont deliver the 'feel' These comments are my comments and mine alone, they do not represent anyone from ghostrecon.net. I will edit my edit through respect to my fellow forum/clan members my choice
  10. Have i ever wow now that is sheer enjoyment. The way just about everything blows up is fantastic, especially the gas canisters lol ....cabooom.... Thanks guys put my mind to rest
  11. Just bought a Ageia card from BFG, great effects but has anyone got a very noticable 'lag' when set on extreme or high setting if you blow something up? it only happens when you blow stuff up!! Oh and my PF usage is up over 1.2gb when i use the ageia card? any takers as i thought this would make my game better but alas i feel i may have screwed up all latest drivers too
  12. Crash dedi logs: 11 sep 07 Crash in application version: 30621.2989 data\lib\script_network\gametype\gametypecustom.dsf(-1): GametypeCooperative::from_client_unit_use_seat(), unable to change mod to seated without one of unit: vehicle: <Unit> align_name: passenger_align_4 SCRIPT STACK: data\lib\script_network\gametype\gametypecustom.dsf(0) Renderer: threaded Physics : normal
  13. Yes its a full instal, including Phys-X. It will run for ages but only crashes when someone joins to play, a real pain, maybe its time to upgrade the server . I thought my BBC microcomputer would run for years too
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