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  1. Hi, could somebody explain how I would get an image border/frame like in the following pic please? thanks
  2. hey, i'm gaving huge difficulty calling in an airstrike on the AA vehicles,i have the Airstrike icon highltied but cant click to get it to come in.what do i need to do?Thanks
  3. http://shop.game.net/ViewProduct.aspx?cat=...display=preview
  4. Hi i'm looking for somebody to help me get my new site up,I have bought a Flash template but i'm not sure how to add HTML and i'm blank when it comes to editing flash,anychance I can speek to somebody on MSN or AIM?Thanks i'l arrange some money in return for your time.
  5. ok i'm starting to learn flash my self,could I just get some help with the low ress problem?Thanks
  6. anotherthing I am having problems with is a small advert image,the dimmensions are 167x67 and I cant get something that looks nice,it is always either too sharp or too blurry..does anybody know a good way to re size an image to this size and keep good quality?
  7. hey..ok I was looking for something simlar in style to the RTT Motorsports banner...lot sof movement! thanks guys http://www.soupgraphix.com/03the_services/web_banner.html
  8. Hi ronin,thanks...i'l pic out something i like,but I just wanted something a little more proffesiona,I just simply used basic stuff as I have never done this before..I will also change logo above.Thanks
  9. is that possible for anybody?
  10. HI Zeco : )...hmm basicly all of it? I wanted it to look a bit more professional...use the same messages I used but spice it up a little?I was after more animation...is it possible to have something going on in the background?Thanks
  11. Hi, I know it's odd asking for help when i'm a graphic designer my self,but I have no experience with Flash at all!,I need somebody to re work my current advertising banner if possible?If i post up my old/current banner coul somebody re work it?the only restriction is 468x60 pixels and maximum of 70kb.thanks very much guys!!!!!!!!! http://www.motox.tv/ads/adimage.php?filena...contenttype=gif heres my logo..if anybody can help it'd be awesome! my Logo
  12. http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/tomclanc...tml?sid=6144037
  13. thanks guys.. haha yeah i cant seem to get the eyes right on anything
  14. just finished working on Buzz!
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