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  1. It's using an enhanced version of Chaos Theory's SCX engine.
  2. ADD: Enviromental Damage like in Far Cry 2 or ADD: Prone Position or ADD: Tactical handsigns
  3. Nice. Hopefully the AWACS and the B2 are the next ones. The B2 shouldn't be that difficult, as he could basically use all the data from the A-12 and the AWACS could use the same file as the B-52 (only without bombs and rockets of course).
  4. I've seen a B2 skin and model inside the game's directory but it's a non-player model. I wonder if it would be possible to add it as playable model to the hangar basically convert it and use hardpoints of another model.
  5. I see. Thanks again for the help, I think I'll try it with that one again - there are some things in my mind I'd like to try.
  6. But I'm still wondering why it didn't when I created the package. May I ask, which program you're using to create the archive file?
  7. I think you'll find this interesting: Over at the german Ubi Forums, a member developed a tool which you can use to download / backup custom skins. BTW: If you like the movie STEALTH, you should have a look at this!
  8. I can upload an inicache with the change in for you to try if you want? http://www.mediafire.com/?tnmymgnztin try that rename inicache.bin to inicache.bin.bak drop in the DataExtraCamera.pak file Thank you, it works like a charme now.
  9. The "Ini Cache with Extra Camera Mode" file doesn't seem to work on my rig. The game starts, skips quite a few intro movies (I got rid of most of them) but it never switches to the menue, instead it seems to be in a constant loop at the loading screen. Any ideas? Oh btw. I'm using Vista and WinRar to open/encrypt the file.
  10. If he does, we'll send the Ghosts in to deal with him!
  11. Nice one! Reminds me of the fact that someone from the Splinter Cell Forums managed to fake bump mapping in Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow's Versus Mode. Hmm...I wonder if that could also be done in Raven Shield - the engine is probably almost the same!
  12. Honestly, I didn't care about it. Maybe my reaction would have been different if it would have happened to Geoff Keighley from Gametrailers (who really does a great job reviewing games in my opinion - very professional) but it wasn't and to be honest I don't think Gesterman leaving Gamespot has been a great loss (but that's personal preference).
  13. Sorry but as someone with a bit more of background knowledge, I've got to say: That's simply BS. None is getting paid for reviews. Do you have any idea what would happen if some of the gaming magazines would really getting paid for a review and someone would find out? No gaming magazine publisher would risk that and definitely not a single one of the major game publishers either. It's an urban legend and actually more far away from the truth than a certain President from getting the Nobel Peace Prize. Every reviewer has a different opinion and reviews as well as previews, are only meant a
  14. I think I have to correct you here (no offense). It's an urban legend that only 12-16 year olds play SC, in fact I know a lot of adults who are playing SC and by adults I mean 45+. BTW: I never said SC is more realistic than MGS (although MGS isn't based on prototype equipment / guns like SC) but it has a more realistic touch when it comes to political scenarios etc. It's realistic enough to me, to like it but I still like both series MGS and SC because both of them are unique, especially the lead characters. That said, Kojima san simply does a great job when it comes to telling a story an
  15. MGS is definitely not more realistic than SC - at least not in every aspect and with Conviction SC will start using the line-of-sight stealth, which will make the SCC become even better (if properly used). SC and MGS are both great but storywise MGS has always been able to give you that I'm-watching-a-damn-good-action-movie feeling, while SC had only a few really intense times (SC1, SCCT as well as SCDA Xbox) but never reached it's full potencial. They simply made Sam a great and interesting character in SC1, but after that and SCCT ignored what made him that hero (he's been not only a soldi
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