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  1. No - we have not had four patches. We've had content updates to deliver what should have been shipped with the original game; a few bugs may have been bundled with these updates. It is not amazing. It is a pathetic attempt to make up for an initial shoddy release.
  2. Wow Pritzl! Approx. 50 complimentary posts since joining on 19th Novemeber. Which one of the Grin dudes are you?
  3. Alternatively, it could be a totally a mis-conceived and ill-wrought glass that fails to address many of the liquid containment requirements of its’ users. Now that’s a better interpretation of the AW/glass analogy
  4. Pre-order? Not a ****** chance! I bridle at the very thought of it. A demo and any subsequent reviews are going to have to be SPECTAULAR!! for me to even consider AW2
  5. Dream on.... disillusioned AW players. Just my opinion - but after the disaster that was AW for the PC, I'd be surprised if they even bother with a version for the PC next time around. And even if they did, if you ever think that any future release with the tag "Ghost Recon" is going to replicate the heady days of the original title - then think again. . PC games are no longer about gameplay or listening to what gaming communities want - its about shifting units. Especially conversion-from-360 units. The best that you could possibly for hope for is that the amateur workshop Grin take no further part - and that UBI use some other third-party developer to port their dumbed-down console game to the PC. That way you might still get a c**p game, but it would run okay. I reckon that people in the near future will soon get fed up of waiting for future PC releases of favoured titles to be delievered and go back to modding existing games to give them the game experience they want - whether that be a simple mod or total conversion. I just don't see a bright future for games developed specifically for the PC - especially by UBI. Just my thoughts. Ollie out.
  6. With Christmas just around the corner here's a fruitcake recipe that will help take the stress out of this normally stressful time. Ingredients: 1 cup water 1 cup sugar 4 large eggs 2 cups dried fruit 1 tsp salt 1 cup brown sugar 3 oz lemon juice 1 cup nuts 1 gallon Absolute Vodka. First, sample the vodka to check for freshness. Take a large bowl. Check the vodka again to be sure it is of the highest quality. Pour 1 level cup of the vodka and drink it. Repeat. Repeat again. Turn on the electric mixer . Beat 1 cup of butter in a large fluffy bowl. Add water, eggs and 1tsp sugar and beat again. Make surr the vodca is still OK. Cry another tup. Turn off mixers. Chuck in the cup of dried frutt or something. Mix on the turner. If the fried druit gets struck on the beaterers, pry it loose with a drewsciver. Sample the vodka to check for tonsistancity. Next, sniff two cups of salt. Or something. Who cares? Check the vodka. Now sniff the lemon juice and strain your nuts. Add one tablespoon of sugar or something. Watever. Grease the oven. Turn the cake tin 350 degrees. Don't forget to beat off the turner. Whip the bowl out the window. Check the vidka again. Go to bed. Who the hell likes fruitcake anyway.
  7. Reading the manual. Written in the spirit of Zen - so few words with possibly much hidden meaning. *sound of one hand clapping* for the manual
  8. Ghost Recon: A Wrongful Promotional Concept
  9. I agree. Good post. I only think people in the industry or people who have undertaken huge mods really understand how much work there is to create the game experience you (as in the team working) are aiming for. And as a developer you'll have to cut down to bare minimum to get it done as fast as possible to get some income. Well as a faceless customer - I don't give a damn who suffered what. I paid £34.99 and got a work-in-progress game that masqueraded itself as a finished product. Those of use who bought this game at launch have been seriously misled.
  10. Grin’s Ridiculous Attempt Which People Condemned Global Ridicule At Wannabe PC Contender
  11. GRAW PC: Get Rich At Witless Plebs’ Cost Grab Revenue And Watch People Cry
  12. Improved from what? A p**s poor initial release to what we have now - still a below par attempt at a tactical FPS still riddled with bugs? Sure its been improved - but only by adding things that people normally expect from FPS games - i.e. expected content (DM, TDM etc), SADS etc. Point is, we shouldn't have had to ask for these improvements in the first place. We shouldn't be thanking Grin for listening to us and releasing this stuff - it should have all been there at the start.
  13. But for all that - has it been worth it? Despite all of the interaction with the Grin dudes - ask yourself, what are you left with?
  14. Superb! Very, very funny!
  15. Nice! Even though the graphics look dated - they are more than adequate; its all about gameplay (Music was a bit non-hetero though - deduct one man-point )
  16. Here is why I think Grin and UBI got it all wrong.... After the disappointing effort from Grin, I reinstalled the [Ghost Recon] and played a few maps; here is my description of playing my favourite map, M02 Easy Smoke (nocturnal mission to rescue downed Pilots). I have three teams. Essentially two fire teams and a sniper. Its night – so I switch to night vision. Switch to Team C (sniper). I’m off across a ploughed field, scoping as I go. Uh-oh! tangos ahead. I’ve spotted them, they haven’t spotted me. I flank left, settle and switch to Recon mode. Switch to team A and follow the same path until I spot the tangos. Uh-oh – even more tangos than I thought! Flank right, settle and scope. Set Team C to suppress; and as Team A I open fire. Kill confirmed. They are all history. Switch to Team C (Sniper). Head off towards the farmhouse (where the hostage pilot is) – scoping as I go. Arrive near farmhouse – its crawling with patrolling guards. Settle and scope facing side 1 of farmhouse. Switch to team A. Move up to side 2 of farmhouse in Recon mode, settle and make sure team is covering side 2. Switch to team B and haul them up to cover side 3. Switch between all teams to make sure tangos are in sight for all teams. Finally switch to Team C (sniper) and hit “8†to let rip with all other teams… Now that, dear reader, is what I recognise as Ghost Recon. Swift. Silent. Invisible. Can you do that with AW? I don't think so.
  17. Thats it!. Thats exactly it. You've nailed it.
  18. Nice video - but I'd be wary to think that it represented the actual gamplay. After all, the AW splash video looks great - but it really is a wet-dream fantasy of how the game actually plays. I'd like to get my hands on a demo before making my mind up. (Hurr-hurr!! - I got the words splash, wet-dream and fantasy into a single line )
  19. You cannot blame UbiSoft for everthing - Grin are not entirely blameless in this farrago. It is their DIESEL engine which requires more resources than most PCs can give and and it is their bugs - close-quarters GL crash, poor Anti-cheat, random server disconnections etc etc. - which make the game so unpalatable. Grin will for ever be associated with the PC AW version and for the failure it has become. And rightly so.
  20. But why expand a game that hardly anyone is playing or even talking about? Face it - AW for PC has failed. Poor design, poor content, poor release strategy. People have lost faith in Grin; people have lost faith in any future for AW.
  21. I think that labelling the game with the "Ghost Recon" tag was a big mistake - that immediately set people's expectations of what it would/could be. Perhaps the game may have been better received without it? I still doubt it - because of the initial poor content release and ongoing issues with bugs and performance. However you approach it, AW can only be viewed (in my opinion) as a half-hearted attempt by UBI to engage the existing PC GR community to buy into the new direction for the vastly more successful 360 Ghost Recon title – itself still a departure from the original PC GR game. The Ghost Recon tag has been used as a marketing ploy to suck people in to buying the game. No worries for 360 users who may never know what the original PC GR ever was; but not good for fans of the original GR game who have really been sold a dud.
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