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  1. The game didn't have a few bugs it was full of them. No open world game is going to be without them but this game was not ready to ship. This was supposed to be a AAA title and it was shipped way too early. Why do people love games from companies like blizzard over companies like EA or Ubi? Or why do tech lovers enjoy Apple products so much? Polish....a polished product that shows quality. That's what sets the professionals apart from the wannabes.
  2. I mostly agree. I think it's a great game. I only have a few things that really bug me. 1) PC optimization for resolutions over 1440p....not too hot. 2) The map and mission system are confusing imo. 3) Polish in general. Other than those few things I think it's a great game. I don't think the whole looter shooter thing was necessary but it doesn't bother me really. I think a lot of bad press comes form the stupid decisions from management.
  3. Well with this game that all depends on what resolution you're running at. I just upgraded from a Vega 56 to a 5700XT and it still slows down big time in areas at 1440p. That said they have a patch coming out tomorrow that supposedly helps with this...I'll believe it when I see it.
  4. Well I was kind of thinking everyone could have a topic for pictures...? I have been doing a GPU upgrade so I haven't taken many screens just yet.
  5. You guys can't see all my personal pictures from me sharing that right?
  6. Let's make a screen topic for everyone? I took some but for some reason HDR makes them look weird... nothing like in game.
  7. Well it's a hell of a lesson learned for Ubi. Absolutely stupid decisions on their part hurt them. Online only, looter shooter mechanics, bugs out the butt, crazy microtransactions, unfinished, mixing every game they have ever made into it....add it up and it's a recipe for disaster. Stupid management decisions who are thinking about one thing...money. But all that said...I love the game. I hope they continue to clean it up and add content because I'm having a blast with it. Roaming around in these amazing zones and whatnot is awesome. The sad part is we won't see another ghost recon for a really long time....and if this one doesn't end up doing well we may never see another. Very sad. By the way those scores are just ridiculously low and not fair imo. But that's just me.
  8. My problem with team mates is that they generally are crazy stupid. If they did it well then it's cool but the team in wildlands was just bad. I know every gr in the past had teams but I don't think any of them really did a great job as far as I remember.
  9. I agree about the graphics. I think it's beautiful but there are some odd blurry textures if the object isn't really close to you. I think that was their way of optimizing.
  10. It’s a mixed bag for me personally. It does take itself more seriously than Wildlands in most areas which I appreciate. I have yet to hear myself yell “SH!T BALLS” which I really do think is just fantastic. The world they created is amazing. Just wondering around the map looking at the landscapes is just crazy. The map designers are really impressive! The sound of the wind and whatnot along with the atmosphere and it really reminds me of old school GR feel. The gameplay seems decent enough and the added ability to cover yourself with mud or whatever you’re in for stealth is cool. I like that you don’t see a bunch of cut and paste NPCs with terrible AI walking around like in wildlands. The bad ghost AI has been pretty decent from what I have seen though I hear others saying it’s been bad at times. I guess I’m one of the few but I don’t mind the looter shooterish RPG gear side of things that were added. It doesn’t really seem to impact the gameplay as best I can tell. The animations seem better and I like the idea of survival things they added though I know a lot of people disagree about that. But it works imo as it’s not over done or underdone from what I have seen this far. As for the not so great, the biggest thing is the poor performance on PC on anything over 1080p. At 1440p I can get 60 fps but it jumps around like crazy from 60 to 45 or so…very frustrating. The terrible random voice acting and dialog of the bad ghost is ridiculous generally. Having to be online always was a dumb move. The story premise is kind of dumb. Driving in a GR game is still stupid. I’m not crazy at all about the special abilities stuff and the perk points or whatever. That is not really what I personally think GR should be. The screen getting dark when in cover is aggravating. A lot of small bugs in general. That’s all I can think of at the moment but in general the game feels very unfinished and lacks polish. Also Ubi REALLY is getting a ton of terrible press too. Some very much deserved. The whole microtransactions idea was just BAD! What a stupid move…shoehorned in the game to make money. Will these companies never learn? A lot of reviewers will tear this game apart and give it bad scores just for this reason alone resulting in hurting sales. Regardless if it bothers you or not personally, it bothers a lot of gamers who already feel like these gaming companies only care about money. It does not bother me because I don’t buy any of it but after the bad press from other games like Battlefront you would think they would have figured it out. I know they said it was an accident but no one is going to believe that. Anyway, that’s my take.
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