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  1. That's OK, Mig, lesterribles posted the IKE.LOG, too - it's at the end of the post. lesterribles, it is likely that this is your problem: You have other mods activated that may conflict with Heroes Unleashed! Nowhere in my mod is there a call to "mpwinter_shinto_shots.rsb" - that texture is not part of Heroes Unleashed, nor it is required by any of the mod's components. As mentioned in the mod's documentation (a file named "PLEASE READ ME.TXT") it is impossible for me to guarantee error-free operation in combination with other mods. Heroes Unleashed contains well over 14,000 files a
  2. lesterribles, I just played through the Eager Smoke mission twice - once on Veteran, once on Elite difficulty - again without problems. Maybe there is a problem with your Ghost Recon installation or your system in general. As has been mentioned before, it would be very beneficial if you provided additional details (IKE.LOG, your system setup, what you were doing when the crash occurred, etc.), so we can analyze your issues. Please have a look at the mod's documentation (ReadMe) - there is a troubleshooting section that may help you. And be aware that the mod's system requirements are a l
  3. Crashing on Campaign - Eager Smoke @15:31 repeatedly...too much trouble...am uninstalling...rest of you enjoy!
  4. lesterribles, I am unable to reproduce your issue. Every quick mission I try saves just fine - the same for the campaign missions. Quick-save and normal saving both work without any problems here, so please provide us with more information. Works fine now... Did not see "alpha", etc. when issuing orders, etc. when first installed. Have not been able to reproduce problem again. Love this game. Your efforts are much appreciated. Keeps me from playing "too much" Dystopia!
  5. No save of campaign or mission? Getting instant desktop...
  6. Had problems with beta 162.18(XP). Rolled driver back 94.xx, worked fine. Installed "official 162.18...crash/restart! Anybody want my copy? Ready to uninstall this headache.
  7. Would agree with Highground on the ease of hitting what you are aiming at. It is taking me longer to get the "feel" of these weapons. What adjustments can be made? Am I taking too much time aiming?
  8. Beta driver Nvidia 162.15 for XP prevented operation of the demo AND game for me. Works fine on 94.24. Yes, I'm a dumbass.
  9. Much ado... While waiting, a little dystopia might take the whine out of a few of you.
  10. I'm sure that if GRIN determined that any of our esteemed group had anything useful to contribute to HIS project... somebody would contact them. If I was running the show...I'd give him free rein... "Chain-of-Command" severely limits whom gets to speak...in any organization.
  11. Still unable to launch the SP demo. My 7950 does not appear to be supported...or is that a typo? Anyone else having this kind a problem?
  12. Glad everyone is enjoying the demo...mine freezes up at the opening helicopter scene. My specs exceed requirements and all drivers recent...
  13. Last time I registered was like 4 or 5 years ago! Can't remember my passwords!
  14. Just loading a quicksave. Right now, in Mission 4 all mission objectives "completed"...no mission end.
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