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  1. i think we got something but ... we still searching someone wo speak the Visual Basic C++ language for to do an small plug-in for 3DS Max ! ! ! Contact 32_Fourmi or myself
  2. hey all Biro , i think it's possible to have the others [GR] map in 3DS format .. theplatoon.com [GR] Map they have the method to transform the "*.Map" in a "*.3ds" for some whos speak the Visual C++ (we need a plugin for 3DS who can read the *.map)
  3. thx for your works Biro ... Hope we can play on this map soon
  4. thx Wolfsong .. how can extract the bundle , my winrar don't want ??? sorry for the questions , im a noob like you see
  5. hi all i try the map editor , i dont understand how it work , never mind , i just want to have the overhead view of the Multi-MAP and do some screen of this five map ... someone can help me ???
  6. Source is french ubisoft forum ... "KS.Grizzli Modérateur Ghost Recon Modérateur Rainbow Six Posted Sat April 14 2007 09:46 PM Pour ceux qui n'ont pas encore eu la chance de tester la beta, ne vous inquietez pas, il semblerait que la bêta public debute le 18h Avril, à la même heure." i know that's in french ... the link is here , see the last post in the page
  7. the Beta Will be "public" the 18 april for those who don't have key ... now for the beta demo forum , can someone give me the password by MP please ? ? ?
  8. Can someone here understand that those who receive the keys by Gamespy have the password and the link of the gamepsy forum but those , like me , who receive the key by the UBISOFT email had no password and there s no mention of a gamespy forum in it ! ! ! i not a gamepsy suscriber , i was on the ubisoft mailling list ... in the ubisoft mail , there's just the link and the pass for DL the beta on the ubisoft FTP (with the personal key of course) and the ubisoft password in the mail is "3ajoqt7d" when i ask the password ingame all the guys said " you have it with your mail" so g
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