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  1. Speaking of Ground Branch when is this game scheduled for release, i read on the site that it is slated for a 2008 release but that is as far as it goes, anyone know of a more firm time table. Thanks for any info.
  2. i only asked cause i hadn't installed the program so i couldn't load it up, but i will now and see what is going down.
  3. Is there any online life left to this game, cause i loved the mp maps this game had and was wondering if people still bother to play this game or has everyone converted to GRAW2
  4. wow i haven't posted here in like a year but whatever, my two most hopeful games, or most looked forward to, are Mercenaries 2, this game seems like it will be great, an open world, and you can blow up anything, what more can you ask for. i loved the first one on the ps2 and hopefully the second one will be better. Fallout 3, this game looks like oblivion in a world where nukes went off, seems like a really great idea, i have never played the other fallout games so this is completely new to me.
  5. i know this off topic but the i think you mispelled the topic name, i am pretty sure it is Deja vu, but i am only in french 4 so i could be wrong, as to the whole GRAW2 is dead, it is dead for me and has been completely buried now that CoD4 is out, sure that game isn't as tactical, but it is fun for me and lots of people play it.
  6. The game is great for all that it is meant to be. Team deathmatch can definetly give you a headache after a while because of the constant action. The one part i don't like or dislike now is how there are no real frontlines due to the smart spawn system, which is good and all, but i would rather have a definite frontline type deal, also the maps are small but have so many entry points that camping is impossible and it becomes claustrophobic at times. All in all though I love the MP, and SP can get difficult, I will play this for a while to come. The whole rank system is to me in place as a sort of way to addict people to keep playing, with graw2 all the guns were always there and there were no ranks that gave me no motivation to really play, but thats just me. See you guys on the battlefield later.
  7. Great work looks as really awesome, just one thing though are you considering to make different skins for the weapons, or how could i do it, and do i have permission to reskin the weapons.
  8. i understand that letting a plane fly across the US with nukes is a big mistake but it is sad that the career of some peopole who have served their country for many years come to an end because of this mishap, if the nukes are as safe as the other poster said then what is the big deal.
  9. I don't know about others but for me GRAW2 doesn't have that lasting appeal that makes me want to play it when i am doing something else, for example games like Madden 08, oblivion, hitman blood money, sim city 4, those are games that i play today that i have been playing for months, the greatest example for me is BF2, now i know some here will say that game is run n' gun but i played that game so much until i lost the cd key and reformated my comp, now i am considering buying it again just to play it, with GRAW2 i just don't feel like playing it that much, it is a good game but not one made to last for the ages, some may agree some might not but GRAW2 for me had a very short life span.
  10. i know your swamped snowfella but i am just wondering after looking at all these great pictures, when will you release the mod, it looks utterly amazing, almost as if grin made it in the first place, good job.
  11. yeah i can't wait to get this game it sounds so amazing, man a lot of amazing PC games are coming out at this time of the year, MoH, Crysis,i guess the holiday season is already coming.
  12. i figured out the problem it was my fault i had hooked up my X360 controller and it was upside down and the look thumbstick was leaning forward so i was figthing that with my mouse in game, just unplugged the controller and it worked, the demo is alright the graphics are good but not that awesome, don't like how you can't move while in ironsights.
  13. Ok i got the demo and installed it but now when i play my character always looks to the sky and then if i look down it automatically starts going back up to look at the sky, if i turn on mouse invert then the opposite happens and my character starts looking at the ground anyone else having this problem. [Moving to Correct forum]
  14. i don't know if this has been said but 4gb can only be recognized my vista 64-bit 32-bit will only recognize 3, does having 3 gb, cause any problems.
  15. sounds great, can't wait until original missions get released by the ever so talented modders.
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