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  1. Hey folks, this is HighGround *AP of the American Patriots. I just wanted to check in and say hello. What's everyone playing now? Anyone here from the early years of GR? I tell ya, I really miss those evening pickup matches and that competition. It was fun to snipe you folks, though I could use an OICW when I had to. Ghost Recon was a lot of fun. I'm not sure if any of my old clan check these boards, but if you do, send me a PM and let me know how you're doing. Also, if any of you know where any of these guys are at, if they're still playing some kind of FPS, let me know. The old clan consisted of: HighGround - me SteelReign Miltime247 PlatinuMike Sgt. Murphy Dead2Right Stealthforce SilentKiller - my brother and RIP Ocean - KIA Thanks
  2. nope, my cards not overheating, its a glitch, I picked it up while walking to close to a building and never could get rid of it. When I restarted the game it was fine. Plus I have a Zalman suped up cooler system on my card. It's not gona overheat.
  3. On ACT II, right after I assist the mexicans and blow up the tank, I run towards the checkpoint and after I kill those 5 guys I head towards the supply dump and run into a horrible glitch, it goes away when I look in a certain direction, but it comes back as soon as I turn around. It's even on the map. Here's Screenshots: I'm using a nVidia 7900 GTX
  4. Here's another bug I noticed - added it to my original post Everytime (It's happened at least 12 times) I launch a nade at someone's feet, and they shoot me at the same time, my nade explodes and I die, but they don't die? I have no problem trading off (killing/being killed simultaneously) when I am using bullets, but not when I am using nades and they are using bullets. Another request: Please allow us to see the kill spam when we die, we can see chat, but not kill spam. I'd like to know if I killed someone right before I died. Thanks
  5. Rugg, If you want, we can jump in a server together, and I will watch you try to hit a tree with a pistol, every time you shoot at it @ 10m. You are going to miss. I will also let you practice shooting me in the head, across the map, with rifle sights, while I'm running. I would love to see you do it. The Ghosts are a ficticious group, they can be whatever Tom Clancy or GRIN wants them to be. In the [GR], the Snipers had Ghillie suits. The GRAW2 unit is designated Sniper, he carries a Sniper rifle and should be able to wear a Ghillie suit in rural terrain and normal BDU's in Urban terrain. The "fast reaction Ghosts" you're talking about were in GRAW1, their "snipers" were simply rifleman using special equipment, aka Marksman. These are the slower-paced [GR] style Ghosts in GRAW2. They consist of a Demolitions EXPERT, an Assault EXPERT, a Rifleman aka Marksman, a Support Weapons EXPERT, and a REAL Sniper, fresh out of Quantico no doubt. He knows his weapon and he wears a Ghillie suit when needed. Your last comment about Sniper rifles in the game and Ghillie suits is just uneducated. But then, we all know how much you hate Snipers aka "campers" aka "n00bz" whatever you want to call us.
  6. Hey Wolfsong, would you please post us a screenshot of the Ghillie suit in action? Thanks.
  7. I hope they do bring back the Limp, that's not till patch 1.4 though right? As Rocky said, Ghillie's were in [GR], they should be in GRAW2. And they are, as someone found out, you just need an Ageia PX card to use them in SP. Perhaps there is some type of Ghillie suit model that can be designed for snipers in MP? A sniper's only defense is stealth. The sniper rifle is not a defensive weapon, it's an offensive weapon. The ghillie suit is needed in GRAW2 because it a) was in [GR], b) gives the sniper a defense, c) adds to realism.
  8. Rugg, I shoot pistol, both rimfire and centerfire, in competition. The GRAW2 pistol accuracy is in no way realistic. If these guys are Special Forces, then they know how to shoot a pistol. The Beretta, Glock, and HK are all capable of < 8moa accuracy @ 25m. To be kneeling or prone, and completely miss a tree as wide as a man at 10m? That's bad. To answer your questions about sniping, you try shooting a moving target in the head in this game, it's not easy, maybe it's just the fact that I've only played 2 days, I don't know, but if I only have a second, I will shoot at the biggest target - the center of mass. By the way, 7.62x51mm FMJ will easily penetrate up to level IIIa body armor. For me to have to shoot 3 times in the chest to kill someone at 10m with a .30 caliber round, the Ghosts must be wearing lvl III or IV armor. But in that case, 5.56mm ammo shouldn't be penetrating very well, if at all. It takes me 3 shots with the M416/SCAR L (both 5.56) and 3 shots with the M14/SCAR H (both 7.62) to kill with a chest shot at 10m. So what kinda armor are the Ghosts wearing? Lastly, Ghillie suits have nothing to do with noobs or camping. I am entitled to enjoy playing the game my way just as you are entitled to playing the game your way. I enjoy hunting, sitting and waiting. Ghillie suits make it harder for my prey to see me. Ghillie suits are also worn by military snipers, are they noob campers? [GR] style IFF is what you're discussing and I'm all for it. Isn't the thin red circle that lights up around the reticle used in MP? It is in SP when you aim at friendlies. No sir, it has never lit up for me in MP.
  9. About #2 Pistol Accuracy I tried laying prone at 10m, shooting at a tree with the MK45, I hit it 7 times out of 10. This is a medium sized tree. That's not realistic, At 10m, you give me any pistol, I will hit it 10 out of 10 times. I was less than 5m from someone, I carefully aimed at their head with my pistol, and missed! And like Papa6 said, my Audigy 2 ZS is not showing up under the options menu either, I just get generic hardware/software.
  10. First off, thanks GRIN. This game exceeds my expectations. I've noticed some bugs in the 2 days I have played the 1.2 version. BUGS: 1. Sometimes I cannot change my rate of fire after spawning. It will not let me change RoF until I die and respawn. 2. Often when firing in Semi-Auto, you can hear the first few shots, but if you fire too rapidly, there's no sound for some of the gun shots, you will just hear a distant echo sound. I'm using an Audigy 2 ZS Gamer with the latest drivers. 3. Gun fire is really hard to hear, it sounds muffled even at close range, and almost impossible to hear at a distance. I think the guns need to be louder? or reduce the dropoff of the noise. Sometimes I can't hear the gunshots period. 4. There does not seem to be any advantage in recoil reduction when getting a gun with a forward grip vs getting the same gun without it. 5. My Audigy 2 ZS does not appear under the Audio options menu, I just get "Generic Hardware/Software" 6. Everytime (It's happened at least 12 times) I launch a nade at someone's feet, and they shoot me at the same time, my nade explodes and I die, but they don't die? I have no problem trading off (killing/being killed simultaneously) when I am using bullets, but not when I am using nades and they are using bullets. ANNOYANCES & REQUESTS: 1. Guns dissappear when getting close to things. The bad part is, if someone walks up behind you, and you turn around, your gun is put down until you step back from the bad guy. - Never mind 2. Pistol accuracy is horrible, they are not worth using. I tried shooting a tree while prone at close range aiming at the same spot each time, center of mass, I was shocked when I missed the tree completely. Pistols are easily accurate to within 8moa out to 25m, and I'm talkin factory pistols. The HK, the Glock, the Beretta. In this game, I'm getting 50moa accuracy? @ 25m. Please increase the pistol accuracy. 3. Weapon recoil is way too much, especially on semi-auto. The only good gun is the MRC, which is what everyone is using. If recoil isn't reduced, we're going to have the OICW/SA80 thing happening all over again. 2 guns will be all that's used - the MRC and M416. 4. Please add a bipod feature to Support weapons when prone, they should be very stable when put on a bipod while prone. Right now, there's no use carrying a support gun, the recoil makes them impossible to control. 5. Maybe add an option in the server to turn on enemy red dots on map when spotted in your LOS as in [GR]?? 6. Decrease the number of times we have to shoot someone in vital areas to kill them. I have to shoot someone 3 times in the chest with the M14 (7.62x51mm) to kill them. A .30 caliber bullet, which is body-armor piercing. That doesn't make sense, it's also really hard to pull off 3 shots with a sniper rifle because once you hit someone, they are more than likely not going to stick their head out again, or they will shoot you. Hitting someone while moving with a SR is almost impossible, but having to shoot them 3 times to kill them? 7. Please make reticles light up blue when targetting friendlies. Also, please allow us the option to remove name tags on friendlies, I find it so annoying and also dangerous. My teamate could be on the other side of the rock, but his tag shows on this side of the rock, so that bad guy at the rock looks like my teamate from a distance - until he shoots me. 8. Add the ability to join a squad, as with [GR], we could be on A, B, or C. This helps us in matches determine who is with who. 9. Add our # or name to the MP map, so we can figure out who is who. We need someway to identify each other on map. I'd be happy with option #8. 10. Add a hit effect when we are shot, such as is with recoil. When I get shot, it doesn't affect my aim or do anything except lower my health meter. In [GR], I would say, "I'm hit" and I'd lose my aim. We could really use this feature in this game. 11. Please allow us to see the kill spam when we die, we can see chat, but not kill spam. I'd like to know if I killed someone right before I died. 12. Please add Ghillie suits for snipers in multiplayer. If any of those things are feasible GRIN, I hope you'll consider patching them in or at least discussing them. Thanks for the great game GRIN.
  11. So we need an Ageia card to get the ghillie suit? We def need some kinda Gsuit in MP for snipers. We can't snipe without camperflage. Nevertheless, thank you GRIN for putting the Ghillie suit in the game.
  12. My Feedback Graphics: I don't like them. The terrain flickers in and out, objects on the map dissapear and then reappear when I look left or right, the draw distance is way too short, I can scope with a sniper rifle and see explosions and muzzle flash, but no people. The sound is weird. The guns sound good, but the volume on them is way too low and even muffled, gun shot sounds fade in and out and there's no real way of telling how close or far someone is, and the EAX on the sounds doesn't seem to be working properly, in one direction it will be loud, but if I turn around the sound sounds very distant, in contrast, foot steps are way too loud, I can hear people walking from a good ways away, and the walking/running sounds are aweful, it sounds like I have velcro bottoms and am walking on velcro floors. I honestly wish that someone would make a OGR2 for PC. Take the core game, make us some new maps, fix spawn points, fix glitches, make an anti-cheat, add a few new features/weapons, and we'll be happy. [GR] had a better waiting room/lobby/chat system. I wish GRIN would reproduce it, maybe redesign it, but it should be the same system. The graphics engine in [GR] was awesome, the tree's, terrain, bushes, and soldiers all looked really good. The animations were awesome, walking/running/crouching/prone/dying, all were great. Limps were awesome. Blood was awesome. Bullet impacts, shooting people was awesome. We don't need ageia physX, or a completely different engine, we just want the old [GR] engine redesigned and updated (when I say we, I'm speaking for my clan and those who feel the way I do). I liked [GR]'s huge maps, tactical approach, the map, the spawn points, the clean, crisp graphics, the rich sound. All that we wanted was bugs/glitches fixed, cheats stopped, and some new maps. Cheating is what killed [GR]. I'm not bashing GRIN, they did a good job with GRAW2, the demo is a lot better than GRAW1, I'm just dissappointed, I was hoping for an OGR2.
  13. the draw distance is way too short and they need to fix the buildings drawing/clipping in/out - it drives me nuts the terrain moves everytime I move, and sometimes it flickers in/out
  14. only 150m draw distance?? It was like 400m or better in GR1. I hope its moddable. Or maybe they will just change it before release. Snipers don't like getting too close to their prey.
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