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    Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Metal Gear Solid series, Tekken series, and pretty much any video games that interests me. I also enjoy tinkering with PCs and laptops as a former work and hobby.
  1. Hello there! You can add me up on PSN: sicse7en, and we can play a few matches here and there. Are you on PST or EST?
  2. Red Hot Chili Peppers- Get on Top Gotta get my bass chops back. So yeah.
  3. Thanks. You should be receiving the invite now. My PSN is sicse7en
  4. It'll be cool playing with some guys here. Or probably a few rounds in Guerilla mode.
  5. Yeah, I ran to the same problem earlier. Albeit I was trying to do Tactical challenges.
  6. I'm playing it right now. Mainly the singleplayer mode.
  7. Name: Lim Date of Birth: 05-07-90 Location: California Occupation: Network Administrator. Microsoft Certified IT Professional and an A+ certified PC technician. Romance Status: Recently broke up Image: When I get a good shot, I'll post it. Favorite Aspect of GR: The tactical method of playing the game Least Favorite Aspect of GR: Can't really say for now; I'm still new to the series. Favorite GR Mod: N/A Favorite Ghost: Still new to the series. Favorite Kit: N/A Favorite Aspect of GR.net: The people here are a bunch of nice folks. Least Favorite Aspect of GR.net: I will find
  8. During my free time, I try to keep up with my workouts as possible; push-ups, crunches, squats, and a jog every other day. I also play basketball with some friends when all of us got the time, or at least I play alone to avoid being rusty. But when I just feel like sitting around on my free time, I either just turn on the computer or my ps3 and play a few games. Or pick up my guitar and start jamming on some songs.
  9. Anyone plays any fighting games here? Let's have a discussion here!
  10. I use Fedora once in a while, for learning purposes. But I mainly use Debian-based distros such as Ubuntu and Mint.
  11. Thanks! Yeah, I've been using Ubuntu since last year. Much easier to handle and to maintain compared to Windows (albeit I still use Windows for work and testing environments). Haha. I guess her orange coat gives you the impression it's firefox.
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