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  1. What have you guys all been up to lately?
  2. Man, browsing the forums again is such a blast from the past. I hope everyone is doing well! It's been so long! I hope everyone is doing well!
  3. Postal 2 is on Steam Greenlight! If you would like to see this game come to Steam, go vote for it! They are adding widescreen support and plan to support the game possibly adding new features such as Eyefinity, and more. I know I can't wait for it!
  4. I would love to have a mod night some time! Heroes Unleashed, Centcom, Alpha Mod, or DTD Team Mod. Something! Anything at all, please?
  5. Well I just bought a new lappy, Zeealex. I guess it's not a reinstall. First install on this machine. Yes. I really like what I see. I was wondering if this was going to ever happen, decided to check, and was very surprised to find this project. I never used to play very much online, but enjoyed it when I did. I need to find a few good servers and get involved.
  6. Oh. My. God. I am reinstalling OGR now. How many of you guys play online still? I would totally be up for a few games some time. Add me on Steam: SnakeATWAR or Skype: nathan.scott.89
  7. Epic. Thanks for the link too CR6!
  8. This is my current background. http://nethskie.deviantart.com/art/High-Altitude-Eclipse-177573920
  9. I'm thinking about picking this up, myself too. Hey Ronin, Led, and wombat! Long time no see!
  10. LoL... this is like 3 threads in one. @Rocky: All I know is that I bought a working license/CD-Key from someone who gets these keys wholesale. (Possibly from returned unopened games.) It works for me.
  11. That is what I was referring to. The fact that despite what is CURRENTLY going on, people still refuse to ask questions. @NoQuarter: Well a lot of the time if you DO try to break incredible stories that don't sound possible, you risk your journalistic career (even if they are true). There is a serious risk of being excommunicated by the journalistic community if you don't play your cards the way they want you too. That means that some times you have to hold onto that ace even though want to play it. I doubt many reporters during WWII were talking about all the "invalids" that were being castrated in the US thanks to social darwinism. But guess what? It was happening.
  12. That was incredible response to his excellent point.... As far as I'm concerned, the ball's still in your side of the court, No1/4. In a Lincoln-Douglas debate your response would be considered forfeiture on that point... just saying. I also think that the way the news media in the US is run is very dangerous. The White House has MOST of the networks in its pocket, and the public, in general, don't ask any questions of these networks. Fanboyism over networks(any news network) is a dangerous game, especially when they are being censored from high up. Edit: After rereading my post I want to state that there was absolutely no malfeasance intended. We're all friends here.
  13. You're welcome. It's a great deal, if I say so myself.
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