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  1. Cool. I don't do too much gaming at all anymore. I play Red Orchestra 2 occasionally. I've been fairly busy with life. Got married, moved to Pittsburgh, had a son, got divorced. Served in the Air Guard, became a dual citizen with another country - which did not make USAF very happy at all.. Things are decent though, and I've been employed by local government for the last several years in the public health field.
  2. Not sure if anyone remembers me from the old days - Ruin and I were chatting and he sent me a link to an essay he had posted on here. Brought the memories back of the good conversations with great folks I had on here!
  3. Michael Roman, born in Pittsburgh 5 October 4:08 PM. 21.5 inches (54.6 cm), 9 lbs 8 oz (4.31 kg) Newest American, Russian, and Serbian citizen - and newest member of the Air Force family and mine
  4. Hey guys, Thanks for the birthday wishes. Life has been unbelievably busy. I'm serving in the US Air Force (PA - Air National Guard, something like the RAF Auxiliary for our British friends ) and living in Hershey, PA - home of the infamous Hershey's chocolate company. My town smells of milk chocolate and is over-run with tourists from New York. I'm in my last semester of college, doing 21 credits of classes and testing out of 6 other credits - a total of 27 credits this semester. A year's worth of school in a semester. And of course commuting an hour each way to get to school.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm sure theres a few old-timers around here who remember me and my antics with women. Well, I got married on 21 December 2007. To Tatiana, a Russian doctor. Rocky, this is the same Tatiana who's letter who forwarded to London for me Life has been busy. I backpacked around Europe for 3 months from Nov 2005-Feb 2006 (Eire, Northern Ireland, Scotland, London, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Poland). I've been to two colleges - Harrisburg Area Community College and Millersville University. I've been a history education major, but I think I'm going to switch to
  6. Will you be leaving GWU and moving back to NC if you're planning on joining the NCNG?
  7. Thanks for the good wishes mate!
  8. Happy b-day to my mate Streinger
  9. Ladies? I only have one lady now Ive actually been dating the same woman for over a year now.
  10. I just wanted to serve part-time. The benefits were absolutely amazing - but I would have actually liked to deploy to a natural disaster area to help out, or I would have liked to go to Afghanistan to help get some Taliban..
  11. Well, as some of you know I've been dealing with the recruiter and MEPS for the past few months. I've been hoping to join the Air National Guard. I admitted on the medical history form to being in counseling - when my parents got divorced ten years ago. MEPS wanted to see my medical records, so I signed a release statement and released them to the recruiter who faxed them to MEPS. Word came back from MEPS today - I'm permanently disqualified for military service because of adjustment disorder that has been treated with medication. I was never medicated EVER, so I dont understand why that wa
  12. Well, I had to go again to MEPS to ###### in the cup again. Something went wrong with the first sample. Here's part of what I just e-mailed my girlfriend.
  13. Well, I went to MEPS yesterday and today. I don't feel like retyping everything, so I'll just post the e-mail I just sent to my girlfriend.
  14. Well everybody, I'm going off to MEPS on Monday and Tuesday of next week to take my ASVAB and get my physical done. I'm going with the Pennyslvania Air National Guard. I'm about 99% sure I'm gonna be enlisting.. The benefits are fantastic, the experience will be priceless, and I'll get a chance to serve my country at home and abroad (preferably Afghanistan as opposed to Iraq). I'll write about my experiences after I get back from there next week.
  15. It's not without reason that I won that "most obsessed with the opposite sex" award!
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