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  1. Any help? I managed to get rid of the crosshair for SP so if anybody remembers or knows what file I edit?
  2. RileyFletcher_01 is right, I don't see the point in swamping a map with oodles and oodles of targets. The GRAW2 stock missions do it right, there's small patrols ("bleed them by a thousand cuts") and is more realistic than where the real objective is to kill all the time. It gets old and repetitive. So if there isn't anybody willing to make a sensible map, then nevermind. But I'll check out that stronpoint remake and tone down the enemies a lot.
  3. Are there any Afghanistan style missions out there for singleplayer? If so can I request some or a campaign? My only limit is: - No huge amount of tangos, I never dealt with that when I was deployed there, though in screwed up places is fine, what normally happens in a campaign, not hordes upon hordes of targets. If you're making a base defense mission then that's okay, as I've heard up to 50 or less in one assault. I also have some mission ideas as well if interested.
  4. Is this usable as a single player mission? or it's strictly co-op?
  5. I usually up the damage to 1.21, and works fine, though I prefer to plug a target than go for something unrealistic.
  6. I don't think that the animation is there for it... would be nice though...
  7. NOTE: It seems to be some kind of error with the map, so once you get to the main gate of the entrance, make sure it saves a Save point, and then reinstall your mods, and convert "xpatch.bundle" to "patch.bundle".
  8. Wow it really sucks to hear that, but as said brother, keep it safe and watch those corners....
  9. Hell I thought Iraq was dying down... for some real fun, go to Afghanistan... though it's good to see still breaking doors over there..
  10. Sure does fo sho, though I prefer that and the AH-64... And while honestly for some reason the player is jacked up, I've seen on a Rover feed them tearing up buildings. So the first part shows a high speed JFO or soldier doing great talking on... Dropping bombs too, it's a show. Matter of fact one night we had to drop three JDAMs, and elsewhere, it's a show.....
  11. Nah what's really impressive to watch from a distance is three GBU-38 airbursts going off, stuff like that lights up the sky!
  12. No offense a FAQ is still sorely needed... Yes and no. Yes you can model the system but the main issue is that each weapon has a specific animation for it, which aligns the scope to the "eye", i.e. eye relief needs to be correct for the sight. The MR-C and SnowFella's Masada AFAIK (and remember, it's been a very long time) actually work.
  13. During my father's funeral on Christmas, I was educated first hand on how people simply just don't care when it comes to the "uninterupted ride." Some stupid lady who wasn't paying attention tried to cut in the lane the procession was going in, got angry, and started beeping at the herse. Are we, as a society of human beings, so self-absorbed that we can't simply stop and let the dead pass by in dignity? If so, then that's not something I want to be a part of. Can US residents sign to I wonder? I'll have to check that out. I agree, I tried to sign but since I don't even have a fake UK address I can't sign it.
  14. Quite actually I've deleted GRAW/GRAW2 and going back into flight simming...maybe when the GRAW series improves I'll get it...
  15. But then again... you can find a great [GR] mod anywhere.... kinda makes you wonder why an old game like that still inspires people to waste time on it, wheareas well... yeah it's all been said before... But I'm glad GRAW2 is off my Hard drive, stuff like DCS: Black Shark (okay, Flanker 2.51 and Lock On, BS isn't out yet....) is more worthwhile. While modding that has never been easy, least there's more fun involved and more room for creativity than this series so far, with the exception of [GR].
  16. The Fighter Collection announces Sponsorship and Attendance at the Lowland Tiger Meet The Fighter Collection and Eagle Dynamics are pleased to announce sponsorship of the tenth Lowland Tiger Meet, to be held 4th to 6th April at Ahaus in Germany (www.lowlandtigermeet.com). The Fighter Collection will be previewing Black Shark, the first title in the Digital Combat Simulator series (www.digitalcombatsimulator.com). Black Shark will be running on two workstations. The first workstation will be a standard PC with a HOTAS configured with a collective. The second workstation will be configured with a four screen T-shape monitor setup including a touchscreen for cockpit manipulations from Leftside Limited (www.leftside-limited.com) and a fully foldaway chair configured for helicopter operations from XFS (www.xfighterseat.com). Visitors will be able to play Black Shark on both workstations with guidance from beta testers.
  17. Yeah, that's why we fired the Marine CH-53 squadron because the idiot pilot almost put the tail rotor into a treeline a couple years back at Benning. I figured if you're told to wave off, it means you're doing something stupid, and should correct it, but nooooooo "he knew best", and we're hovering in the air, and we're in the back wondering ###### is going on. Screw that!
  18. Overall I like them, the velcro can go, but it's not as bad as starched BDUs, as even if you do that to Summers, it'd suck. They're more air breathable, so it's not bad in the hot weather type places. But yeah it does suck that the rank is on the chest and not the collar as well. Besides, ACU sizes translate from BDU sizes, with a little extra room. I wear XLL for both top and bottom, more roomier and more freedom of movement than going with the old sizes.
  19. There's something inherently comical about stuff like this. I figure if you want to play war, join a military and go kick in doors and get shot at fo real, fo sho. There's an Aussie thing too that works like this. Maybe it's just me, but I think it's just wrong, like war is a game and to not be taken seriously, which it should be.
  20. Well it was old news that Matt was on the JF-18 team, but the news he was CIA caught me though.
  21. Well in light of GRAW/2, I'm hearing "Ace Combat Clancy style" so I'm staying with DCS for a long time, unless this turns out to be actually worth it.
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