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  1. Download @ http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=1249 I've completed the first version of my balance mod for Brettzies' BP Weapons Pack v6.0 (big thanks to Brettzies for his comprehensive pack!). This is a set of XML files which balances the behavior of all of the BP weapons to match the original weapons. I've also added bullet penetration to all rifles in the game, except thinking about it now I probably forgot the XM8 and the SAW because I never use them While the weapon balance is based on the original weapons, each BP weapon is unique, with its own stats rather than being a clone of an original weapon. Some mods and even official weapons in GRAW2 seem to operate under the principle "every AR is identical to the SCAR" but I don't like having multiple weapons with identical stats - what's the point of having multiple weapons then? So I tweaked the weapons relative to each other based on real-world characteristics such as weight, barrel length, and muzzle velocity. The differences aren't huge, so don't expect a different game, but they're enough to make it more interesting. I don't think a picket fence or a few inches of concrete should completely stop a rifle round, but on the other hand penetration seems to always go through sandbags - if you don't want penetration, I've included alternate XML sets with no penetration for 5.56 and no penetration for anything but the M99. **Features/Changes** *All weapons in BP Weapons Pack now behave consistently with original weapons, but *Each new weapon has unique stats *Customized the bar graphs in the Inventory to correspond to the actual performance of the guns *Reduced power of 9mm weapons significantly. 9mm doesn't drop an armored target in one or two rounds, should take 3-10 now. *Added bullet penetration to all rifles (except I might have forgot the XM8 and the SAW) - bullets will now penetrate moderately thick objects except metal. I tried to make 7.62 penetrate more than 5.56, but I'm not sure if it worked, and it's impossible to test with AI. *Alternate packages for people who don't want penetration
  2. Doh! Since I've been focusing on GRAW 1 at the moment, I only looked through the GRAW2 files very quickly and missed the dramatic change they made in the numbers. That explains that, then. Thanks! I know, this was what I was referring to whenever I say u_weapon. Hmm, strange problem with the audio. I have "Generic Hardware" with no other option besides "Generic Software", and no EAX option.
  3. This is mostly true, but like I said, the weapon_data fully controls damage, and this is easily verified by setting a weapon's damage to 0. It will knock enemies over but never kill them. I'm glad you know the bar stats don't do anything . Your assault rifles aren't at all similar to the existing weapons. From the example SCAR you have up there I think you got the wrong code somewhere down the line. SCAR Light defaults: <!-- Spread --> <var name="spread_normal" value="1.87"/> <!-- spread in normal mode + mods affect this --> <var name="spread_zoom" value="0.35"/> <!-- spread in zoomed mode + mods affect this --> <!-- Recoil --> <var name="recoil_normal" value="0.4"/> <!-- spread in zoomed mode + mods affect this --> <var name="recoil_zoom" value="0.8"/> <!-- spread in zoomed mode + mods affect this --> I'm almost finished balancing all the weapons; I've tailored them all individually and they all have different stats now, while maintaining the same gameplay feel as the original weapons. If you don't mind I'd like to post them when I'm done. How do you adjust the in-game volume for the suppressed sound effects? The sound files you have sound great, quieter but still beefy, but the in game sounds are the lame little "pfft" noises. I don't understand the sound XMLs, I found a gain variable I assumed was volume but when I looked at some suppressed sounds they didn't have gain defined for them. What does this (from the u_weapon XML) do? It doesn't seem to affect actual volume; does it change how well the AI hears the shot or something?
  4. The only damage variable that is used is the one in the weapon_data.xml. This is easily verified by setting it to "0"; conversely, you can set the damage in a u_weapon.xml to 0 and the weapon will still kill in one or two bullets. No, it definitely does not. Try what I've mentioned; use a weapon from the BP pack that is available in both primary and secondary (I've been using the SG 552). Give them exactly the same stats in weapon_data and u_weapon, but then give one of them an extremely high accuracy and one of them an extremely low accuracy. Then load up a level with both of them in your inventory and try it out. There will be absolutely no difference between them. I've tested this many, many times now and I'm completely confident about it. This is extremely easy to test yourself, but if you don't want to I can post screenshots of the bullet holes to prove it. Okay, I'm sorry I questioned how much time you've spent testing, but this is the truth and you can test it yourself, the accuracy stat doesn't change anything but how long that bar is. I know you gave me information that was false, and I'm not trying not to be nice, I'm trying to be straightforward and correct misconceptions. I'm serious that I don't want people to waste time changing numbers that don't do anything; it's easy to imagine a variable is making a difference but when you put two otherwise identical weapons side-by-side the differences (or lack thereof) become obvious.
  5. Did you use the same stats as Brettzie? I didn't like that he made the weapons dramatically more accurate. Edit: Wait, I think this is only a problem with the GRAW 1 version. I bite my tongue.
  6. I just did some testing in GRAW 2 - I couldn't get an override weapon_data to work (the game crashes) but I made an override for the u_scar_light XML and set the recoil and spread to 0, and the gun had absolutely no recoil and perfect accuracy. This tells me the situation is the same for GRAW 2 - the bar stats don't actually affect anything. EDIT: I just tested the XMLs with the BP Weapons pack, and I can conclusively say that the numbers work the same way in GRAW 2 - the bar stats don't do anything and recoil/spread fully control accuracy.
  7. I used large bold type to organize an extremely long post. I guess I made the one heading too big.
  8. Well, I've wasted hours and hours testing this in and out, and I can fairly confidently say understand how all the numbers work now. Since most of you guys were giving me a lot of incorrect information about how the accuracy/recoil variables in the different file affect gameplay, and nobody ever acknowledged they were wrong about it, I want to make sure you understand that the bar stats do not affect the gameplay at all. I'm not trying to be a ######, I just had to spend a lot of time testing this and I would feel bad if other people were misinformed - it would really suck if you guys had been making mods only adjusting the bar stats and thinking that was actually affecting gameplay! No hard feelings, just test better in the future What Stats Don't Work All of this information was easily and definitively determined by comparing the BP SG552 in both primary and secondary weapon slots. I would give them identical stats except one, for example giving one of them a stability of .1 and the other a stability of 9. STATS THAT DON'T AFFECT GAMEPLAY ARE IN RED weapon_data.xml <weapon_data disabled_by="disable_heavy_rifle" unit="bp_sig552v1" name="bp_sig552v1" weapon_id="48" inventory_slot="primary" gui_unit="bp_sig552v1" weight="2" length="80" stability=".1" price="120" damage="1.7" player_weapon="1" grenade="0" cal="556" wizby="2"> <stats caliber="5.56 x 45 mm" rpm="700" velocity="725 m/s" firemodes="SA 3RB FA" capacity="30" info="info_bp_sig552v1" /> <bar_stats accuracy="0.6" stability="1" weight="3.5" impact="0.6" /> Except the stability stat in the first part, all of these numbers are only displayed in the inventory screen but should still be edited to reflect what you've done inside the u_weapon.xml so the players have an idea of the relative performances of the different weapons. The stability stat is all over the place, but it does absolutely nothing. u_weapon.xml I left out a lot of stuff that isn't relevant here. <stats block="weapon_data"> <var name="ammo_type" value="556"/> <var name="length_from_root" value="60"/> <var name="clip_max" value="30"/> <var name="owner_align" value="primary_align"/> <var name="public_name" value="Sig552 Commando"/> <var name="anim_name" value="bp_sig552v1"/><!--scar--> <var name="hud_name" value="bp_sig552v1"/> <var name="network_id" value="0"/> <var name="weapon_class" value="assault"/><!--assault--> <!-- Spread --> <var name="spread_normal" value="2.0"/> <!-- spread in normal mode + mods affect this --> <var name="spread_zoom" value="0.48"/> <!-- spread in zoomed mode + mods affect this --> <!-- Recoil --> <var name="recoil_normal" value="0.5"/> <!-- spread in zoomed mode + mods affect this --> <var name="recoil_zoom" value="0.9"/> <!-- spread in zoomed mode + mods affect this --> <var name="zoom_lens_speed" value="1.5"/> <!-- Fire modes --> <var name="fire_modes" value="3"/> <!-- 1 = semi, 2 = semi+auto, 3 = semi+auto+burst --> <var name="fire_rate_semi" value="0.140"/> <!-- minimum time between bullets in semi mode --> <var name="fire_rate_auto" value="0.08333"/> <!-- time between bullets on full auto --> <var name="fire_rate_burst" value="0.1"/> <!-- time between bullets in burts mode --> <var name="fire_burst_count" value="3"/> <!-- the amount of bullets to fire in a row in burst mode --> <var name="admits_reload_firing" value="true"/> <!-- Can be fired during a Tactical reload --> <var name="weapon_penetration_type" value="1"/> <var name="max_penetration" value="1"/> <var name="penetration_chance" value=".5"/> <!-- Moddable stats --> <var name="damage" value="1.7"/> <!-- weapon damage + mods affect this --> <var name="weight" value="1.9"/> <!-- weapon weight + mods affect this --> <var name="stability" value=".7"/> <!-- weapon stability + mods affect this --> Damage and weight are completely overriden by weapon_data.xml and again, the stability stat is completely meaningless and doesn't affect anything. I'm still testing penetration, those numbers definitely turn it on, but it's nearly impossible to set up a controlled scenario for testing penetration in-game. With "max_penetration" set to 2, a 5.56 was still able to penetrate what appeared to be 18 inches of concrete, so I changed the value to 1 but again it's hard to test if it's working properly.
  9. I'm not sure what you mean. I've already been adjusting the recoil and spread values in the u_weapon xml and that gives you as much control over accuracy as the game allows. As far as I can tell the values in weapon_data don't affect gameplay at all. If you dramatically reduce the recoil and spread variables (as the author of the BP weapons pack did) the guns will have almost no recoil and nearly perfect accuracy. Spread controls how far away from the center of the aim point the bullets can vary (in other words, the size of the cone of fire) and recoil is how much the gun moves upwards (although the behavior is completely different between using the sights and firing from the hip, the spread and recoil values still apply). Anyway, I've been increasing the recoil and spread in the BP pack to be consistent with the original weapons in the game (while making small adjustments based on the real-world differences between the weapons, so all the rifles are different rather than clones of the SCAR). Thanks for the additional info on penetration. It's assanine that the engine supports penetration and yet by default a 7.62mm NATO won't go through a picket fence. Is one of those a typo? That first example translates to 10 = 1 foot, but the second example uses 100 = 1 foot. EDIT: I started playing around with penetration for all assault rifles, and it's a fantastic feature. It makes the gameplay a little easier (you can now shoot people hiding behind thin wood and sand bags!), and much more realistic and enjoyable.
  10. So... penetration doesn't depend on the damage? It's always going to penetrate "3 feet" of concrete? (although it doesn't seem like the Barret actually penetrates nearly that far in the game)
  11. I would think between spread and recoil you'd have full control of the weapon's accuracy. The accuracy stat affects it as well? Gah, this is going to take a lot of testing. I looked in the u_barret for penetration and didn't see it but I guess I just missed it. Is it just a toggle though? Do you know if it's affected by the weapon's damage? 5.56 obviously shouldn't penetrate as much as .50BMG. Thanks to you both! edit: I just tried significantly raising the accuracy and stability numbers in the weapon_data xml and it didn't affect the in-game performance at all.
  12. So the "stability" variable in the u_weapon XML is meaningless? What about the "damage" variable? The weapon_data XML has a line for each entry formatted <bar_stats accuracy="0.6" stability="0.7" weight="3.5" impact="0.4" /> but since it's labeled "bar stats", these only affect the length of the stat bars in the inventory screen and not the gameplay, correct? Penetration, you say? I knew the engine supported penetration because of the .50cal but I was always disappointed this didn't apply to other weapons. What stat would affect this? Or is it only available to the .50 specifically? Thanks for your help!
  13. I just went to register but apparently I've been registered for three years but never posted. I don't even know... Anyway, I've been messing around with the BP weapons pack 6.0 trying to make the weapon performance more consistent with the original weapons in the game, rather than keeping the no-recoil superweapons that just feel like cheats to me. It's been going fine for the most part, but I can't figure out a few things. I can't find a guide to weapon XMLs anywhere. First off, every weapon XML has this block: <!-- Moddable stats --> <var name="damage" value="2"/> <!-- weapon damage + mods affect this --> <var name="weight" value="2"/> <!-- weapon weight + mods affect this --> <var name="stability" value="0.8"/> <!-- weapon stability + mods affect I'd been filling those values out relative to the original weapons, but I started wondering exactly what "stability" meant (less recoil? but then why is there a recoil stat? crosshairs close faster?) To try and figure it out I set the primary SG552's stability to .1 and the secondary SG552's stability to 9.7 and there's absolutely no difference in performance. Does this stat actually do anything? I found another XML that has the accuracy, impact, stability, and weight stats that show up in the Inventory menu in game - but do these stats actually affect gameplay or are you just supposed to manually edit them to reflect the weapon's spread, recoil, etc stats? Also, it's always bugged the hell out of me that the grips make the weapons less accurate and the suppressors don't make the weapons less powerful. Where do you edit the stats for attachments/accessories? I found a few files that might do this but they seem like they might just change the Inventory stats rather than actual gameplay. Or, if anyone has a handy guide that explains all the aspects of weapon and accessory gameplay modding, that would be awesome. Thanks!
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