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  1. Oh I remember mexicobob just wishing that's all
  2. It only sucks that they're MP only... And yeah I remember it's a pain in the ass to convert, etc.
  3. PM Brettzies or SnowFella and I'm sure they'll be able to tell you.
  4. okay, but I'll deal with it though, if you don't mind sending it over?
  5. It only sucks that you don't have time to make it single-player, but one can wait...
  6. If you've got Steam you can get it for less than ten bucks...
  7. Here's the link for the uniform and the M416, which includes the ironsights and forward grip. http://562.50megs.com/GRAW2/M416uniform.zip
  8. Linky works fine... But I'll get to it tomorrow if the link is still dead (which it should work fine)
  9. Usually Blame it's the mod, such as Brettzie's weapons that causes the issues and not so much a skin mod itself...
  10. EricJ


    Yep, it accumulated through the years and WHAM! I'm going left of center for a bit though it's slowly calming down. Then again the reasons are slowly going away so it's still annoying but getting more manageable but unfortunately that's a serious side effect, though I've had battles (when I was in ghan I admittedly kept myself from jumping from a helicopter though that was years ago). And unfortunately no I can never get drunk, with the meds, though I do sneak a beer here and there rarely. It's hell.
  11. EricJ


    Yeah I just got hit with PTSD last year and suffering from it (though I'm getting better somewhat...) it's still hell sometimes...
  12. Minor update, I changed the MR-C sounds to the original settings, and I think Rocky it's good to go for an upload since apparently there aren't any complaints. http://562.50megs.com/GRAW2/English.zip
  13. Cool, only suggestions I have is reduce the number of snipers and maybe not so many resupply boxes...
  14. Okay, thanks I'll muck with it some more then...
  15. I went to DAVROS's site and started my own little mission mod... only problem is that by following it (which I don't think I have) I setup the enemy patrol to spawn... but no worky. I named things correctly but I need somebody to look at a simple mistake for a first try at this.
  16. Man this is a tough crowd.... then again without Ubisoft putting any time into it well... its to be expected I guess... Then again I see a lot of urban maps, it'd be nice if there were some open maps too but that's another place. And time to eat my words, there's the same file in the sb_templates in the GRAW2 quick.bundle...
  17. I assume you have a new vehicle to add because of all this interest?
  18. I found something Tinker, check the sb_vehicle_ai_data.xml in GRAW1's quick.bundle, it may be what you're looking for.
  19. Ahh well some of the files are from the mul_camo_xy folders, which overlay on the extra gear (ammo pouches, etc.) I just tweaked one of the files so it would work like that. And the camo is setup for a Brettzies mod install.
  20. http://562.50megs.com/GRAW2/UrbanDigital.zip True, but here it is anyway set up for manual install. I haven't downloaded a bundle maker so until then...
  21. True, good enough for me to upload it?
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