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  1. I've played that mission numerous times, and I don't recall an APC in Shattered Mountain... Did you mean just an armoured four wheeled jeep, during the rail shooting sequence (where the game guides you in "diamond formation" and you shoot enemies)? All you have to do is shoot the passenger side of the jeep (right side). Ghost lead tells you to shoot the driver, that should send the jeep hurling over you lol. I hope this helps. Edit: There isn't at any point during this chase that you need to destroy the vehicle other than the point I am describing, which maybe later than the area you described. There is a machine gunner in one area that pins you down pretty hard behind a rock wall, that could be the problem... Hard to say. If you give me a more detailed description of the area, I can give further assistance.
  2. What video settings are you running the game at?
  3. Swat 3 can be purchased on GOG.com, that is where i got mine. Swat 4 will probably be gone forever... Currently, ARMA II might be a good choice, that is what I am sorta playing around with. As for Rainbow Six 3, it can be a great experience especially COOP with friends in terrorist hunt mode... ahhh good times... brings a tear to my eye.
  4. I've been waiting for a true fix for ages, the good news is that they finally fixed the performance issues of the last mission "Shattered Mountain", BUT they relocked the weapons that were unlocked by the last patch (1.5). COME ON!!!!! LOL the only thing I feel I got out of this game are the TF2 hats.
  5. David, which version of the game do you have? The Steam version is known to have issues with progression, and overall broken.
  6. Atleast the console version works properly, the PC problem is still plagued with issues, most of which hamper the game. The patch that was supposed to be out in December didn't get released, and there is no sign other than past comments Ubisoft made about the patch many months ago. Anyone hear have the inside scoop of what is really going on? Looks as if Ubisoft abandoned us (PC players) again... Sigh
  7. Yea, I have never ever seen UBI mention the original game at all... even removing it from their Ubishop a while back... disappointing really...
  8. Yea, it is safe to say that although that you do pass the "minimum" system requirements, it doesnt mean you will be able to run the game smoothly. It is always best to follow the recommend system requirements of all games that are released. A few upgrades are your only true options at this point.
  9. The maps in Guerrilla mode are smaller and less detailed than their campaign mode counter parts. Do you have FPS issues in all missions of the campaign mode? Because there are some missions, most notably "Shattered Mountain" that have FPS issues. Try turning down some graphical settings, like Tesslation, Ambient occulsion, and what not to try to obtain more FPS.
  10. The real problem is your graphics card, the Geforce 210 is not designed for gaming. I suggest you upgrade that if you plan to improve overall performance, and I also get yourself atleast 4 GB of ram at a minimum. Hope this helps.
  11. :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: Explains why I didn't get the email lol. I say this survey is going to be flawed from the get go, most people avoiding GRFS is avoiding it because of its departure from its roots, but console players love the new GR... The population they are sampling is biased.
  12. Indeed, permanent AND includes all the expansions!
  13. I've noticed improvements in FPS on the most laggy mission "Shattered Mountain", although it is a nice improvement in FPS I hope they continue to optimize the FPS. Performance improvement in some parts of the game are debatable, even post patch.
  14. Am I the only one that is concerned that the original Ghost Recon and its expansions are going to one day vanish from stores? I find it kind of heart breaking to know that Steam is the only digital distribution platform to carry them, and have them available internationally. It also hits home when even Ubisoft won't even sell them through their Ubishop, I guess GOG.com may eventually get them (and I hope they do), but I find it unlikely based upon their recent lackluster releases. Even Ebay and Amazon stock are depleting. Just wanted to vent out my frustration lol .
  15. I really wished Gamefly hurried their butts up, it has been a while and a lot of games aren't back . Still missing GR+DS+IT and SWAT 4, especially SWAT 4 can't find that game anywhere else. Just a heads up, Gamefly finally uploaded the original Ghost Recon for PC and is available for purchase. However, it is only available to the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The expansion packs DS+IT have not yet been uploaded.
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