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  1. Is there a demo for this game ?? [Merged with existing thread - Please check forums]
  2. Sometimes i shout ! But it's like shouting in a desert..... GIVE US FXXX GR REDUX ###### !! o well, got that from my chest
  3. Shouldn't 'they' focus on making the game first ?
  4. All good points ! And please don't forget to remove UBI plz
  5. ^^ I understand you , but i think its the nature of the beast (man). Me first and the rest...... I've been playing games online the last cpl of years and i figured out that Games + internet + Man = Trouble Kinda sick 'n' tired of it myself But sometimes , you get online ,play your fav game and mix up with a good bunch of ppl .....Party Time I have L4D myself , only played the Sp mode ...but after reading all of these story's (here and on other site's ) I just don't whant to jump on the MP waggon. Shame really
  6. ah ok and JO joint ops? DFAF? ah heck i'll have to read up on all threads here...lol Jo joint ops = Joint Operations DFAF =Delta Force Angel Falls
  7. whats with all those DFX2 and such I can't read those therms as I'm an old git that isn't much into gaming other than the Ghost recon and Cod range... could you explain a bit thanks.... (no offence though I just wanna know what you mean) Don't kill me if i'm wrong ,but DFX = Delta Force Xtreme.
  8. New link http://kotaku.com/5096479/dawn-of-the-dead...-to-left-4-dead
  9. first modded map on its way. http://kotaku.com/5096479...all-coming-to-left-4-dead
  10. joy division: Transmission .
  11. What is the purpose of you guys being here again ?? ( you and blk_widow9) So far you haven' given us much in the last couple of weeks. :wall On the other hand , when nothing is going on you cant give us any info can't you ?
  12. So DOW is that good ? Ok back to Ebay
  13. Hey guys ,thanks for the advice so far I think i'll give the LOTR game a try (kinda liked the movies) and play another cpl of rounds of the COH-demo. So many games ,so...... Cheers.
  14. The Sims - an RTS? Did I miss something? Nah, i was just joking I second that. So i guess i'll sink my teeth in COH then But i was just wondering, are those Rome / Ceasar games more building and expanding your territory kind of games? Like something you can do at your own pace ? You know ,you start of with 1 small house and build and build a huge city untill you dont have anough room left and you attack you neighbour Anyways ,i think i'll give COH another go. Cheers.
  15. Hi guys, I'm kinda bored playing FPS shooters the last cpl of years ,and since the GRAW fiasco and GB is not for tomorrow i was looking for something else....you've guessed it ,a RTS game. Now ,i dont have a lots of experience in this type of game. The last RTS games i've played was on PS1 : Megalomania and i think the other was Warcraft. In those days i was much younger and i didnt like the no-action, no shooting type of games ; if you know what i mean . Now being older and bored with FPS-shooters i was thinking of starting to play those kind of games, but i dont know where to start I've DL the COH-demo , It was kinda fun ,but didnt have the WAW factor (like you have when playing the GR-series ) So what i'm looking for is a RTS game that's : Fun to play ,easy to learn the basics , and would be great if you can play it at your own pace. My own pace = slow 'n' low if i like, or Rambo style when in the mood. . Like playing GR , its all about the mood you're in I'm not looking for the latest RTS game, just 1 or 2 that sticks out in the bunch. Like you would tell your friends to buy GR when they ask you : whats the best game (in this genre ) out these days. PS : WW2 ,WW1 ,Rome or Napoleon or whateverkindofwar i dont care,just want a fun playing game PS2 : Is THe SIMS an obtion ??
  16. Again no new content for the paria's of gaming When will the pc gamer get some goodies ?
  17. Players / people have given the wright answers the last cpl of years . If THEY dont know it now...they never will
  18. If Ground are to release a game it has to be graphicly good as well as a good game the two have to go together, if not then we would all play Armed assualt, and joint opps has the same problem most games have where you just cant get a one shot kill, all poor games that have not made it. A headshot is always a one shot kill in joint ops. sure it is not !!!!! Last i heard its still being worked on, hey but what would we Tugies know. Have you ever played joint ops ? A shot in the head was always an instant kill. (maybe not with side arms)
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