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  1. Hold onto the SCC game disk, because you'll access the beta through the in-game menu
  2. Thanks all! lol I love that image! Aww you guys! I think I got something in my eye...must be an eyelash. I'll still be around for sure, remember I was a forumite before ever joining Ubi for work! It feels like I've been around for a lifetime, so it was just time for a new challenge for me.
  3. This preview has a good rundown on what's going on in this Zambia mission http://www.psu.com/Ghost-Recon--Future-Soldier-Preview--a012586-p0.php
  4. They're up on the Facebook fan page. For those who don't like Facebook, I'm sure they'll be up on a press or fansite shortly. http://www.facebook.com/ghostrecon
  5. The idea is that if you're the one performing the action, and you know you have one or two teammates nearby that got your back, your confidence raises so you can perform the action quicker rather than continually looking around to see if anyone is coming up on you.
  6. The Chris Interview with Senior Game Designer Christopher Roby and Brand Manager Christopher Goh.
  7. I just found out today that the codes expire TODAY, so get goin' on the contacting!!!
  8. First come, first served! I'm nearly positive that these are US only, but non-US people feel free to try them! MALE: KJTTY-Q62KC-4VF3F-PH67R-9CPCZ HH4GT-7FQ62-GVGRK-3P9HY-RKC7Z FEMALE: 9V3G4-6KQ73-GW27T-XG2XF-HXF3Z H47JT-PV9FT-HVWGF-H3H4V-F3YQZ
  9. Heh, nothing passes you guys
  10. Tacticool! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7-Q-PkeO94&NR=1
  11. Well hello there hurricanewilky!
  12. Ruin, you come up to Raleigh, we'll get you in on a playtest!
  13. btw, in case you didn't notice, the handsome guy in that advert is one of our game designers, Roman Campos Oriola!
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